Most Popular Float Glass Manufacturing Companies

Float glass is also known as flat glass. It is made by floating molten glass on a bed of molten tin and then passing it through the temperature-controlled kiln for annealing the glass (annealing lehr). In annealing lehr, float glass cools gradually and comes out with uniform thickness and flat surface. The raw material used to make clear float glass is sand, soda ash, dolomite, limestone and salt cake.
Clear float glasses are highly popular in the construction of architectural exteriors and interiors of the building. Clear float glasses are distortion free and give good and clear vision. Float glasses give the good sparkling surface and brilliant luster. Clear float glasses are also used in shop windows, showcases, mirrors, furniture, tabletops, and automobiles. There are many popular float glass manufacturing companies, which produce glass in varied thickness depending upon the application and usage.

Float Glass Manufacturing Companies

Prioritizing the top glass manufacturing companies of India is a difficult task. The only reason is that all customers are quality conscious and always looking for more variety of glass products.

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Here are the list and short introduction of the float glass manufacturing companies. 

01. Asahi Glass Company Limited (AGC)

Asahi Glass Company is a Japanese globe glass manufacturing company and also known as AGC.

Asahi India Glass Limited

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Asahi India Glass Limited is the greatest manufacturer of architectural glasses in India, and it is a jointly promoted by Asahi Glass Co. Ltd (AGC) and Maruti Suzuki India Ltd (MISL), and B. M Labroo & Associates.
Asahi India can become your first choice when you are planning to buy float glass for your house. Asahi India is the one of the largest architectural glass manufacturing company whose market capitalization is Rs 3306 cr.

ASI clear float glass gives the clean and modern look to the façade of the building. It is the most lovable product amongst the architects and civil engineers and also for interior designers.
Available thickness: 2mm–15mm
Available sizes: ASI clear float glass is available in a number of sizes up to 4.88 m x 2.44 m (16 ft x 8 ft). They can also manufacture custom size glasses as per the requirements of customers.
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02. Hindusthan National Glass and Industries Limited (HNG Group):  

HNG Float Glass Limited was established in 2006 at Halol, Gujarat and it is flagship company of the Hindusthan National Glass and Industries Limited (HNG Group) whose current market capitalisation is Rs 830 cr. HNG Float Glass Limited is promoted by the HNG Group to manufacture the special varieties of float glass.

HNG Float Glass Limited

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HNG Float Glass Limited was recognised by the HNG Group for a synergic diversification of their line of business. This business idea gave the group a chance to discover the new areas of the glass business, which is successful at present.
HNG Float Glass Limited following Quality Policy:

  • ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality Management System)
  • ISO 14001: 2015(Environmental Management System)
  • OHSAS 18001: 2007(Occupational Health & Safety Assessment System)

They produce the float glass of thickness 1.87 to 19mm having the width of 715 to 3660mm (2 foot 4 inch to 12 foot) and length of 900 to 6100mm (2 foot 11 inch to 20 foot).
The company manufactures first-class quality clear float glasses with a glossy finish. Clear float glass also has excellent serviceable properties like the clarity of vision, uniform thickness, scratch resistant, bubble free, distortion free.
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03. Borosil Glass Works Ltd. (BGWL):

The Borosil Glass Works Ltd is a specialist glassware company from last 50 years with the market capitalization of Rs 480 cr. Continuous innovation and good quality glass product make them leading company in India. Gujarat Borosil Ltd (GBL) is a promoter company of a Borosil Glass Works Ltd. (BGWL).

Gujarat Borosil Ltd

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Gujarat Borosil Ltd (GBL) is the first manufacturer of solar glass in India. They have a furnace capacity to produce 150-tonne glass per day. This plant is the first and only of its kind in India, and has been developed for the solar industry.
Gujarat Borosil Ltd (GBL) has the ability to produce 13000 m2 of glass, in terms of 3.2 mm thickness per day (It is more than 4.2 million m2/ year). The company specializes in producing 3.2mm and 4mm low iron glass which is widely used in the solar industry.
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04. Saint Gobain:

Saint-Gobain S.A. is a French multinational corporation, founded in 1665 in Paris.
Saint-Gobain has achieved strong and profitable growth in India since 1996. They operate two large entities, Grindwell Norton Limited (GNO) and Saint-Gobain India Pvt Ltd in India.
They are the world’s favourite glass solutions provider for over 300 years. Saint-Gobain has a glass manufacturing units in Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Rajasthan. It produces high tech products to increase the range of applications which are sold within India and also exported across the globe.


