Home Repairs You Can Manage With A DIY Approach


There’s no arguing the importance of home repairs, as neglecting things that need fixing can eventually cost you a fortune as a homeowner. However, home repairs can cost quite a bit when relying only on professional services to handle the projects for you. So, we have listed a few home repairs that you can safely manage on your own, even if you don’t have a knack for DIY work around the house.

DIY Home Repairs

01. Leaky Faucets

Leaky Faucet

Leaking kitchen and bathroom faucets are among the most common repairs required for most homes. While it is best to have your home inspected by experts such as those at Brightside Home Inspectors, if you notice any damp marks on walls or ceilings to be sure the leak is not causing severe water damage to your property, you can fix minor faucet leaks on your own. More often than not, all you will need to do is tighten the slip-nut that can be located near the P-trap of the pipe. However, if you aren’t too sure how to get started, you can watch an online tutorial.

02. Mending Surface Cracks

Surface Cracks
Paint Patches

Whether your home’s interior walling is made from drywall or bricks, surface cracks can easily be patched up with a bit of plaster and a fresh coat of paint. With that said, if your home’s interior walling is made from brick, you should consider a home inspection to determine whether the cracks are due to structural integrity issues or minor cosmetic details. Plastering up a crack is simple enough, regardless of your DIY skill level. Although you should repaint the entire wall to avoid patchy results, a single patch of extra paint can dry a shade darker than the rest of the wall.

03. Repainting Your Home’s Exterior

Repainting Home Exterior

Adding a fresh coat of high-quality paint to your home’s exterior walls will dramatically improve curb appeal, which is a project that can substantially boost property value. What’s’ more, you don’t need to rely on a professional painting service to repaint the exterior walls if you have the right tools and enough time on your hands. Although you should invest in quality exterior wall paint as inferior quality paints will fade, crack, and chip within a short period, quality paint can last quite a few years. Therefore, spending a bit more on paint quality will save your money and effort in the long run.

04. Fixing a Running Toilet

Fixing Running Toilet

Even though a running toilet may seem to be a job that is best left to the professionals, you can navigate the task on your own with a toilet fixing kit and an online tutorial or two. More often than not, running toilets are not all that complicated to fix as you may only need to tighten a small mechanism within the bathroom fixture or replace the mechanism. If you have a leaky toilet, there’s a good chance you can also fix the issue with a DIY approach as all you may need is a bit of waterproof putty, which you can buy from a hardware store. However, you will need to identify the leak area to determine whether or not you require professional assistance.Hope these DIY home repairs might be helpful for your home. If you know any other DIY home repairs, do drop ideas in comment box below.

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