The Green Space Revolution is for Everyone – Commercial Interests Included!

Green landscaped areas are always a nice factor to consider in building developments, but there’s a growing body of opinion that they are necessary, not a luxury. One expert report in Discover magazine highlights that this is a challenge not only for housing developers but for commercial entities too, regardless of the industry a business is situated within.

Green Space Revolution

With profits coming first in many situations, the task is to find ways of providing good customer service while still creating green spaces for the urban community to enjoy. Across the country, key developments are leading the way.

The Urban Oasis:

Landscape Services in Shreveport, Louisiana

Fantastic examples of how the green space revolution can exist peacefully with commercial interests can be seen in Shreveport, Louisiana. As the Shreveport Times highlights, the fact that the city sits in the humid subtropical climate zone has necessitated the creation of several open outdoor areas where people can patronize businesses without sacrificing their comfort. Commercial landscaping is crucial for businesses looking to adhere to this principle; notably, there’s nothing in the city code that demands this approach, but Shreveport businesses understand the need for quality commercial green spaces and build their businesses and outdoor areas with that in mind. This principle is important when designing new spaces or renovating the old.

Using the Rooftop – Commercial Green Rooftop:

Rooftop Garden

The problem with green renovation is that it often has to take place in congested spaces. Urban living arrangements are already constrained, with spaces shrinking. According to one Business Journals profile of multifamily living developments in Morrisville, North Carolina, some of the best options are on the rooftops. These flat spaces provide the ideal surfaces for urban landscaping and commercial development and provide an oasis within the city; these are increasingly the best option for urban environments. For businesses especially, this can offer a way to provide respite to urban residents and create new ways of marketing services.

Redeveloping New Orleans:

New Orleans

New Orleans is one of the better cities in the USA for green space; many indexes rank it as the number one city in the country. That doesn’t mean it has been without its problems, however, with derelict city spots creating issues related to groundwater runoff. In a city that has the flooding problems of New Orleans, this is a problem – and an opportunity. This has been identified by local authorities, according to New planning codes and commercial responsibilities have led to a green-inclusive development principle. In order to both beautify the city and make it resilient to the impacts of climate change, commercial landscaping developments are reusing old, derelict plots and making them fit for the new generation.


These projects need to be firmly at the front of thinking in all new commercial developments in the USA. The time for huge parking lots and storage space is over; green space must be prioritized. This is an incentive both for businesses and for how pleasant urban spaces can be. With the ever-present challenge of climate change, too, that’s good news for all.

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