13 Unique Interior Design Ideas and Home Decor Inspirations for 2022

A beautiful home is a dream for everyone.  You work your whole life so that you can relax and cherish your hard-earned income by building a beautiful house. It is a very subjective matter for people to choose what comforts them. Sometimes, very luxurious, expensive, and lavish furniture can make one feel claustrophobic. And on the other hand, very minimal and economical furniture can make you feel at home. This attributes a beautiful interior design technique.

Before jumping to interior design ideas let us get some basic knowledge of how to approach a design. Let us learn how to tackle various challenges whilst interior designing.

Observing the Details

There has been an old saying in interior designing that the devil is in the details. Paying great attention to detail is the key for creating beautiful home interiors and to make the space as personalized as possible. The subtle nuances of personal touches can make the interior of the house much more homely and comfortable. These tricks are no rocket-science; they can also come across as counter-intuitive. But these small changes can bring a difference in the home décor and the overall look of the house.

We know that designing a room is a tedious task, especially when you have to start from scratch and have no experience whatsoever, so here is your beginner friendly guide on how to design a room & to tackle problems such as:

  • From Budget constraints to limited space.
  • From Outdated styles to unaffordable furniture, so on

Basic Principles of Interior Design


In design, Balance creates equality. Balance can be created with the help of shape, color, pattern, and texture. Three types of balance will help you Symmetrical or formal balance, and it’s created when space is split into 2 equal halves like a mirror. Asymmetrical or informal balance, the visual weight of texture, lines, and shapes is duplicated; instead, they seem complex. Radial balance has a central focus point and will have a sense of repeatedness.


It’s all about creating patterns of repetition and color contrast. As rhythm is important in music the same way, it’s important in design to move your eye around the room. You can achieve this rhythm by using the same color and different shapes or different colors and the same shapes.


Harmony is created when all the elements act as a fusion and bring along a sense of unity. It brings us a sense of calmness and serenity. You can do this by using one color but in different textures, shapes and sizes.


When every object gets equal importance and space, then the room might look scattered or boring. So you need an interesting window or space in your house which makes a point of interest for a beautiful view and excitement. You can make this by having an unusually large showpiece or maybe a group of furniture.

Proportion and scale:

Try to keep things according to the ratio between one object and the other based on how the object will go along with the room accessories and size. You can keep a large wall hanging in a large room, as the small scenery in a large room will look out of scale.

These were some basic principles that can help you in giving your home a renovation. You need to have a knack for things you want in your room and things you should avoid. Everything else is just about placing a few things here and there. With these interior designing ideas, one can make a congested, clustered room transform into a clean, minimal, and much more functional room. Furniture can make you feel at home. This attribute is a beautiful interior design technique.

Furthermore, before learning about the interior designing hacks, let us know how to apply these techniques whilst designing.

How to Use Interior Design Techniques amid Design Process

As we mentioned before, a good home interior can tend to be very subjective. Well-designed rooms share one common attribute: They create a beautiful balance between light, color, texture, and form. They succeed in incorporating the mentioned factors in one package and make it look brilliant. Pesky design problems are eternal, but their solution is very dynamic. You should have an eye for how, where, and when to use these interior design techniques and give a complete makeover to your room.There are certain things that you need to be mindful of before recreating your space. To choose the right type of furniture for your room, you should focus on the budget and even the climatic conditions. Having a clear vision before starting the makeover can help you make cleaner, fresher, and hassle-free designs. In order to know in depth about space designing and execution, check out our article on architecture design:

Interior Design Ideas to Take Inspiration From

Here are some interior design ideas used by interior designers that one should know before starting planning a room.

01. Soaring Furniture:

A very dense, scattered, and cluttered furniture interior is not stylish, instead it looks sloppy. We have seen that fresh, minimal, and accommodative furniture races ahead and surpasses all the trends if you compare this with the contemporary world. Your go-to technique should be soaring – that is throwing away all the heavy furniture in the air today. Less furniture is handy in tight spaces. It makes your room look spacious and have some extra inches to accommodate the best piece of furniture. Checkout some images with less furniture, more space and more functionality.

