How to Remove White Stains From Wooden Surface?

How to remove white stains from wood is a common problem for most of the homemakers and users of wooden accessories. These white stains are often stubborn and you cannot wipe them off unless you know the trick to erase them without hampering the wooden polish and surface regularity.

Even the most cautious people may encounter white spots on wooden surface of furniture, no matter if you have caused the stain yourself or a visitor has created the damage. These white marks pop up against the grain of brown wood, which looks unsightly and it can spoil your furniture’s overall appearance. To revive the elegance of your furniture, you should either erase the mark or at least try your best to reduce those white areas from all over the wooden body.

Most homes contain wooden surfaces, with furniture, and with objects finished with wood in a variety of ways. Some of these woody objects and surfaces in the home, however, require more attention than regular cleaning process.

Causes of White Stains on Wood Surface

Different types of wood quality are available for use. These varieties do vary in terms of hardness, texture, and color. Still, all the woody varieties may get damaged by air, exposure to moisture, and scorching sunlight. Hence all wooden surface elements should be kept away from direct sunlight exposure as much as possible. Wood gets easily damaged by heat and scratching.

Similarly, heat from any hot dishes or any hot objects can also cause white stains on the wooden surfaces. Hence you may try to avoid placing hot objects directly onto the wood. Use trivets to protect the wood from hot dishes.

With different methods, you can restore the wooden finish without permanent damage to its surface. Howsoever, gharpedia here will share some tips on how to remove white stains from wood.

Apply Heat to Remove the White Stains

It might seem that the heat can do more harm to your wooden furniture, but with any form of stain, it will get rid of the white marks. The required heat can be provided by iron or a hairdryer.

Hairdryer Method:

Hairdryer Method to Remove Stains from Wooden Surface

You don’t need a cloth for the hairdryer technique. You need to set the dryer to the lowest setting and direct the hot air from the dryer toward the white marks on the wooden surface. Keep your hairdryer running over white spots until they disappear entirely.

Iron Method:

Iron Method to Remove Stains from Wooden Surface

For this method, remove any water that’s within the iron. Put a towel, T-shirt, towel, or other fabric over the stains. Run it over the cloth for a short time with the iron on a low heat level. To check the presence of the white spots, lift the fabric. If required, repeat the ironing process to get rid of the white stains until you get to achieve the desired effects.

Use Toothpaste to Clean White Stain from Wood

Use Toothpaste to Clean White Stain from Wood

The toothpaste that helps clean your teeth can also help you remove white stains from a wooden surface. You can use a non-gel, creamy white type or any toothpaste for this spot removal process. Apply the toothpaste softly on the white area for more than a minute, concentrating only on the affected areas.

If the toothpaste is rubbed into unaffected areas of the wooden surface, those areas’ finish will get removed. Focus your attention only on the affected regions. To check the results, wipe the toothpaste. To make the white marks entirely disappear, you may need to try other approaches.

Well, the cleaning of rugs and carpet is also equally important. Know from here how to clean the carpet and floor-rugs of your home.

Apply Mayonnaise on Wooden Surface

Apply Mayonnaise on Wooden Surface

For many people, mayonnaise is a favourite condiment. Still, as a technique of extracting watermarks from wood, it may pull double duty. You can also use Petroleum jelly as an alternative.

While using this method, apply the petroleum jelly or mayonnaise onto the white stains with rag’s help. Give the mayo or petroleum jelly time to work by leaving it for an hour or longer, up to overnight, on the white stains. Wipe the mayo off and rub the area with a clean cloth. You will get to see the result.

You can Use Steel Wool to Remove White Stains from Wooden Furniture

You can Use Steel Wool to Remove White Stains from Wooden Furniture

You can also use extra-fine-grade steel wool to help remove of the stains without damaging the wooden finish. If you still can’t get the white stains to disappear completely, apply the steel wool with lemon oil or mineral oil and rub it on the pigment in a back and forth motion, shifting with the wood grain. The steel wool will gently remove the finish along with the white stains.

Use of Vinegar to Remove White Spots from Wooden Surface

Use of Vinegar to Remove White Spots from Wooden Surface

Mix in equal proportion some olive oil and vinegar and apply it with a soft cloth while moving with the wood grain to clear the white rings left by the wet glasses on the wood surface. To brighten it up, use another clean, soft fabric. Dab them with a sponge soaked in full-strength white vinegar to get the white water rings off the leather furniture.

Remove White Stain from Wooden Table with Car Wax

Remove White Stain from Wooden Table with Car Wax

Sometimes we forget to use a coaster while placing a cup or any utensil on the wooden floor. As a result, the dining room table will show a hideous white ring on it. Try using a dab of car wax to extract water stains from the wooden surface to remove this. Trace the white ring with your finger for applying the wax. Let it dry. Clean it with soft fabric.

Use of Salt to Remove White Spots from Wood

Use of Salt to Remove White Spots from Wood

Watermarks left from glasses or bottles can be removed using a teaspoon full of salt with a few drops of water. Rub the paste with a soft cloth or sponge gently on the ring and work it over the stains until it’s gone. Restore the lustre of your wood with furniture polish.

Sometimes your wooden furniture gets some coloured stains while working with paint. Have a look at how you can get rid of these coloured stains.

Use Baking Soda to Get Rid of White Stains

Use Baking Soda to Get Rid of White Stains

Remove those white marks from your wooden furniture or coffee table caused by sweating glasses or hot cups or making a paste of 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of water. Rub the spot softly in a circular motion until they disappear. To remove water stains from the wood, do not use too much water.

We hope this article on how to remove white stains from wood will help you to get back the elegant beauty of your wooden furniture. Try these tips on your wooden surfaces and share your experiences or such alternatives in the comments box below.

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