Industry Expert Ideas to Cover Fireplace Opening

Ideas to cover Fireplace Opening

The fireplace in the home is more than just the unit that provides warmth during cold weather or windy nights. The fireplace has become an integral part of the family that is a core part of bonding activities in the family.

Besides being a tool for activities that bring members of the family together, it has also become an integral part of interior decoration. The fireplace is an accessory in itself that can be upgraded with doors and a screen to complement the existing décor in the home and to make it a statement piece.

How do you cover the fireplace to not only make it visually appealing but also to keep your family members and friends safe when the fireplace is in use? Let’s take a look at the ideas to cover fireplace opening from industry experts.

Benefits of Installing Glass Fireplace Door

Glass Fireplace Door

The fireplace glass door is one of the top recommended ideas to cover a fireplace opening. The glass door is a stylish but simple way to transform your fireplace from ordinary to stellar. Irrespective of the fireplace type in place, a fireplace glass door will transform the fireplace into a modern one with a look of elegance.

Installing Glass Fireplace Door

There are lots of benefits to using glass doors for fireplaces, as mentioned by experts. These include:

01. Enhanced Safety:

Fireplace - Enhanced Safety

While burning wood or just lighting a fire in a fireplace, sparks from the fire will occasionally flow out of the fireplace. This can pose a safety threat to the people sitting around the fire and can also damage your furniture. A glass door ensures all sparks and embers remain in the fireplace box where they belong.

02. Improved Fireplace Efficiency:

Fireplace Efficiency

An open fireplace allows air to get into the chimney, which in turn reduces the amount of heat the fire produces for the home. A fireplace glass door will minimize the amount of air that escapes through the chimney. Also, glass doors help to transfer and redistribute the heat energy produced in the fireplace into the home.

03. Visual Interest:

Fireplace glass doors -Visual Interest

Fireplace glass doors transform your fireplace from just an ordinary fireplace to a visual interest in your home. The doors make your fireplace look elegant and modern. This makes it a statement piece that is not only visually appealing but one that complements the existing décor in the home.

Fireplace Screen

Fireplace Screen

The fireplace screen is another great idea for covering fireplace openings recommended by industry experts. A fireplace screen, like a fireplace door, is installed in fireplace openings to act as a barrier between the burning fire and others present in the home.

The fireplace screen is a mesh made from perforated metal or woven wire and surrounded by a metal iron frame. The metal iron frame can either be bronze or iron.

While the mesh may not seem like a total protective package, it is also used to prevent embers and sparks from the burning fire from harming those around the fire or damaging furniture.

They are available in a variety of styles and designs, which make them functional decorative pieces for your fireplace. They will transform the look of your fireplace by providing added visual interest.

Which Option Is Better?

Glass for fireplace

Glass for fireplace screens are top ideas to cover fireplace openings in your home and recommended by industry experts. While they are both recommended, the fireplace glass door is the best idea for your fireplace, home, and you.

Fireplace glass doors are made with tempered glass, which makes them the durable, protective, and safe option for the home. While the fireplace screen may offer protection against embers and the dangers of a burning fire, the protection is not complete as the mesh is perforated.

Besides glass doors being durable and strong, they make your fireplace efficient in converting the energy from the burning fire to heat energy. Doors prevent air from getting into the fireplace and escaping out through the chimney. A fireplace screen, on the other hand, is perforated. So, it allows air into the fireplace, which also escapes through the chimney.

Also, an excellent reason to choose fireplace glass doors is the versatility of the sizes, designs, and styles. Fireplace glass doors irrespective of the existing décor in the home, whether traditional, modern, or chic, will fit right in and complement the existing décor. Fireplace screens are made from metal. This puts a limit on the design styles and elements the fireplace screen will fit into.

The glass door is the complete package, durable and protective option, which makes it the top idea to cover fireplace opening.

Where to Buy Fireplace Glass Door?

While there are many places where you can purchase fireplace glass doors, we highly recommend that you purchase your fireplace glass doors from Fab Glass and Mirror. Of course there are other suppliers too, which you can Google and find out. They have high-quality glass doors in various styles, sizes, and designs. There is also the option of purchasing glass doors in custom sizes.

Final Takeaway

Fireplace glass doors do not just provide safety from sparks so that they remain in the fireplace box, but also enhances the décor elements in the homes by adding a statement piece. There are various afore mentioned benefits that fireplace doors provide. We hope that you like our article on fireplace glass doors.

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