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Maintaining a home takes up a lot of time. There is plenty to do when you want to keep your home clean, tidy, and safe. The paintwork, for example: is yours looking a bit worn and in need of a refresh? Exterior paint and woodwork take a lot of wear and tear and have to put up with all elements of the weather. Even the sun damages paintwork and causes it to fade.

Inside the home, your paintwork is subject to children and pets, and people in general. Hands on stair rails, for example, cause the paint to become dull over time. Or it could be that you simply want a different look, or maybe you’ve moved home recently and need to stamp your mark on the interior decor and exterior paintwork?

You may be tempted to get out your brushes and rollers and have a go at it yourself. In this article we will begin by discussing why you should consider to find right house painting company to tackle your painting jobs, and what needs to be done. So – DIY or professionals? Let’s get started!

DIY or Professionals House Painting?

DIY Painting
Professional Painter

If you want to get an idea of what a professional house painting company offers check out A Perfect Finish Painting who serve Denver and the surrounding areas. That should help you understand better why professional services are usually the right choice.

Let’s think about what happens when you paint your interior. You’ll probably do a good job, but will you do an excellent one? That’s the difference between professional and DIY painting solutions. Put yours next to the work of a seasoned professional, and we guarantee you will see a great difference.

It’s the same with exterior paintwork, yet with the added worry of safety thrown in. To paint the upper floor windows and other fittings means getting up a ladder, and that can be dangerous. A fall from a ladder can cause serious injury, or worse. 

So, we strongly advise that you talk to some professional painting companies in your locality. Not only will they use the latest materials and techniques, but they will have the right equipment to ensure they complete your job quickly, safely, and to a quality standard that you appreciate. You’ll also find they are not as expensive as you may expect. We want to move on and look at how often you should have the exterior of your home painted, and then talk about interior paintwork and other painting jobs around the home.

How Often Should You Have the Exterior Painted? 

Exterior PaintExterior Paint

How often you have the exterior of your home painted depends upon the climate and weather where you live. Some areas have weather that can be damaging to the exterior paintwork of a home – Denver being one – so it may be a regular thing. By that we mean every five or ten years.

There is no harm in having damaged areas touched up by a professional. Remember that exterior paint is not there solely to look good, it also provides protection for the wood and brickwork underneath. Modern paint is specially formulated to provide waterproofing to an extent, for example, and will do a great job. However, if the coat of paint is damaged in any area – perhaps in a storm – the water will seep into the woodwork or even the brickwork and cause damp and rot. It’s important that you have any notable areas lacking paint covered as soon as possible.

Now that we’ve looked at the exterior paintwork it’s time to think about the indoor walls and fittings, which present a very different challenge. 

If you want to know more about exterior painting tips then read, Hacks to Ease your Home Exterior Painting Project

What about Interior Painting?

Interior Paint

If your interior paintwork is looking tired and worn you should talk to a professional about a new paint job. Interior painting and decorating is a skilled job, and not on recommended for even a competent DIY person. There is a lot to learn when training as a painter and decorator, and painting an interior needs a special skillset and a steady and careful hand.

What is it you need painting? Are you looking to paint walls in the house? Or do you want your woodwork refreshing? Either way we suggest you start by contacting local decorators such as the company we mentioned above. They will visit your home and asses the level and quantity of work required, before giving you a quotation for the work you need doing.

We recommend you talk to more than one service provider as you can then compare quotes and use the one that works best for you. Don’t simply pick the cheapest as you may have talked to a company that you felt you could trust. Show them the quotes to compare and see if they can get close to a lower one.

You should also check that they have suitable insurance for damage in the home. They will of course be as careful as they can, but accidents do happen. Before we finish there is one other area of domestic home painting that we want to remind you about, and that’s your garden buildings and fences.

Should I Have Fences and Outbuildings Painted?

The answer is yes, most certainly. If you have a wooden fence, shed, or other outdoor buildings or furniture they will be exposed to the elements. Woodwork will rot, and faster than you may expect, and soon becomes tatty, damaged, and beyond repair. A painting company will use protective paint or other coatings to extend the life of your outdoor woodwork. 

All new outdoor woodwork should be suitably treated and repainted every couple of years. This is not an expensive job, but it is an essential one if you want to get the best life out of your external wood fixtures and fittings. 


We hope that we have explained why you should choose the right house painting company to complete your external and internal paintwork as well as all woodwork that sits outside. Get quotes now, and you’ll soon have a beautifully painted home. 

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