A Simple Guide to Impeccably Lighting Your Home!

For most of us, lighting comes as an afterthought when designing your home. However, those who are well-versed with the principles of lighting know that there is always more than what meets the eye. Lighting is the unsung element that elevates any home decor to the next level. Every room in a home often serves a unique purpose and as a result, requires its own standards when it comes to lighting.

Lighting choices can make or break a home’s style and design. Correct lighting improves the overall mood of a space and offers that warm, cosy ambience. Careful consideration should be adhered to when picking out lighting fixtures such as bulbs and switches. Below is a simple guide on lighting ideas that will brighten the home and save energy while at it;

How to Get Good Lighting in Your Home?

01. Plan a Good Lighting Design Scheme

Modern Lighting Design Scheme

A lighting scheme is paramount when it comes to lighting your home. A good plan will allow one to know the exact location and type of lighting needed. This is always done with the consultation of an electrician for expert advice. Everything should be laid out before heading out for the actual purchase. Modern lighting designs come in different creative styles and shapes that can leave one a bit confused. The internet is a great resource point for modern lighting design ideas to make sure your home looks nothing short of stunning.

02. Let the Room Dictate the Layout – Lighting Placement

Chandelier in Entryway

Lighting placement in any home is a matter of personal preference, however, some standard layouts would make the work seamless by knowing how and where to place lighting in each room. If you are unsure of where to start, let the rooms dictate the layout. For instance, an entryway would look great with a dramatic overhead chandelier. Living rooms with recessed lights make the space seem more subtle and homey. Dining rooms are probably the easiest to light up as they need a lot of lighting. Pendant lights or chandeliers can be centered to hover over the dining table for an elegant finish.

Read more about different types of lighting that are used at different places in your home, refer

03. Choose an Appropriate Focal Point for Lighting Your Home

Focal Point of Lighting

A homeowner needs to choose the lighting focal point for the home. For large spaces such as the family room or the dining room, a chandelier would make a great focal point, following the style of famous places in London. Whereas, for smaller houses, opt for to light-up the room.

04. Consider Scale of the Fixtures while Lighting Design

The lighting fixtures you choose shouldn’t overshadow the room nor be lost in the process. Lighting fixtures such as chandeliers and lamps should be perfectly sized in comparison to the room. A basic guide would be to make sure the length plus the width of the room in feet is equal to the diameter of the chandelier in inches.

05. Layer Your Lighting

Layering your Lights

Layering your lights creates balance in a room and makes everything look put together. Small spaces such as the bathrooms and study rooms, need small bulbs with reduced wattage to accommodate the tiny space. In larger and open spaces, use larger bulbs with high wattage to help highlight extra details in a room.

06. Put Your Creativity into Test to Improve Lighting

Mini Lights near Bookshelf

Impeccable lighting takes a lot of creativity and thinking outside the box. It’s much more than placing overhead fixtures and portable lamps. famous places in London. Feel free to experiment on non-functional illumination fixtures to add that unexpected glow to a space. An example of such is purchasing a highlighting bookshelf with mini lights that will illuminate the display on the books. You could also light-up a plant by hiding a small spotlight behind the container to add some sparkle in the room.

07. Using Floor Lamps in Open Spaces is a Good Lighting Idea

Floor Lamps in Open Space

Lighting your home is often time-specific. You only require the lights when the sun is out and the darkness is creeping in. Expansive living spaces such as the family room will need more table and floor lamps. These fixtures allow light to bounce off the walls and ceiling to create that snug ambience. Additionally, having these lights off at given durations, help to reduce the energy and monthly electricity bill.


A good lighting can really make or break your room. It lends the perfect atmosphere to help your design shine. If you are planning to upgrade your lighting at next level, this ultimate lighting guide has all the information you need.

If you have any tips to add for lighting your home, then let us know in below comment box.

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