Furniture Ideas For Small London Homes!


If you are lucky enough to live in London, chances are you are also living in a space that others would describe as a cupboard. Such is the horrors of living in the centre of the capital. Demand drives notoriously high prices for notoriously small flats.

So, how do you furnish somewhere like that? Where a sofa feels like it fills up the room. Read our guide for all our handy tips for small house furniture ideas.

Store Everything

It’s easy for a small space to feel cluttered. You leave one empty glass out and suddenly you’re accused of being a hoarder. The best way to get around this, is to have a place for everything and display as little as possible.

Invest in furniture with storage. This can come in the form of a side table with drawers, a sofa that lifts to reveal your towels, a bed with storage underneath and a million other ways to hide away your items which can be proved as one of the unique furniture ideas for small home spaces.

Storing Everything

Minimalism was made for small London homes and flats. While furnishing a small house, only display your absolutely favourite décor, since too much, again, will look cluttered. Display cabinets are out. If you have glorious china set to display, you really need a glorious massive house to do it in. Avoid cabinets with glass panels and make the room look cleaner just by putting everything away.

It will calm you too. Your small London home will look like less of a mess, even if you just can’t see the mess behind a wardrobe door.

Store Even More

The small house furniture ideas include the thought of storing things appropriately. If you have some furniture you are simply not going to get into your London flat, consider self storage. You can rent a storage unit, fill it with that desk you have no room for, and have it there waiting for you when you move out.

Self Storage Unit

This could also serve to clear space in your apartment. Anything you can’t find a place for can be stored in your unit. You can fill up one of the dozens of sizes of units, starting at 10 square feet and going all the way up to 500 square feet, and access it whenever you want. Your mother-in-law gifted you a massive antique clock you think is hideous? Store it until she comes to visit. You have all your sports and camping equipment waiting for your next outing? Store it. You just don’t need as many towels as you see filling up your cabinet and fit in your tiny house furniture ideas? Store it.

For tiny home furniture ideas as well as for large house interior; in order to be a hustle free, always look after the expert advice of managing and arranging furniture. Just have a click on below article and follow the tips.

Mirrors, White and Light

There is a reason every landlord presents tenants with the same white décor: it expands the room. Or rather it gives the illusion of a bigger room. Bold colours may feel empowering, but they also can close in on you. White evokes feelings of openness and suits well with tiny home furniture ideas, making you feel like you’ve stepped into a much downgraded version of heaven.

Added to that heaven metaphor is good lighting. Flats, especially London flats, are bad for not allowing a lot of natural light into their spaces, so open your curtains where you can, to fill your home with light. Like white walls (which will reflect light a little), light gives the illusion of a more open space. Unless you need blackout curtains to sleep, opt for light, bright coloured curtains to allow as much light in as possible.

Mirror and White Colour

And to top it off, mirrors also give an illusion of a wider space in and can be hack for your small space furniture ideas. Keep one in every room it makes sense in. A decorative mirror can go in your living room rather than a piece of art, and any bedroom can contain a mirror, as well as the bathroom of course. The bigger the better. Hang a mirror in your hall as a decorative piece, perhaps as part of an entryway.


To count it all, it can be said that sometimes, way simpler hacks and ideas can save you from the chaotic situation and surrounding. All the discussed tips are easy to adopt the best furniture ideas for small house and have practical and effective results. So what are you waiting for? Make few relevant improvements and enjoy living in London with small home furniture design.

But if are planning to move in a house and thinking what and how to buy furniture then here we provide you some amazing tips to deal with it.

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