How Winter Weather Can Wreak Havoc on Your Gutters?


Gutters serve an important purpose. Their job is to collect water, such as rainwater or water from melted snow, that gathers on the roof. They then direct this water off the roof and away from the home. In this way, gutters also help protect the foundation of a home from excess moisture and its effects.

While gutters are important, they can’t do their job properly without regular care. For example, homeowners must keep gutters clear of debris. This is important all year long but particularly during the winter months. Consider the many ways in which winter weather can cause problems for your gutters and your home itself and take action by calling on professional gutter cleaners for help.

Let’s take a look at how winter weather havoc on your gutters.

7 Ways That Winter Weather Can Causes Havoc on Your Gutters

01. The Damage That Ice Can Cause

Damage That Ice Can Cause

Ice may seem relatively harmless. You might think that, even if it’s inside your gutters, it will just melt and flow away. However, this is not always the case. Ice can accumulate in your gutters and may remain frozen if the temperatures are cold enough.

This built-up ice may then prevent water from escaping as it should. Worse yet, if the problem is severe enough, the ice could damage your gutters by causing them to crack or even burst.

Ideally, you should work to avoid this problem altogether by having professional gutter cleaning performed ahead of winter and then as needed throughout the coming months. A good service can assess your gutters, the current and expected weather, and other factors to determine when and how often your gutters should be cleaned. This can help you avoid all the issues associated with excessive ice buildup.

02. Wind Can Be A Powerful, Dangerous Force

Damage That Wind Can Cause

Wind can be extremely powerful in the winter months. And, a strong wind has the power to wreak havoc on your gutters severely, particularly if they are already weakened or damaged from improper or irregular cleaning.

Have a thorough cleaning and assessment, as well as any necessary repairs, performed prior to the onslaught of winter. This can decrease the chances of your gutters becoming detached or otherwise damaged due to wind. If they get damaged, though, many services that clean gutters also offer repairs. Thus, it’s nice to have a service you can call on should you need quick repairs to help your gutters last through winter.

03. Pests Can Pose A Serious Problem

Gutter Pests

As if winter temperatures weren’t bad enough, you also have to worry about the pests that gutters can attract in the colder months. Rats, voles, and more have been known to cuddle up in gutters when the weather is cold. If the gutters are coated in snow, this provides insulation for the pests and makes your gutters even more inviting. What’s worse is that you’ll likely never know if these pests have taken up residence if you aren’t getting your gutters cleaned.

Pests may attract more pests too, and before you know it, you could have a serious infestation not just in your gutters but in and around your home and property as well. Thorough cleaning, both before and during the winter, can keep all of those pesky pests and the problems they can bring at bay.

04. Damage To The Roof Of Your Home

Damage To The Roof

Not having a home’s gutters cleaned doesn’t just damage the gutters, it might damage the roof as well. When ice accumulates on a roof, it needs to drain out through the gutters as it melts. If it can’t do that due to clogged gutters, a large amount of that ice will remain on the roof. This can damage the roof in several ways.

For one thing, having all that heavyweight on top is not good for a roof. For another, the moisture can damaged shingles and even the roof structure itself if it is allowed to sit for too long. For these reasons, professionals must thoroughly clean gutters regularly in order for them to do their job and protect your home’s roof.

05. Damage To The Home’s Foundation

Damage To The Home's Foundation

The roof isn’t the only part of the home that can suffer from clogged gutters. The home’s foundation may be affected as well. Gutters work hard to direct water away from the home’s foundation. When gutters become clogged and dirty, water and ice have no choice but to fall off the roof slowly.

When this water ends up near the foundation, it can cause damage over time. Potential issues include cracking, sagging, and loss of strength. Lower levels of the home, such as the basement, may also sustain damage if the area is allowed to get and stay very wet.

06. A Risk of Leaks And Water Damage

Water Damage

As if all of this wasn’t bad enough, dirty gutters can also make a roof more prone to leaks, which can cause damage to the home itself. When a roof gets weighed down by water, ice, and snow that can’t travel through your gutters, weak spots may form. These weak spots can eventually give in and allow water to leak into the home.

Not only do leaks indicate that the roof has sustained damage, but they can cause further harm as well. Leaks can lead to the formation of mold, mildew, and water stains, as well as damaged carpets and flooring. Avoid these issues with clean, properly functioning gutters. Regular maintenance, including the installation of high-quality gutter guards from GutterSupply, can help prevent debris buildup and ensure efficient water flow, protecting your home from potential water damage.

If you notice signs of water damage, you must take immediate action to prevent further damage. Go here to know –

07. Damage To The Gutter System

Damage To The Gutter System

Finally, gutters themselves can become damaged if they are not cleaned and properly prepared for winter. Professional cleaners will often notice gutters that are loose or weakened while performing the cleaning. They can alert you to this problem and potentially fix it for you before winter sets in, reducing the risk of gutters being damaged.

However, even strong gutters can become loose and be damaged if they’re allowed to fill with ice or snow or have ice or snow falling on top of them. Thus, keep them clean so they can do their job and are less likely to give under pressure. You can install a gutter system which are made of weather-resistant material, such as steel guttering.

Gutters, like all parts of the home, need to be cared for properly. Have them cleaned and maintained frequently. This is important all year round, but especially as winter approaches and throughout those chilly months. Taking everything into account, you are now aware that how winter weather havoc on your gutters. Take necessary precaution before any major damage occurs.

Ice dams are solid ridges of ice that form along the edges of roof during the winter. Ice dams are very thick and rigid, and once formed, they can prevent melting snow from running off your rooftops. However, prevention is always better than cure. The following tips can help you to prevent it –

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