House Makeover Ideas to Make Your House Colourful

No matter how perfectly we decorate our homes, enhancing them with paintings, flowers, carpets, and lights, it all looks outdated and monotonous. So let the winds of house makeover ideas flow across every corner of the house, right from the rugs to the paint, so that everything can look fresh and inspiring.

However, the thought of revamping the house is not only intimidating but high on the renovation cost denting your pockets more. But ! what if I say that just making exciting choices, going room-wise, and accommodating the right components could spice the vibes. With the help of house makeover ideas, it would take a tad bit of effort to transform your house décor, just like a new hairdo or change in wardrobe can give a rejuvenated and fresh vibes. Further, decluttering and redesigning the space with the help of house makeover tips will provide you with the dream space that satisfies you.

So, let us dive deep into the journey of house makeover ideas by adding colours in various innovative ways.

House Makeover Idea Tips that Would LIT Up Your House!

Here are a few house renovation tips for revamping a home and giving it a fresh makeover.

Change the Room Vibes

Different tones and textures are a cost-effective house makeover idea to change the room’s vibes. It’s one of the most underrated house renovation ideas for interiors. Cover a formal chair with a quirky fabric or a geometric print wallpaper on one wall and paint a vintage cabinet as a showpiece, yet a usable furniture piece.

01. Walls

Change the room vibes through the walls

Vibrant colours give energetic looks. The house book by ‘Fiona, B.’[386], suggested that brighter shades of blues, pinks, greens, oranges and yellows would help add the necessary zest to the house.

Suppose you don’t wish to repaint them to accentuate the existing walls. In that case, one can hang some paintings, photographs, or artworks on the accent wall. This is an exciting home renovation idea on a budget. Mix and match patterns, prints, textures, colours, and fabrics to create an everlasting vision of the room. One could also apply fresh paint as well as add some extra elements for added oomph effect. The best bet is always to play with contrast combinations like pastel green and yellow, yellow and blue, etc.

02. Floors

Change the room vibes through floors

A colourful rug and carpet can revamp your floors. You may use floor laminates, PVC flooring, and different tiling patterns to create a vivid modulation with temporary materials. PVC flooring of the best quality is usually the most expensive and consumes most time than floor laminates. Depending on the material like wood, foam, etc., the price of temporary material will change.

03. Upholstery

Change the room vibes through the upholstery

Using light and translucent draperies is also an interesting idea for renovating the room. Dress up the windows with beautiful coloured and patterned curtains to make the room look more exciting and welcoming. Curtains help with sound insulation indicated by ‘Linda Hallam’[235] in Making a home. Ivory colour, pale shades of yellow, pink. Blue, brown, greys, etc., would bring in more light and create a relaxing vibe. Floral prints or sparse designs in darker tones also help to make the same feel.

04. Lighting Effect

Change the room vibes through lighting

Light fixtures come in various shapes, sizes, colours and designs. They can also be tailor-made to suit your style. A suitable design would set up your room’s perfect mood and ambience. An artistic lamp, adding strip light, fairy lights, corner lights and wall lights, matching the theme of your room, will enhance the mood of any room. Just make sure that there are workable spaces that are well lit.

05. Showpieces/ Ornamental Elements

Change the room vibes through showpieces

There is an endless list of Artefacts, Photo frames, showpieces, Tables, Vases, Sculptures, mirrors, etc., which is readily available around all of us. They help to add a new sparkle to the room. Complimentary material and colours would make it more lively. Adding block colours like bright red, yellow, pink, purple and black and white would add extra zing to the room. To get a glimpse of the exterior world inside the house, earthy tones and textures with a pales palate of colours would do wonders. Even adding natural flowers to the vase would help generate the same impact. This renovation of the home is DIY.

Reshape Space

Small tips and tricks for house makeover ideas can quickly help you alter the shape of a room. Renovate room ideas like adding horizontal, wide stripes on walls, vertical lines on the roof, etc., would impact the room and how? How does house makeover ideas just by using colours reshape the room? Let’s have a look.

01. Expand Room

Expand room

This is a House renovation idea for interiors where the rooms are tiny. Colours can help to expand the room. Painting the walls, trims, and ceilings in the same colour suffixes gives a bigger look to rooms. Neutral tones like ivory, light grey, pale pink, crème, beige, light browns, etc., work the best. 

‘Von at el’ demonstrated by a series of experiments that stripes help maximize the room’s perceived experience. Vertical lines help expand the view horizontally, while horizontal lines expand vertical space. Keep the flooring in a light shade and add a rug or carpet to maximize the drama.

02. Highlighting One Wall

Highlighting one wall of the room

A fascinating house makeover idea is highlighted when one wants to create a focal point. The usual trend is to highlight one of the walls in the darkest shade available. However, inverting the scheme of colours, and having the lightest tint as the focal wall, also create the same atmosphere. The lightest shade on one wall with a darker shade on other walls makes the lighter wall perfect for highlighting any artworks, photo frames and drawing attention to the furniture pieces.

