How to Make a Gaming Room – 17 Game Room Design Ideas

A lively gaming setup in room is one of the best venues to keep yourself and your family members entertained at home. During pandemic, it may seem risky to visit public game rooms. But building a game room in the home is an amicable solution to indulge your gaming binge. Here Gharpedia has shared some amazing yet different ideas on how to make a gaming room in your own home.

Why go outdoor when you can have your game room setup right at home? Be it an foul weather or you are scared of the risk of virus exposure, a busy schedule is creating hindrance, or too much distance from the gaming parlor of the town is a permanent problem – however big is the list of difficulties maybe, nothing to worry if you cannot visit the arcade on weekends or take your kids regularly there. Stop brooding over the reasons to visit the public gaming room in your locality. Find out some easy and healthy solution in your own premises only.

An indoor gaming room is a viable solution. It will keep you happily entertained offering the scope of fun-filled hours with your loved ones in your home itself. Here you can play board games with little ones on the game night, compete with your friends over a pool game, or challenge them for the online video game. What is the best, the indoor gaming room can also be your peaceful nook to read, enjoy drinks, or listen to music in your me-time.

How to Make a Gaming Room in Your Home? 

Building a gaming room is nothing different from decorating your living room or kid’s room. All you need is to plan the room’s decor and accessories for decor planning about incorporating gaming arrangements along with your creative touch.

Here we have described some of the steps on how to make your room in gaming room:

01. Know Which Indoor Game to Add

Foosball Table
Ping Pong Table
Board Game
Video Game

From a foosball table to a ping pong table, tennis board to board games, an obstacle course to video games – there is no dearth of games as there is something for everyone. According to your choice of games and considering the preference, add those instead of cluttering the space with games only for decoration.

02. Plan the Floor Area

Indoor Swing
Climbing Wall

If your floor space is small, a hanging swing or jungle gym course, climbing wall setup, modular gaming boards for table tennis and board games are the best gaming room ideas. Video gaming console can be set up in one of the corners. For a larger area, you can set up different gaming sections leaving enough walking space.  

03. Go for Modular Game Boards

Modular Game Boards

If you have small floor area, you should look for modular or foldable game boards for pool games, table tennis, cards, air hockey etc. When not in use, you can fold these items. It will help you to save floor space and keep the room uncluttered. You may arrange them to hang on the wall too.

04. Get a Hammock or Indoor Swing  

Tire Swing
Hammock Swing

A wooden board swing or a tire swing hung from the ceiling will be a space-saving gamin room ideas while adding the scope of trendy relaxation accessory in between gaming sessions. If there is a provision of wider space, you can arrange a woven or clothing hammock where more than one person can sit and enjoy the relaxing moments. 

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05. Install an LED TV or Projector  

LED TV in Game Room

Not only for little ones but for adults too, video gaming is one of the best entertainments after a hectic day. You may install an LED TV in the game room for video gaming and enjoying movie nights. If you do not mind to take some wall space, get a projector installed at a clear wall.

06. Add Seating Area for Video Gaming

Seating Area in Game Room

You need some sitting arrangements in your house gaming room. Lots of options are there to make it best gaming room. However, you need to place a few bean bags or add a three-seater couch where guests and family members can sit back. Also, you may spread a rug with some cushions in case you feel the space is already constricted. 

07. Arrange Some Racks to Keep Game DVDs and Peripherals 

DVD Rack

Game DVDs, joysticks, consoles, remotes and computer accessories may remain scattered across the floor. Or in some situations, leaving these accessories at random places may end up in losing or damaging them especially when the room is crowded. You may plan for wall affixed racks with locks so that you can preserve carefully the peripherals and DVDs.

08. Keep Sufficient Space Around the Pool Table and Ping-Pong Table

Keep Sufficient Space Around Ping Pong Table

As you need to move around freely while playing pool and table tennis, sufficient walking space should be kept around these tables. You can add pool sticks, balls and ping-pong paddles on the wall as decor pieces.

09. Don’t Forget Classic Games


The retro arcade can play a nostalgic role while you play pinball, PacMan, Road Rash or sit back to play board games like Ludo, carom, dungeons and dragons, chess, snakes and ladders, etc. that will never go out of trend. No matter if internet is not running smoothly, or you are suffering from the interruption of electricity at home, these simple but group games are great options to enjoy.

10. Utilize the Floor for Mini Golf, Ludo, etc.

Mini Golf at Home

You can even get a floor-size ludo or snakes and ladders board to engage the players more actively just like the magical chess game in the Harry Potter movie. A mini golf course can also be set up at one corner with some obstacles to challenge the skills. It will be a fantastic option to try the skill for adults besides the kids.

11. Put up a Basketball Hoop and Dartboard

Basketball Hoop

Apart from colorful picture frames, movie or character posters, you may plan to place a basketball hoop. Simple by attaching the loop you can complete the arrangement where players can take aim or perhaps need a dartboard to aim properly. 

12. Get Some Gym Equipment and Books

House Gym
Book Shelf

Fitness enthusiasts can create a game room with a workout area by adding a few weight lifting dumbbells, punching bag, and other handheld accessories. Bibliophiles can use a nook with a bookshelf and a table to read in peace. 

13. Space for Yoga Malt

Yoga Mat

During gaming room design, leave a space for yoga matt if you are doing Yoga Asanas regularly, where you can practice and perform Yoga Asanas.

14. Keep Gaming Accessories, Cards and Small Parts in Respective Racks

Gaming Accessories Storage

You may get a cabinet with greater vertical or horizontal space as per the floor plan and use each drawer and rack to arrange the gaming accessories, small gears like paddles, balls, cards, chips and other parts properly for ready access. 

15. Get Ambient Lights, Skylights and Spotlight

Game Room Light

A few ambient lights for the whole room should be installed along with skylights to highlight a particular section. You may add spotlights to lighten up the gaming table if any. Warm-toned LEDs work great for kids’ gaming room while colourful neon will be the better option for adults.

16. Get a Refreshment Area

Refreshment Area

Hours of gaming can never go without having some munchies and beverages. If it is for kids, arrange some candy jars, chocolates, healthy fruit drinks and milkshakes at one corner. For adults, a small bar area with a mini-fridge can work great to hold different types of drinks. A rack full of packaged snacks will be the prefect connoisseur of your gaming binge.

17. Make Way for Lively Music

Game Room Speaker

Just like the outdoor arcades, where hip music fills up the ambience, you can add a sound system on the computer table or on the wall to play soothing or heavy metal music that will help you calm your senses. If there is no space left, keep a Bluetooth speaker so that music can be played from your mobile.   


Summing up, there is no fixed formula on how to set up a gaming room. It largely depends on the members of the family i.e. kid-friendly games and accessories if little ones are going to spend time there. At the same time, you can even add games for adults, refreshments and other elements at a different section, and keep one part of the room specifically designed for kids, thereby a multifunctional game room gets configured.

Know what you and your guests will make the best out of it. However, gaming room design ideas are endless, but you have to assess your budget and check what goes perfectly with the overall home decor. Instead of congesting with lots of games and covering much space with games that you will hardly ever play, add the gaming options that make everyone happy in your family.    

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