Courtesy – saint-gobain

SGG PLANILUX is a multi-use clear float glass available in various thicknesses. SGG PLANILUX is a clear annealed glass which is manufactured by the float process. It is the base glass, and it can be further processed into insulated glass, laminated glass, toughened glass, surface printed glass, and etched glass. It can also be processed into sand blasted glass, edge printed and lacquered coloured glass. This float glass has several applications like furniture and structural facades.
SGG PLANILUX float glass is used for glass roofing, glass windows, greenhouses, balconies or canopies. It is also used in interior decoration like glass shelves, furniture and inside glass doors.
Available Thickness: 2 to 19 mm
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GUJARAT GUARDIAN LTD. is a joint venture company of Modi Rubber and Guardian Industries Corporation (U.S.A). It is the major float glass manufacturer in India which produces MODIGUARD brand float glasses and mirrors. Its manufacturing unit was set up in 1993 at Ankleshwar, Gujarat. They have a strong network of dealers and retailers, and they provide exceptional customer service. It is the preferable brands of the architects and engineers.


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The float glass is manufactured by the latest glass-making technology, and the company provides quick and reliable service. Guardian float glass has characteristics like high light transmission, high clarity and they can be further fabricated into reflective, low-E, laminated, security, insulating, heat-treated and ceramic decorated glass.
Available Thickness: 2 to 19 mm.


Gold plus glass industry limited is working in manufacturing, processing and trading of glass since 1985. It is a first 100% Indian company to manufacturing float glass in the country and awarded the ISO 901:2008 certification for its operations. It specializes in manufacturing, processing and trading of float glass. It has one manufacturing unit with the capacity of 470 MT/Day at Rorkee in Uttarakhand. It also has two processing unit, one in Sonipat with the capacity of 470 MT/Day and other in Himachal Pradesh.

Gold Plus Glass Industry Limited

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Gold plus flost glasses are distortion and bubble free. They are ideal for the glazing application in the building. Available Thickness: 2 to 19 mm


07. Triveni Glass Limited (TGL):

The origin of Triveni Glass Limited (TGL) was due to the dream of Mr D. N. Agrawal (CMD). He brought the first technology to manufacture laminated safety glass for automobiles, tempered glass, mirrors, etc. in 1956. Due to the shortage of sheet glass in India, the company set up vertical draw sheet glass plant at Allahabad. Hence Triveni Sheet Glass Works Limited was incorporated in 1971 and started its production in December 1976. Later, Triveni Sheet Glass Works Limited added figured glass plants and float glass plant at Allahabad.

Triveni Glass Limited (TGL)

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It had the capacity to manufacture the float glass, clear & tinted sheet glass, clear & tinted figured glass, reflective glass, mirrors glass, table tops glass. Today Triveni runs two plants at Rajahmundry to manufacture clear & coloured figured (patterned) glass in over 25 designs and seven tints.
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08. Emerge Glass India Pvt Ltd.

Emerge Glass India Pvt Ltd designs and manufactures customised glass as per the ideologies and requirements of customers. Emerge Glass India Pvt Ltd has established its manufacturing unit in India to make the finest quality glass.

Emerge Glass India Pvt Ltd

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It produces clear flat glass in various thicknesses, with a capability of producing three different thicknesses at a time. It uses latest glaverbel technology to produce the good quality of ultra thin flat glass (1to 2mm). These flat glasses are used in photo frames, micro-slides, wall clocks, household windows and many other multipurpose usages.
Available Thickness: 1 to 10mm
Above all float glass manufacturing companies are famous as they provide finest quality glass.
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