Cockroaches … The Nuisance of Your Kitchen!

Cockroaches have been wreaking havoc with the ‘clean’ reputation of householders. Besides being carriers of a plethora of diseases, they are oh-so-ugh! An in-depth insight into some homemade remedies to combat these roaches is absolutely mandatory.

Just picture this, you wake up at around 2 in the morning with a parched throat and walk into the kitchen to pick up a glass and catch cockroaches doing the salsa on your squeaky clean kitchen platform; upon your switching on the light, some scuttle away into the kitchen sink while a few adventurous ones start flying around in the kitchen … appalling eh?

You quickly run back to your bedroom, forget drinking water you can’t even go back to sleep! Tossing and turning in the bed, you try to figure out what you did wrong that made those creepy crawlies occupy your kitchen?

Well relax, Gharpedia brings you a detailed look into the cockroach phenomenon and how to get rid of them from your kitchen and house in general.

About Cockroaches in Kitchen

Cockroach Eating Food

Cockroaches or palmetto bugs eat waste, multiply in sewage and leave excreta across your entire kitchen counter. This insect prefers a warm, humid, dark environment and is usually found in tropical or other mild climates. The pest damages more material than it consumes and emits a terrible stench. The diet of the roach, which includes both plant and animal products, ranges from food, paper, clothing, and books to dead insects, especially bedbugs…well, to be honest, it will eat anything except cucumber!

Why are Cockroaches Harmful?

Besides looking nasty, they spur severe allergy in susceptible people. Albeit cockroaches haven’t been linked to any specific outbreaks, yet according to the World Health Organization, “They are proven or suspected carriers of the organisms causing: diarrhoea, dysentery, cholera, leprosy, plague, typhoid fever and viral diseases, such as poliomyelitis.”

Tips to Keep Cockroaches Out of Your Kitchen

Well, like the popular adage ‘Prevention is better than cure’ so the first step each wise householder needs to take is to ensure that cockroaches are kept afar in the garden and they never even dream of venturing into the sacrosanct confines of the kitchen! For this, some practical moves to prevent cockroaches are:

01. Caulk even the tiniest gaps and fissures in the floor and walls of your house.

Caulk Gap to Prevent Cockroaches

02. Repair cracks and seal any gaps around – water, gas and heating pipes, air ducts, and electrical boxes.

Repair Wall Cracks to Stop Cockroaches

03. Ascertain that all the windows are free from gaps.

Fix Window Gaps

04. Weather strip doorsWeather Strip Door to Stop Cockroaches

05. Insulate the pipes of your kitchen and bathroom to stall humidity and condensation from creeping in.

Insulate Pipes to Prevent Cockroaches

06. Deploy gadgets like dehumidifiers to retain a low threshold of humidity levels.Dehumidifiers to Stop Cockroaches

07. Steps for eliminating the cockroaches hiding places:a. As they like to be warmly ensconced from all sides by solid objects scout for areas where you might be unknowingly providing them with a safe haven … ruthlessly flush out the clutter.

b. Never keep dirty dishes in the kitchen sink and food on the counter.

Cockroaches in Dirty Dishes

c. Meticulously clean your countertops and remove all the leftover food morsels.

Cleaning Countertop to Stop Cockroaches

d. Keep food items in the pantry sealed.

Keep Food Items in Pantry

e. Frequently sweep and mop your kitchen to – clean up titbits of food and excrement.

Mopping Kitchen Floor to Stop Cockroach

f. As cockroaches absolutely adore garbage, replace the open and overflowing dustbins in your house with garbage bins with lids and also segregate and adequately dispose of your wet and dry waste.

Cleaning Overflow Dustbin to Stop Cockroach

Get Rid of Cockroaches

Undoubtedly the most despised pests on the face of Mother Earth, cockroaches are not only disease carriers but are also indicative of an unhygienic environment. And, the worst imaginable fact is that they can fly too! Then again, they multiply at an alarming rate making it critical to control them at the earliest. Although professional pest control is a great idea, but there are some household remedies available to combat this menace to a major extent. Read on to find out more:

  • Mix one part of boric acid, one part of white sugar and one part of wheat flour, and spread the mixture around the infested area.

