How to Choose the Right Interior Doors in 2022?

To choose an indoor door of an apartment or a house of high quality that meets all your expectations, carefully study the following guidelines. First and foremost, we recommend the doors manufactured by the Belldinni company: they have a vast range of doors to suit all tastes. You can find door models with photos and descriptions on the company’s website. They produce pre-finished interior doors with European look.

Interior Doors by the Opening Method

Let’s start with the mechanism of the door opening. There are 4 most comment types:

01. Swing Interior Doors

Swing interior doors open either inwards or outwards. They are optimal in most situations, and they are most common. Such a door has a simple, reliable, affordable closing mechanism that provides the best protection against noise and heat loss. When choosing, you need to decide on the direction of the opening: right or left, and in or out. These “gates” can also be made double for wide door openings.

Swing Interior Door

02. Sliding Interior Doors

In sliding interior doors, the door leaf is mounted on a guide rail, which moves to the sides. The fence can stand on top or bottom, and there is also a variant with two guides; this is a plus for preserving geometry. Such doors save space but are also more expensive, and the sound insulation is worse because the slab does not fit snugly. Sliding doors can have an open rail, both in the photo and hidden in a pencil case for better protection from dust and dirt.

Sliding Interior Door

03. Bi-Folding Interior Doors

A ‘bi-fold door’ or ‘concertina’ door is a door that folds so that it can be effortlessly erected in a minimum of space. And if you want to choose interior doors for a cramped space, a folding door is the perfect solution. In this construction, door panels are hinged together and slide on runners on the floor and/or upper beam of the doorway. The structure requires special care and can quickly fail.

Bi-Fold Interior Door

04. Swinging Interior Doors

Another name for this door type is pendulum because its mechanism is similar to a pendulum and allows you to open the door inward and outward. This design looks spectacular and unusual.

Swinging Interior Door

How to Choose the Color of Interior Doors?

Colour of Interior Door

Most people who choose interior doors already have an idea of ​​what shade the doors will be, or at least what colors they should be. Typically, the criteria for selecting the color and shade of interior doors are as follows:

  • light or dark;
  • overlap with furniture or flooring;
  • white or wenge.

But doubts arise when the final decision is made, the choice of one color scheme from many similar ones. So to avoid making a mistake, be guided by the rules for selecting shades in the interior.

The General Instructions are:

  • Focus on the overall style of the home.
  • If each room has its style, focus primarily on the corridor and living room. Interior door leaves in a single design will make it possible to achieve harmony in the interior.
  • For small rooms, choose light colors; they will make the atmosphere light and airy.
  • Door leaves of dark color will give the interior conciseness.
  • Designs of a reddish-red color scheme will fill the room with home comfort.

It is allowed to install doors with a neutral tint range. This category includes products of snow-white and cream color. The main thing is to choose such interior doors so they do not create disharmony with other internal components.

You can buy the door with the original bright color scheme – this is a popular design technique; it is called a bright spot. But it is imperative to pick up some decorative elements to match her tones, such as a carpet or a vase.

Doors can Match the Color:

  • of the floor cover;
  • of the wall surfaces;
  • of the furniture;
  • of the skirting boards;
  • of the decorative details (frames framing mirrors, lighting fixtures, cornices);
  • of the stairs.

In the end, choose the right interior doors as per your requirement, color combination, budget, etc. Hope this article helpful for you to choose the right interior doors.

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