How to Choose a Cabinet Refacing Company?

Your kitchen cabinets add significant value to your kitchen’s style and design. Many kitchen layouts place cabinets in areas that take up a substantial part of the visual space, which is why their colors and designs affect the overall look and ambience of the kitchen. Moreover, cabinets are also essential in making your kitchen organized and functional. For this reason, having outdated or poorly maintained kitchen cabinets can be detrimental to the area’s aesthetic appeal.

However, replacing cabinets too often can become inconvenient, costly, or impractical for many homeowners since building and installing them requires time, effort, and resources. Thus, it’s common for most people to opt for refacing instead of replacements. Cabinet refacing entails replacing the outer surface of structurally intact and functional cabinets to give them a fresh, updated look. Usually, refacing involves replacing doors or drawer fronts, and installing new hardware, including handles, hinges, and pulls. Then, the surfaces are polished, given a fresh coat of paint, or covered with laminates and veneers. 

For your cabinet refacing project, you’ll need to hire professional services. Choosing the right cabinet refacing contractor will help you achieve the best results with your available budget, which is why it’s essential to know the steps you need to take for the selection process.

Tips to Choose a Cabinet Refacing Company

These are the following:

01. Study the Cabinet Refacing Company’s Market Reputation

Cabinet Refacing Company’s Market Reputation

Nowadays, checking a company’s market reputation is easier since many customers post their reviews and ratings of brands and stores they’ve done business with online. Hence, if you’d like to know if a cabinet refacing contractor is right for you, you can check what their previous customers have about to say regarding their performance, output, or even pricing.

While doing so, however, you’ll need to consider the sources of the reviews or ratings, and try to assess if such platforms present genuine and trustworthy testimonials. You’ll also need to read and compare as many reviews as possible to understand better the types of services you can expect from a prospective contractor.

02. Ask For Referrals

Ask For Referrals

Most homeowners prefer to hire contractors based on their respective localities because it’s usually more convenient. Also, some consider referrals, especially if family, friends, or neighbors recommend a contractor. Hence, if you want to hire a cabinet refacing company within your location, you can take advantage of the referrals you may receive from people in your immediate circle who have first-hand experience working with them.

If you have the opportunity, you can also pay your friends or family a visit and look at the quality of work provided by a particular contractor. Doing so can be truly helpful when selecting the one that best suits your project requirements.

03. Look for Credentials

Cabinet Refacing Contractor Licence

Choosing contractors that comply with set standards is, more often than not, a guarantee that you’ll receive quality services. Reputable cabinet refacing and replacement contractors commonly hold licenses and certificates that make them qualified to take on a range of home improvement projects. They should also comply with business registration and insurance requirements set by your local government to make them worthy of consideration. These certifications reflect the company’s tenure and reputation in the business, and set them apart from less reputable contractors who’ve yet to complete regulatory requirements. 

Another way to check a company’s credentials is by reviewing projects they’ve completed for other clients. You can ask for their portfolio of past clients, if any, and use the examples as a reference to help you make a wise selection.

04. Consider Experience and Mastery

Cabinet Refacing Contractor Experience

Remodeling projects often require quite some time to be completed. During this time, homeowners and other household occupants may need to adjust their daily routines to allow the project to proceed without disruptions. Hence, it’s best to entrust the job to experienced contractors with the expertise and skilled methodology required for successful execution. This way, you can ensure that your project timelines will be met while producing the desired results. 

It’s wise to select contractors with an established name in the industry to ensure that you’ll get the quality of work needed for your refacing project. Additionally, experienced contractors have likely encountered numerous issues and concerns involving cabinet refacing, which means that you can always depend on their mastery of their craft and their ability to smoothen out any issue they might encounter along the way.

05. Compare the Quality of Customer Service

Quality of Customer Service

Apart from craftsmanship, it’s also essential to consider the refacing company’s professional conduct when dealing with clients. Choosing a company that adheres to industry standards and its customer service brand will ensure you’ll have a pleasant experience working on your remodeling project. Moreover, you’ll receive the assistance you need if you have any questions or concerns throughout the process.  

Does the company have a customer service hotline or online chat portal?  You can use these to get in touch with a representative and see how well they assist you with your inquiries. Moreover, you can also try their email support and see how fast and effectively they respond to queries. Besides customer assistance, you can also compare companies based on the warranty they offer, or the estimated turnaround time.

Through these indicators, you’ll see which company offers the best services and value for money.

06. Select a Contractor that Offers Cost-Efficient Services

Cost-Efficient Services

Finally, it’d be best to compare cabinet refacing companies based on their service rates. Reputable repair companies are usually transparent with their customers regarding pricing and service fees, which is especially helpful if you want to plan and create a budget for your kitchen cabinet remodel. 

You may need to request quotations or sample computations for the required refacing work. Many companies provide these to potential clients, and it’s best to make use of them when comparing contractors. Also, reviewing quotations can help you arrive at a ballpark figure that you can use as a reference to help manage project costs.


Cabinet refacing is an excellent option if you have kitchen cabinets that are structurally in good condition, both in the exterior and interior. By changing their appearance, you’ll achieve the aesthetic appeal you want without having to dispose of functional cabinets or spend more than necessary. Moreover, hiring a trusted, experienced, and reputable kitchen cabinet refacing company will ensure you’ll achieve the results you want while getting the most value for your money. This way, you’ll be able to optimize your investment while having the dream kitchen that you desire. 

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