How do You Move the Mattress?

Moving Mattress

There are many questions to consider when planning for moving your home. One of the most important question is how safely you can move mattresses?

There is a variety of factory packaging that are available for the products. The most common type is a transparent film that covers the mattress completely. This protects the mattress from moisture, dirt, and even damage. A mattress sealed in an extremely thick layer of plastic can be left under the rain or snow – absolutely nothing can happen to it.

Another type of product is vacuum-packed. The mattress is vacuum-packed with the help of a specially designed device that removes the air out of it. The mattress is wrapped in a layer of protection and rolled up. Because it’s compact and the mattress is very easy to carry. The purchaser can take the mattress’s cover and then take it off when the time comes to return. Within a couple of hours, the bed will be straight and ready to sleep.

How to move a Mattress and Packing a Mattress?

The orthopedic mattresses should be stored properly and utilized. It is essential to transport the mattress in a correct way. The transportation conditions of mattresses greatly impact the quality of product and its life. The following are the crucial points to be aware of, according to simpler experts.

What is the importance of properly transport mattress? Violating the rules for transporting the product can lead to the mattress’s deformation, damage from mechanical forces as well as problems with the operation of the product in the future. The same applies to the packaging. You could get unpleasant surprises if you don’t have the right packaging.

How to move the Mattress?

Moving Mattress Service
  • It’s much easier to transport thin mattresses like toppers or futons. You can remove the mattress topper of the store and return it in its original packaging. The majority of products are sold rolled up and take up minimal area, which means they’ll even fit in the back of your car. The items that are used should be packed in sturdy boxes. Topper pouches are made of durable fabric that provides adequate protection from dirt and damage during transport and storage.
  • This article will show you how to put together an orthopedic mattress. Packaging protects the mattress from mechanical and dirt damage when it is transported. If you’re collecting mattresses from a store, this is no problem. Because during the manufacturing stage orthopedic mattresses are packaged in vacuum-packed polyethylene boxes that are strong and resistant to damage.
  • Are you planning to relocate an orthopedic mattress to a new flat, but the original packaging isn’t yet available? There’s no problem. You can wrap your orthopedic mattress in thick polyethylene film. If required, there may be multiple layers of the film.

The Basics of Transporting a Mattress by You

The Basics of Transporting a Mattress by You

If you do not require a mattress transport service, you can transport your mattress on your own. The first one concerns the position of the product. Place orthopedic mattresses only horizontally. This is especially important when the mattress has to be carried over for long distances.

Note: Taking an orthopedic mattress in an upright position risks the springs deforming and the padding. It is also prohibited to leave the product unattended for more than 48 hours.

Avoid placing heavy objects on the mattress surface. It may be affected by deflections, sagging, or from things like bags, drawers, or appliances. That is why it is best to leave the work to a professional mattress moving company and flat rate movers in nyc.

Make sure to keep in mind how to move a mattress the most efficiently:

  • Beware of placing items that are sharp or heavy close to the mattress. This can cause damage. Avoid household chemicals and liquids.
  • If possible, transport the mattress in a truck. You can also transport the mattress using a lorry or in the big trunk of a van. It is not recommended to try and fit the mattress in a vehicle’s passenger or luggage compartment. The mattress may be in an improper position or is damaged.
  • The mattress should not be transported via the roof of a vehicle. As the load on the mattress will not be equally distributed. If there is not enough room in your vehicle, it’s advisable (and more secure!) You can carry your mattress using cargo.

You should ensure that the area on which you place a mattress must be flat. In the last instance, a fiberboard that is strong and sturdy could be put under the item. Ensure that they do not contain sharp edges or splinters which could harm the packaging and the item itself.


The proper way to transport a mattress will protect it from deformations, damage, and the possibility of sagging. Utilize packaging made of plastic or factory-made to ensure that your mattress is properly packed prior to transporting it. The mattress that is orthopedic should be transported horizontally only. It should not be transported on its back or back or on top of the car.

These guidelines will decrease the life span of your mattress and can result in damage to the spring. This can result in uncomfortable squeaks or sleeping problems. This is why it’s recommended to rely on the expertise of professional mattress removalists.

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