How to Find a Cheap Accommodation as a Student?

Moving to another city as a student? Congratulations! This guide will make it easy to find a room now. It sounds obvious, but perhaps you will get scared by knowing that all halls of residence are full. Maybe you could not get accommodation due to the ratio of students to rooms. Whatever the reason, we’re here to help you to find the cheap student accommodation.

Those days are gone where you showing up in unmarked student housing buildings in tucked-away university corners; now you have the power to take comfort of internet filters and friendly chat platforms to arrive on location to exactly what (and who!) do you want.

Accommodation for Student

Preparing yourself for university life can be both exciting and daunting at the same time. Most young adults are thrilled by the thought of moving out of their parents’ house to start living their lives without any restrictions. At the same time, they are scared of the responsibilities that come with freedom.

They’ll have to attend classes& get good grades, cleaning, do their laundry and at times, contribute to paying off their student loans. Once you have picked the campus of your choice, you have to figure out where you are going to live, how long you are going to live there, and with whom you are going to live. From checking your rights to actually finding a place to stay, the links and advice in this guide should be enough to succeed over anything.

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Now let us discuss what actually you have to do when you are looking for student accommodation.

What should you consider before choosing your accommodation? As a student, you have the following things to consider before deciding on your accommodation. Here are the tips on how to find student accommodation. Keep reading…

01. Create a Budget

Creating a budget is one of the most important things you should do before looking for accommodation. Because you are a student and definitely not working full-time, your budget will be limited.  By doing this, you’ll reduce the number of options available, thus making it easier for you to choose the best apartment or hostel. You want to live as close as possible to campus, especially if you don’t have your own transport. So, think about your transportation cost also and create a budget accordingly.

Creating Budget for Month as a Student

Wherever you choose to live as a student, you will have a big impact on your wallet. According to ‘The Accommodation Costs Survey 2018’ (conducted by Unipol and the National Union of Students (NUS)), the average rental bill took up 73% of the maximum student loan.

The costs of different types of accommodation vary in costs. As a student, you should always be on the lookout to save your money. Therefore, avoid glamorous apartments that are beyond your budget. You should also consider applying for scholarships and allowances to reduce your tuition fees.

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02. Do your Due Diligence

After creating your budget, it’s time to do some research. Doing your research means looking up on the internet the options available on campus, visiting these facilities and talking to the house’s advisers.

Whether you are looking for shared flats, roommate-matching platforms, homestays or university dorms, there is so many websites just for you to ease the process of securing accommodation for student.

Searching on internet for student accommodation

You should tick off some of the things that you consider important in your options such as parking, location, room size, and internet reliability, to name a few. The last thing you want to happen is to sign the documents and get the keys only to realize that some of the most important options are missing.

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03. Consider the Advantages and Disadvantages

When looking at the options, you need to take note of the pros and cons objectively. Remember, there will never be a perfect accommodation for you. Every option you choose will have some disadvantages. For instance, a shared house may have several social benefits.

You also want to live close to other students/classmates so you can socialize and study together, but at the same time, you also need some private, quiet space to study.

Need of Private, Quite Space for Study

If your mentor gives a topic to your whole class for assignments, probably some of your classmates will search that topic on google and copy it. Then there will be a chance of plagiarism. At that time check for plagiarism with a free tool and get help from it so that your content can be unique from other classmates.

With on-campus accommodation, you won’t have to worry about getting to class on time. However, you’ll not be independent.

Understanding your priorities and what you are willing to give up on will help you make the best decision.

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04. Organize Everything

The organization is one of the keys to success when looking for suitable accommodation. This means that you should submit your accommodation and university applications on time. The longer you wait, the lower the chances of getting the best accommodation. Also, failing to use student plagiarism checker is a recipe for failure.

You’ll have to start doing your research as early as you can to avoid missing out on a great opportunity. Managing your time effectively and ensuring that the most important things get done will greatly improve your chances of success not only in getting your accommodation but also in life.

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05. Don’t Forget About Internet Connectivity

Checking Availability of Internet Connection at accommodated Space

Most students value a strong and reliable internet connection. I know you do too, right? Life without the internet sucks big time. You need to be comfortable and confident that your room has an internet connection.

Today, you need the internet to do your assignments, use a free plagiarism checker for student, study and revise for your exams. Your productivity and performance will depend on internet connectivity, especially if you’ll be living alone. If there is no internet connectivity, you should inquire if you can install your own.

With reliable internet connectivity, you won’t have to spend hours in the library or class to study. This is one of the most important factors that most students tend to ignore while looking for accommodation.

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It’s always important to read the terms and conditions carefully before signing the papers and making a deposit. It will be difficult to read the entire contract; however, understanding the rules will save you a lot of time and energy in the long run.

Plus, you can always ask for clarification on the rules you don’t understand before signing the papers. Most students don’t read the terms and conditions. And this is not a good habit to form. You should also ensure that your deposit is stored in a safe scheme. Hope these tips on how to find student accommodation will help you. Happy student life!

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