Home Decor Tips for this Monsoon!

Monsoon is here! Welcome this monsoon with some bright changes in your home decor to counter the dull & gloomy weather outside! This is all about the monsoon, favourite season of many where you can enjoy the dark dreamy sky with the delicious sips of hot coffee & spending grey evenings in your balcony!  You may like or dislike the water dripping on your mat or the forever marks of mud on the floor or dark indoors or non drying clothes & many such issues, etc. For one, there will be the days when wet clothes hang like buntings in your home. But besides that, making some home decor changes to manage the effect of the monsoons in your home interior decor will always make you feel happy & may even excite you!


During monsoon, you need to redo your home interior decor. Therefore for decorating your home, here are a few tips to makeover your home this Monsoon!

01. Proper lighting can make a lot of difference! Make sure that your home is well lit. Changing the white lights to yellow lights can also bring a warmer look in your room.


Yellow light generally used in hotels to hide the normal defects & give a gloomy look in the home. One should not blindly imitate in the home.

02. Add brightness to your home decor. Go for the furnishings, cushions & curtains in bright & vibrant colours. It will add the positive aura in your home.


03. While decorating your home, make sure that you place some candles & mild fragrances to escape the moist smell away from your home. Keep them handy on your coffee/ centre tables or side tables, so that you can light them up in the evenings. Also, in monsoon, there may be more power cuts, so this can be tackled by aromatic candles that will serve both the purpose!

04. Add greenery that lends freshness to decorate home interiors. You can also use artificial plants. Using the fresh flower to decorate home for your living room & other places to refresh the air & can also improve the mood during your rainy week. Remember to change the water every day.


05. While decorating your home, try to use the light curtains as it will give a pleasant look & will also allow a sufficient amount of light to enter the room.


06. Carpets (wall-to-wall) need to be vacuumed regularly with cleaners, that will take away not only the dirt but also the moisture that seeps into the fibres & also keep them free from musty smell. Ideally, rugs used in your house should be rolled-up during the rainy season, as they get dirty if you use them. Therefore it is advisable to wrap them in polyethylene sheets!

07. In your home interior decor, try to use scented drawer liners or perfumed pouches in cupboards to prevent the damp smell. You can also place camphor in your cupboards/wardrobes, as it takes away the moisture & protects your clothes. You can also place Neem leaves & cloves; they are also an equally effective remedy.

08. You must place some colourful small mats & rugs mostly at all your doors so that one can clean one’s feet before entering any room.


09. Ventilation is an important part of home care during monsoon. Make sure there is enough cross-ventilation & fresh air coming into your home; otherwise the humidity levels will cause a sense of dampness.

10. While decorating your home, do keep in mind to take care of any leakages.

Following these simple tips for your home decor, you can enjoy your monsoon happily with your family!

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