How to Choose a Chainsaw Under $300?


A chainsaw is a very useful machine to add to your tool kit. We’ll talk about why you might need one, and what they are used for, below but let’s start by talking about the cost. This article is about choosing a chainsaw that costs less than $300. You might have believed that cheap chainsaws will be inferior products. In fact, the price is not the defining factor. As with many items – power tools and more – the features included, plus the usability of the machine, its build quality and guarantees it is sold with – are all factors you need to consider.

Of course, you will have a budget, but don’t be put off by low prices. Sometimes, the cheaper models are genuine bargains. You may even find chainsaws that are discounted in sales, which makes them even more attractive! So, what would you use a chainsaw for?

How to Choose a Chainsaw?

Before we go on to give you a guide to how to find a chainsaw under $300, let’s have a look at these interesting devices and what they can do for you.

Do I Need a Chainsaw?

Do you have trees in your garden, mature or young? Or, is your yard home to shrubs and bushes that have strong branches? Perhaps you like to indulge in a bit of DIY – building or repairing furniture in the home – and sometimes need a saw to tackle very tough jobs that a hand saw or your standard power saw cannot handle? In all of these instances – and there may be more – a chainsaw will be a very welcome and helpful tool to have to hand.

You’re probably picturing a commercial chainsaw now, one that you may see your local municipal workmen use to cut down trees, or the type that a tree surgeon uses. These are very large and very powerful, but they are not the type that you need. Here, we are talking about smaller – yet still powerful and capable – chainsaws that are suitable for domestic use, and that you will find very versatile around the yard and in the workshop.

Commercial Chainsaw

People use chainsaws for chopping larger blocks of wood for use on an indoor or outdoor fire, too, as it is a lot more effective and far less time-consuming than using an axe or a hand saw, so if you use wood for your heating, a chainsaw will certainly come in very handy.

Before we look at what you should be checking out when you are buying a chainsaw, we think it’s only right that we mention the safety aspect. A chain saw is a very dangerous tool if used carelessly, so always follow the manufacturer instructions. If you’re not familiar with these machines, we recommend you read this article on how to operate a chainsaw safely. Also, always wear eye protection, thick gloves and protective clothing when you are using a chainsaw, and keep children and pets out of the way at all times.

Now, let’s look at the factors you need to consider when choosing a chainsaw under $300.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Chainsaw

In this price range, there are many brands and models to look at, so it is important you know what to look for when drawing up a shortlist. We already have a budget of $300, so that is set. Below we list the main factors to think about, so let’s not hang about!

01. Power Source Required for Chainsaw

Chainsaws in this category come with two types of power source. Bear in mind that all of them need a motor to drive the chain which oscillates the cutting plate. Some will be powered by a gas engine, others by a rechargeable electric motor. Which is best for you? That depends on what you are going to use it for, where it will be used, and how often.

Gas Powered Chainsaw
Electric Motor Powered Chainsaw

If you have serious work to do – perhaps large, overhanging branches or trees you need to cut back – then you will usually find a gas-powered chainsaw is the better option. It will likely be more powerful, but bear in mind it will be a heavier item to handle than an electric one. The latter is useful if you just want to use your saw occasionally, perhaps to cut back smaller shrubs and branches, so consider these factors when choosing.

02. Power Level Needed for Chainsaw

Chainsaws of both kinds come with various different power levels depending upon the model. The more popular models – which in this price bracket tend to be electrically powered models – will come with a battery between 20 volts and 60volts, with 20 being the standard. Gas models are usually more powerful, but as we have said, will be heavier to use.

03. Look for Built-in Safety Features of Chainsaw

All chainsaws come with safety features including automatic cut-off should you let go of the control switch. The saw will also be stopped by a clutch system for safety. This does not mean you can forget about your protective gear, however, as it is as important as ever.

Control Switch of Chainsaw
Protective Gear for Chainsaw

04. Blade Size of Chainsaw

The blade – or bar to give it the correct name – size determines how large an item you can cut with these smaller and more agile chainsaws that will be between 12 inches and 16 inches. For heavy-duty work, the longer bar is certainly worth having, as it gives you more scope for cutting larger branches, for example. For hobby use or occasional garden pruning, the smaller and therefore lighter models will do the trick.

05. Maintenance Required for Chainsaw

All chain saws will require sharpening after some time, and also may need the tension of the chain altering once in a while, but the simple fact is an electric model is otherwise maintenance-free, whereas a gas-powered chainsaw will require more attention when, for example, putting it away for storage.

Sharpening of Chainsaw


That’s a few of the most important factors to consider when you are looking at buying a chainsaw below the $300 mark, and rest assured there is plenty of choice for you in what is a hotly contested market. So look for the one that suits you best and shop around for the right price.

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