5 Garden Design Ideas to Upgrade your Outside Space!

Outdoor Garden Design Ideas

Now that summer is right around the corner it’s time to get your garden into shape. Using our outdoor spaces has become more important than ever as we’re in this period of Covid limbo. We’re still not quite allowed free reign outside so make sure that your garden is ready for entertaining your friends and family this summer by following these tips.

Garden Design Ideas

Idea – 1:  Light It Right

Lighting in Garden

You want to ensure that you can use your space even when it’s getting dark later into the night, so lighting is imperative. Opt for wall lights around your patio space to keep your seating area nice and bright. If you want light somewhere further afield then why not try a large post light. There are lots of lamp post accessories to create something that fits your space.

Idea – 2:  Get Your Fingers Green

Wildflowers in Garden

Plants are central to any garden so step up your game and get planting! You don’t have to be gardening whizz to have attractive greenery, opt for an elegant look with plants and edging lining the fences. If taking care of plants isn’t your thing, look for evergreens such as magnolias or lavender or go crazy with wildflowers. They’ll look super pretty all year round! Be careful if you have pets by checking which plants are harmful to animals. If you live in a particularly hot or cold area, do a bit of research on what greenery can survive in your local climate.

To make your outdoors more pleasing, we have brought some amazing edging ideas exclusively for you to read:

Idea – 3:  Make Some Shelter

Shelter in Garden

To make the most of your space invest in an awning or sail to provide a little shade. Adding some coverage means you can use the area come rain or shine. If you have the cash to splash, an electric awning is a fantastic way of adding some value to your garden. If you’re more money conscious, there are some great parasols out there that cover large spaces.

Idea – 4:  Pub Garden

Pub Garden

An outdoor bar is an amazing addition to any garden. If you’re looking for some luxury, a carpenter can create a bespoke bar. If you’re on a bit of a budget, try using some old wooden pallets to make your own. They’re so easy to create, just turn the pallets on their sides and nail them together, ensuring you sand the whole thing down once completed. Once installed, all you need is a mini-fridge and plenty of drinks for your guests. You’ll be party-ready in no time!

Idea – 5:  Accessorize!

Outdoor Patios

Cool décor doesn’t have to be for indoors only. Create an outdoor living room with comfy patio sofas and coffee tables. Jazz up the area by placing furniture on an outdoor rug that can withstand the weather and some garden cushions to add some vibrant colour. You could even match the cushions to the flowers you have growing! If you’re ready for a commitment, lay decorative tiling on the floor in place of boring garden slabs to add some oomph to the area.If you have a patio and are interested to change into a private retreat, here’s to know how:

Are you excited to spice up your garden for summer? Let us know what tips you’ll be trying in the comments below.

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