How to Maintain Your Solar Panels at Home?

Conventional energy sources such as gas or coal are not only detrimental to the environment, they can also burn a hole in your pocket. Installing solar panels at home can be costly, so some people wonder if this alternative source of energy is worth the investment.

Solar energy, produced by solar panels, is harvested to power up your appliances, including your water heater. The solar panels receive energy from the sun, which passes through an inverter, so the power generated can be used as electricity, similar to what you use from your utility provider. Because the sun shines every day, you have a more reliable and renewable energy source than petroleum, coal, or other natural gases.

Although installing solar panels for your home can be expensive, the long-term savings and benefits make up for the hefty cash out. Here are the reasons why you should consider installing solar panels at home:

Benefits of Solar Panels

  • Saves You Money: One of the obvious benefits of installing solar panels in your home is cutting down your electricity bill. While your home may still use the traditional electricity source in the evening, you will still see your utility bills reduced significantly.
  • Environment-friendly: Aside from saving money, your solar panel system also helps you save the environment. By using a renewable source of energy, you reduce gas emissions that can hurt the surroundings.
  • Boosts Your Home’s Value: Having a system that allows the generation of solar energy increases your property’s appeal and value.
  • Low Maintenance: With occasional checking and cleaning of solar panels, a solar panel system can last for decades without repair or replacement.

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Now that you know how beneficial solar panels are for your property, finances, and the environment, it is important to know how to maintain solar panels to keep them in a good working condition. For example, reliable window cleaning companies can take care of the professional maintenance of solar panels. If you think the maintenance of solar panels are complicated and costly, you couldn’t be more wrong.

What You Should Know About to Maintain Your Solar Panels at Home?

Solar panels may look fragile in appearance, but with proper care, they can last for more than 20 years. Manufacturers of solar panel systems use durable tempered glass, so they are not as delicate as regular windows or glass. With the right knowledge on maintaining your solar panels, you can make the most of your investment for years to come. Keeping these tips in mind will help you to keep your solar panel system in the best condition.

01. Rinsing or Cleaning of Solar Panels

A solar panel does not have to be washed every day or even once a month since rain or melting snow can wash away the debris or dirt accumulated on the glass. However, if you live in a dusty and windy area, an ocular inspection will let you know if you need to hose down dust, dirt, and animal droppings with a power hose. As a homeowner who wants to make the most of his or her solar panel system, you should remember to have the panels cleaned and inspected by a professional at least once a year or at a lesser interval if you live in dirty area. In countries like India, you need regular cleaning.

Cleaning of Solar Panels

If you reside in a place that has ample precipitation, you’re in luck since most dirt and dust will be washed off without any assistance needed. However, you should still have your panels inspected annually in case it needs professional cleaning or maintenance.

02. Maintaining Solar Panels Can Prevent the Enormous Damages

It is best to wash the panels when they are turned off, and preferably when they are cool. You should schedule washing in the early morning or at dusk, using lukewarm water with biodegradable soap. Never use abrasive powders and pads to clean the solar panels. Although they are durable, it is possible to damage the glass when you use too much pressure or abrasive cleaning products.

It is also recommended to clear off debris and other grainy materials with a leaf blower before washing to prevent scratching the glass. Avoid exposing solar panels to harsh material since damages can be very costly to repair.

03. Removing Obstructions is DIY Tip to Maintain Your Solar Panels

Solar panels are very low-maintenance. Problems that arise later on may have something to do with wiring corrosion, but the panels themselves are typically durable and designed to last many years. As long as a reputable company performed the solar panel installation, you need not worry about the materials’ resiliency or strength.

Tress Obstructing Solar Panels

The only thing you must check regularly is that no obstructions prevent the proper generation of electricity. If there are trees or vegetation in your property that need pruning, it is best to call a professional tree care company to handle trimming. The key to making sure your solar panels are efficiently generating power is by regularly inspecting that nothing is blocking the panels from receiving solar energy.

04. Safety Comes First

A solar panel system is fairly safe and durable because there are no moving parts that may cause problems in the structure in the long run. However, if you have any reason to think that one of your solar panels is damaged, call a professional immediately.

Never Climbing the Roof Without Ladder for Cleaning Solar Panels

When cleaning the solar panels on your own, remember to never climb the roof without the proper equipment, including fall-protection gear and a secure ladder. To avoid any inconvenience or injury, call a local window washing company or solar panel cleaning firm to do the task for you.

05. Professional Preventive Care for Solar Panels Maintenance

Professional Solar Panels Cleaning

Hiring a professional to maintain solar panels annually, allows you to handle potential damage to your solar panels before they worsen. Your installer or a third-party firm can easily identify cracked glass, burn marks, discoloration, or missing bolts on the solar panels. They will also be able to repair exposed or loose wiring, corroded electrical enclosures, and any problem related to the solar panels that can reduce its stability and efficiency.


Installing a solar panel system benefits you and your property in more ways than one. However, it is crucial to find the best solar electricity plan that works for you. It is also worth investing in the regular maintenance of your solar panels and health checks of your solar energy source. Like any appliance or gadget, solar panels should undergo periodic inspection and maintenance to ensure they function properly. One way to make sure that your solar panels are always in tip-top condition is by hiring a professional solar panel cleaning company. Solar panels are reliable as long as they are routinely inspected and well-maintained.

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