6 Reasons Hybrid Vinyl Flooring Is Gaining Popularity

In interior design, the flooring structure is the foundation for building the space’s aesthetics, and as more homeowners look for durability, aesthetics, and versatility in flooring options, hybrid vinyl material is increasingly becoming a frontrunner.

Being a blend of modern innovations and traditional vinyl, these flooring types are gaining popularity among designers and homeowners. This blog post focuses on six reasons why hybrid vinyl flooring is capturing the attention of many everywhere.

01. Easy Installation and Maintenance

Installation work is less technical compared with traditional flooring options. You need to get the measurements right and assemble the essential tools for the fitting.

Through the glue-down and click lock installation techniques, you can effortlessly fit your vinyl plank flooring over different subfloors, for instance, plywood and concrete. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, these materials create an opportunity to embark on hands-on activities, bringing some economic advantages.

When not sure where you start, it’s still a good idea to hire professional installation professionals to handle the work for you.

Apart from the ease-of-fitting you’re also sure of minimal maintenance efforts to keep your flooring in its best appearance. With routine mopping and sweeping, you can be sure of a clean pristine SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) floor.

02. Versatility in Design

These floors can merge well with any space in your home, be it the bathroom, bedroom, or lounge area. The versatility is fueled by digital printing and engraving technology, making it easy to precisely mimic any aesthetic or texture. The hybrid vinyl covers whether you want it to resemble stone, tile, or hardwood.

This allows you to enjoy the intended aesthetic looks of natural materials without worrying about the high costs of purchase or maintenance of the actual additions. You also have numerous ways to customize your décor scheme through the extensive array of hues and finishes.

03. Comfort and Underfoot Feel

The flooring texture and warmth has a huge influence on your comfort level while indoors. With a hybrid vinyl floor like Infused Polymer Core (IPC), you can enjoy a warmer and soft surface which feels gentle on your feet. This makes them worthy alternatives for spaces where comfort is key like bedrooms and living areas.

The best part is that this flooring allows sound pairing with any underlayment for additional insulation, which helps create spaces that are friendly to pets, kids, and seniors. You’ll also have an easy time engaging in some activities like yoga and meditation barefoot.

04. Exceptional Durability

This flooring is well-engineered to remain resilient despite many years of foot traffic. Its robustness also gives it resistance to scratches, stains, and moisture damage. The Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) type is a good example, as it resembles hardwood but has more durability. It doesn’t warp or smell in humid conditions, preserving your interior’s serenity and comfort.

The mechanical advantage makes them a great fit for any heavy foot traffic spaces. You’ll have a stunning appearance for a long time without seeing signs of wear and tear. This makes them ideal for commercial spaces and busy household areas like the living room and kitchen.

05. Eco-Friendliness

Even though hybrid vinyl falls in the synthetic class, it’s much eco-friendly which makes your home greener. The manufacturing doesn’t involve any tree harvesting or energy-intensive processes like in the making of ceramic tiles. Instead, these flooring types, such as Wood Plastic Composite (WPC), are made from PVC and recycled wood.

The flooring also has low volatile organic compound (VOC) content and adhesives, leading to a healthier living environment. On the other hand, the Infused Polymer Core (IPC) type exhibits modern features that prevent any escaping, guaranteeing good air quality.

06. Waterproof Properties

For spaces more prone to spills and moisture, opting for a hybrid vinyl type like Engineered Plastic Core (EPC) can be helpful. These types of vinyl are highly impermeable, shielding them from water damage that can lower a floor’s structural integrity.

This makes them suitable for the laundry, kitchen and bathroom areas. When having an outdoor kitchen, this material can also be instrumental in keeping the space resistant to weather elements. The EPC floor also guarantees lighter construction compared to options like limestone.


Hybrid vinyl flooring is becoming a favorite among property owners due to mechanical and chemical resilience and ease of customization. These floors are also for anyone with an eye on sustainability. As you’re considering this material for your flooring needs, it’s still important to invest in quality.

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