How to Make Your Garage Disability Friendly?

Make your Garage Disability Friendly

Living with a disability often means requiring more space for getting about, especially when using a disability aid like a wheelchair.
These necessary helping hands are life-changing in the best possible way, but they can also often be bulky and can make it hard to get around, particularly if your home has a relatively small garage.

Tips to Make Disability Friendly Garage

So, how could you adapt your garage to make it easy and painless to get from your car into your home and vice-versa without breaking a sweat? Here is the tips:

01. The Car for Wheelchair User

Car for Disabled People

Starting with the vehicle itself, it’s obviously going to make things run that much smoother if your car has been outfitted with all the bespoke mechanisms and tools that allow you to dismount in your wheelchair with ease. Specially adapted vehicles from Allied Mobility exist for just this reason and should almost certainly be your first port of call before cracking on with the garage.

02. Making Room for Disabled People

Clearing Garage for Disabled People

Start by clearing the garage of any clutter which may take up excess space. Our garages are second only to our attics as the rooms in the home that tend to collect the most mess and clutter. Sort through what you want to keep and what you can afford to get rid of and consider it a nice clean purge of all your useless stuff.

03. Keeping it Simple for Easily Disabled Access

Keep Garage Simple for Disabled People

So many of us use our garages as multi-purpose spaces for tinkering with our hobbies, doing the washing and keeping the wine collection. If you’re serious about making your garage more accessible though, leave it purely for the car, if you can.

04. Make Automatic Door for the Disabled People

Automatic Door for Disabled People

Make the doors automatic so they open and close with sensors to make life that much easier. You could also install a mechanism that allows you to open and close the garage with a remote trigger if you’re worried about security.

05. Allow Few Changes for Disability Friendly Garage

Ramp and Handrailing for Disabled People
Wheelchair Lift for Disabled People

Once the space is clear, it’s time to get started on some quality of life alterations. Install handrails and ramps to make getting around and inside your home easier and widen doorways if the current doorway doesn’t offer sufficient space for getting through easily. Installing a small wheelchair lift might also one an idea if you don’t think you have enough room for ramps.

06. Extend Yourself

Finally, consider applying for an extension if your garage is not roomy enough as sometimes, the space simply isn’t enough. How difficult it will be to apply will depend on your local council.


Creating a disabled friendly garage creates an opportunity to reduce clutter and create more open space for disabled people. It also provides an opportunity for a better lifestyle to them. Hope you like this article. If you want to read other relevant article, refer following blog:

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