Use Boric Acid to Remove Cockroach

  • Thoroughly mix silica aerogel and sugar (3:1 ratio) and scatter this mixture around cockroach-ridden areas.

Use Silica Gel to Kill Cockroach

  • Take 250 ml of water, pour ten drops of peppermint oil in it and blend it properly; then simply spray this at places that are infested with palmetto bugs.

Use Peppermint Oil to Kill Cockroach

  • Blend pepper powder, onion paste, garlic and one litre of water and spray this solution at bug-infested zones; the strong odour will keep not only cockroaches but a lot of other bugs away too!

Use Pepper, Onion and Garlic Paste to Kill Cockroach

  • Mix neem leaves and water; filter and spray in roach-infested zones.

Use Neem Leaves to Stop Cockroaches

  • Suffocate cockroaches by directly spraying onto them a solution formed with – four teaspoons of detergent powder and one litre of water.

Use Soapy Water to Kill Cockroach

  • Place some cucumber slices in a tin jar – the chemical reaction between the two releases an odour that cockroaches absolutely abhor!

Use Cucumber Slice to Stop Cockroach

  • Boil pine-sol and bleach in water and pour the mixture in the infested areas.

Use Pine Sol and Bleach to Kill Cockroaches

  • Simply sprinkle the powder of crushed bay leaves over the contaminated areas… trust us the pungent odour of the powder will repel the cockroaches and shoo them away from your house forever!

Use Bay Leaves to Kill Cockroaches

  • Blend baking soda and sugar in equal parts and simply scatter the powder in those areas which are frequently visited by cockroaches.

Use Baking Soda and Sugar to Stop Cockroaches

  • Just sprinkle some freshly ground cinnamon powder around the kitchen to keep cockroaches from breeding.

Use Cinnamon Powder to Stop Cockroaches

  • This is one of the simplest hacks – Mix a portion of white vinegar in some hot water and stir it properly; then swab the kitchen slabs and cooktops with this mixture and pour the rest of it into the kitchen drains – voila not only will this stall cockroaches marching up into your kitchen through the pipes but will also disinfect your pipes and drains of other insects and germs too!

Use Cinnamon Powder to Stop Cockroaches

  • This one’s a sure shot way to keep the disgusting creepy crawlies at bay. Mix one lemon and two tablespoons of baking soda in one litre of hot water; stir it well and pour it in the drain outlets or wash the area below the sink or slabs with this solution to bring to a grinding halt the breeding of cockroaches.

Use Baking Soda and Lemon to Kill Cockroach

  • This traditional hack works wonders! Simply mix some boric acid and sugar, and then spread it across the places where you find cockroaches breeding. The sugar will charm the cockroaches from their hiding places and the boric acid will immediately destroy them.

Use Boric Acid and Sugar to Stop Cockroach

  • Just spray some essential oils like peppermint oils and lavender oils around the kitchen and cabinets, and allow the aroma to keep the roaches at bay.

Use Peppermint Oils and Lavender Oils to Kill Cockroaches

  • Another alternative for market repellents is fabric softener – mix it with water and store it in a spray bottle. The moment you see a cockroach, simply spray this mixture on it directly.

Use Fabric Softener to Kill Cockroaches

  • Thoroughly clean and then lay a sheer coat of diatomaceous earth in places which cockroaches frequently visit (barring damp or wet areas). The dust left on their exoskeleton will ascertain that they perish between a week or two.

Use Diatomaceous Earth to Kill Cockroach

In the end, the market has on offered a plethora of traps, strips, and sprays which are primarily a blend of insecticides (say fipronil or imidacloprid) which are perfect for destroying roaches. But as these insecticides may cause harm to pets and human beings, it would be advisable to use them with caution.

So are you well-armed now to face the cockroaches in your kitchen heads-on?

Hope these remedies will be surely helpful for you to make your kitchen cockroach-free. If you know about any other remedies, do drop it in below comment box.

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