02. Transparent Furniture and Round Table:

Most of these styles can help you towards achieving a clean and more minimal look. It is not limited to the famous Louis Ghost chairs and their duplicates. It includes furniture made of glass and transparent plastic. Similarly one should use furniture that avoid visual noise and gets dissolved with the interior. The look of this furniture revolves around its eccentricity. And there is no doubt about the clean, subtle, and yet the stylish appeal of the round table, hence it never goes wrong. You can replace your bean bags and stools with cool transparent bar chairs that add more depth to your room. You can find some beautiful transparent furniture images below:

03. Smooth Kitchen Interiors:

Your modern kitchen interiors are a great asset to a house. Laconic and sleek facades for the headset and kitchen counter tops are the best choice. A push to an open system can be an ideal choice. To find out the right kitchen interiors you can go through the following images:

Now decorate your kitchen mindfully, read our article on luxury kitchen cabinets:

04. Lamps on Suspensions:

Lamps have seen a rollercoaster bump in sales. In the past few years, they have been in demand for their subtle, soothing look amongst the interior designers. You can use them anywhere and everywhere. Be it kitchen interiors, washroom, bedroom, hallway, or even living room. Replace old bulbs and chandeliers with new clean and minimal lamps on suspensions. They will light the space with fresh new colors. Here are some images that will help you in your home décor.

Lighting plays an important role in setting the mood, here is a simple guide that will help you choose your lighting wisely, check it out:

05. Sofa by the Window:

Stereotypically, the placement of sofa is in front of the wall, so this time place it right in front of the window and you’ll will be surprised with how much space one can save. It helps to create more space for the rest of the furniture and gives the feeling of liveliness whilst one is sitting on the sofa. The bright look near the window can help you create texture in the room and make it more eye-appealing and beautiful.

Confused on how to choose correct sofa for your home interior? Check out our article on sofa style of clarity:

06. Paths and runners(Rugs):

We all know how rugs can make your room look more beautiful, but we are always stuck with the idea of covering the entire floor with rugs. Get a beautiful little runner or path to decorate your home interior.

Here are some more ideas on rugs and runners one shall know before buying one:

07. Plants in the Bathroom:

Bathrooms are the most difficult in home decor. With limited options to choose from, plants can make it to the list of items to buy. Home plants can never go wrong while decorating bathroom subtly and stylishly. Just keep in mind the fact that you can only choose plants that require little sunlight and like high humidity. Some of the plants you can choose from are Boston fern, Spider Plant, English Ivy, and Aloe Vera.

08. Round Mirrors:

Mirrors never go out of fashion amongst interior designers. They look simple, elegant, and sleek. You can put mirrors anywhere, to enhance your home decor. Instead of using a big large single mirror, you can go for triplets or pairs of round mirrors. They add to the dimension of the wall and look stylish. To know more about decorating your room with round mirrors

09. Play with Patterns:

Don’t just stick to one pattern in your room- Play with it. Create a combination of two or three prints and patterns. Keep in mind to not overdo it. Paying attention to the scale of the pattern is very important. Smaller patterns suit smaller and compact surfaces. They help them look busier and much more happening. You can create a contrast with minimal furniture and smaller prints, cushion covers, and rugs with them. Bold patterns go hand to hand with clean, bright surfaces.

10. Painting / Wall Hanging Tricks:

A single large painting can be intimidating at times. Instead of using them, you can opt for a bunch of smaller paintings that can be arranged in a grid or clustered manner. If you have a bunch of paintings, try this trick and hang the paintings on either side of the sofa instead of placing them in the center. You will be in amazed, how well this interior design ideas works and what impact it leaves visually.

11. Put Some Soul into the Room:

A room is your personality’s reflection. To feel at home, you need to put your soul in it. Keep the items that you love. Showcase what you are with their help. Any room is incomplete without the items that define you- Decorate your room with personal photographs, posters, quotes, or heirlooms. This will help you create a room that is a mirror to your personality.

12. One at a Time:

To make your space beautiful do not buy everything in one go. Do not buy items that will fill up space and will not fit in. Carefully select what you want to buy and what is necessary to flavor up your rooms. This will help you create a beautiful place that has second to no attention to detail.

13. Take a Picture:

It is very important to look back from where you started. In the process of making minor changes, we might end up losing sight of the larger picture. Especially when doing the home interiors. Looking back at the photographs will help us identify the weak spots and will provide you with a better perspective to place things.

Summing Up

Winston Churchill’ stated that  “We shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us.”

Our home is the reflection of what we are. There are no rights and wrongs in the world of design. Our home should be as personal as our personality. Be patient and design your room with sheer dedication and our smart interior design ideas. These hacks will make you a better interior designer.

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