How to Rewire a Lamp? Step-By-Step Process

In case the lamp in your room stops functioning, then the lazy solution is to replace it. However, think a step ahead and learn the smart solution- how to rewire a lamp? Lost, as to how do you rewire a lamp? Relax, Gharpedia has collated the entire details of the DIY Project – Rewiring a Lamp for your eyes only!

Lamps are an innate feature of modern-day households; albeit, the types could vary from floor lamps to desk or table lamps to wall lamps or to overhead lamps.

A state-of-the-art table lamp can be expensive, but if you like to shop, then you can find beautiful lamps at flea markets, estate sales and even garage sales for a fraction of the price. The only downside is that most often they don’t work! But, that’s a fixable problem and a nice project for a weekend or a holiday.

If your lamp does work, check the lamp cord. If it looks frayed or damaged, then you should be replacing the lamp cord. Then, check the plug to see if it’s cracked or loose. Fix it, otherwise, you could end up with an electrical shock when you use it, or it could even start a fire. The best way to do this would be to cut off a portion of the old cord and take it to the store to find a replacement that’s the same size and has the same type of insulation. If you plan to replace the plug too, see if you can find a new cord with a plug already attached. Otherwise, you can buy a separate plug that will clip onto the new cord. With all these changes you could also change light switches.

Rewire Lamp Kit: Tools Required For Wiring a Lamp

Tools Required for Wiring a Lamp
Tools Required for Wiring a Lamp

The followings tools are required for wiring a lamp in rewire lamp kit –

  • Needle Nose Pliers (If Needed)
  • New Lamp Cord And Plug
  • Scrap Wood
  • Screwdriver
  • Utility Knife
  • Wire Cutters
  • Wire Stripper

Required Time For Rewiring a Lamp

The best thing about this ‘rewiring a lamp’ DIY Project is that there are no time constraints in completing it! Why? Well, the lamp will sit quietly waiting for you to fix it without interfering with your daily activities or disrupting the household.

The Process: How to Rewire a Lamp

Rewiring a Lamp
Rewiring a Lamp

Follow this step-by-step procedure and know how to rewire a lamp –

  • A large segment of lamp cords has two strands of wire that are each covered with insulation. In order to strip the wire, you first need to separate the two strands. Use wire cutters to cut the new cord to length, with a little slack. Place one side on a piece of scrap wood. Use a utility knife to slice the centre groove until the blade digs into the wood, and then split the cord a few inches. Repeat this process with the other side of the cord, unless the plug is already attached.
  • Remove about half-inch of insulation from both ends of each wire with the wire stripper. Note: If you’re using a clip-on switch, then you don’t need to strip the wires on that end.
  • Lamp cord wires are quite malleable, so you can either use your fingers or needle-nose pliers to shape both ends of each wire into the shape of a hook.
  • With the new replacement cord ready to go, remove the old one. This means you’ll have to loosen or perhaps completely disassemble the lamp’s components. There may be a fabric (generally felt) covering under the lamp. You’ll need to remove this. It’s possible that a nut holds the lamp’s components together near the base. Loosen the nut. At this point, all the lamp’s components will become loose, so if it’s glass, please be very, very careful!
  • Rewiring a lamp is akin to restringing a bead necklace; everything goes back on in the same order that it came off in. So if you have to completely disassemble the lamp, place all the new parts in the same order. Detach the old wires on the socket, then attach the new ones by tightening the terminals onto each wire with the screwdriver.
  • The next step of lamp wiring is to remove the old cord by tugging at it from the base. Throw it away. Feed the new cord that’s already attached to the socket through the lamp’s centre. If you pull it taut once it’s all the way through, you can replace the socket shell and tighten the nut (and any other connections) at the base of the lamp. If there’s a switch, reinstall that.
  • The final step of the lamp wiring is to connect the plug (if there isn’t one already attached to your replacement cord). There are some easy ones that merely snap onto the lamp cord. Buy one of these and you’ve given your vintage lamp a new lease of life!

Important Cues

  • If your lamp needs a total overhaul, search for rewiring lamp kits that give you everything you need in one package, plus detailed instructions on how to do it.
  • In case, after following the entire process the lamp still doesn’t work then unplug it and use the screwdriver to slightly lift up the tab in the light bulb socket, which can flatten and impede the connection to the bulb.

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Hope this blog- ‘how to rewire a lamp – step-by-step process’ enables you to independently rewire your lamp…

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