03. Make Room Look Taller

Make room look taller

If it’s a big room with a lower ceiling, one may need to utilize House makeover tips to make a room look taller. Using a lighter shade on the ceiling and dark shades on the walls can make the room look taller. This will draw the eyes towards the darker shades, making the ceiling look stretched upwards.

Vertical Strips,  vertical design patterns, seamless colour from bottom to top of walls, white or lighter tone colour, etc., could help add length to the room.

04. Stretching Room Horizontally

Stretching room horizontally

The logical house renovation tip would be to widen the room when a room looks much longer. To make your room look wider, paint the ceiling and bottom half of the walls in a lighter shade and the upper half of the walls darker. This will create a sandwich effect, and your room will look more expansive.

Adding full-length mirrors, using the same furniture colour tone as the wall, etc., are a few more trending ways to widen your room.

05. Shorten the Room

Shorten the room

Sometimes a room may look huge, but we can trick our eyes by making the room look smaller. Painting the ceiling and three walls of the room in a lighter shade and one wall in a darker shade will make it look narrow. The dark wall will visually shorten the room.

Using warmer and darker shades like maroon, blue, brown, etc., would give a cosy and warm feeling to the room.

Set the Room

Theme-based colours and patterns are excellent house makeover ideas to jazz up your house. Everything themed perfectly, from walls and floors to the upholstery, will give a very positive vibe to the space.

01. Neutral Tones

Neutral tones

Using neutral tones like crème, white, clay toned pink, soft grey, light pink, blue-grey, light-blue, etc., work well as a base colour. This makes the space well-fitting for any accent colour you want to add for the extra drama. Bold colours like black, grey, brown, terra cotta, brass, and metallic stand out yet complement the neutral tones.

02. Reflections Without Mirrors

Reflections without mirrors

Mirrors definitely help in making indoor spaces look wider. Even reflective materials give the same feel. Acrylic surfaces, glossy surfaces, reflective polished finishes, and finely polished stones usually add extra volume to the space.

03. Breezy Yet Cozy Room

Breezy yet Cozy Room

Using pastel hues with a bold dark colour accent wall makes the room look cozy yet peppy. Using dark shaded upholstery and photo frames just adds up to elegance.

04. Artistic Approach

Room with Artistic Approach

Go bold with your artistic approach with murals, hand-painted walls, photography walls, graffiti, etc. Have vintage painted furniture and velvet upholstery for a royal look, or have different styles of paintings to pep up the walls of your house.

05. Rough Textures

Room with Rough textures

Unfinished and raw surfaces provide the touch and feel of rough textures. Concrete, tyres, wood, jute, bricks, unpolished marble, bamboo, natural fabrics, etc., will add to the rugged vibes of the space, enhancing the look. Planters, tables and other artefacts made of recycled materials add up to the rough terrain look of the house.

Wood texture helps create a comfortable atmosphere, as presented by ‘Cho J. Y. & Suh J.‘ in their research to understand colour, luxury and psychology.

For someone vigilant enough, this can prove to be a cheap renovation idea, just doing enough to add a more wild look.

There is a dramatic transformation in the landscape with every season, giving inspiration to seasonal house makeover ideas. From time immemorial, these trends have dominated every field of art, be it interiors, fashion, or sculpting. Revamping the house seasonally will break the boredom.

Winter Design Trends

Bed back panels and sofas are made of velvet and warm colours like blue, maroons, browns, dark greys and dark tones of most colours. Knitted materials will give a very cozy feeling. The use of metallic artefacts will also increase the warmth in the space. Also, wood adds rustic vibes.

Summer Design Trends

Bright pastel colours with poppy trends like pale shades of oranges, blues and greens, and earthy tones; will give a very summery outburst to the space. The use of floral patterns, tropical palms, fruits and veggies designs in bright colours will also enhance the look; these can be added in the form of wallpapers, linens, and upholstery.

Spring Design Trends

Classic patterns, including vintage motifs, hares, and florals in light pastel tones, will give a blooming feeling inside the house. A fancy vase with real flowers will add to the elegance.

Festive Design Trends

Decorating the house with  DIY home renovation ideas and hand-made artefacts during different festive seasons like wax diyas on Diwali, reusing old stockings for hangings during Christmas, and decorative candle holders will make a big difference with minimum efforts.

Holiday Design Trends

Have an artistic wall with all your hand-made artefacts, photographs of seasonal trips, family, souvenirs from your travels, your collection of some fantastic stamps, or anything.

Summing up, a dash of colour adds some spark to our lives. Colour has a tendency to uplift mood and set the tone of a room. They play a significant role in creating a specific mood; some hues are vibrant and energetic, while others are naturally tranquil and restful. We hope you found some inventive and unexpected methods to add home makeover ideas to your list and add a little more colour to your life via a small pop or burst here and there or through a pack of colourful punch!

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