Best Ideas to Create a Rooftop Gazebo

Spending some moments of solace under the sky seems like a breath of fresh air particularly when you lead a monotonous and busy life otherwise. Without proper seating arrangement, you cannot stay on the rooftop for long and that is why you need to invest in a proper gazebo or pergola. What makes these gazebos so useful is that it is a relaxing spot not only for you as a homeowner but also lets you have dinner or host a party. This will make sure that scorching heat, rain, snow or other natural occurrences do not deter your relaxation.

Gazebos can be a DIY project if you know the techniques of welding, glass installation, woodwork or other necessary skills related to the setup. However, it is better to leave the job in the hand of the professionals as they will help you choose the proper material and design suitable for your home and budget.

Here are some rooftop gazebo designs for your home.

Rooftop Gazebo Designs

01. Open Air Setting Gazebo

Open Air Setting Gazebo

The easiest gazebo to put up will be an open-air setup. You might think that an open-air gazebo does not require any installation, but there will be a shaded area with a wooded, metal or foliage setup that can be used for having meals, entertainments or some quiet pursuits. That being said, there are also options where al-fresco dining and relaxation is a choice. All you need is to get some chairs or couches with a table, or just lay a floor rug with some cushions. This option is suitable for those areas where the weather remains sunny and predictable.

02. Wooden Roofed Pergola

Wooden Roofed Pergola

Another affordable choice of pergola, wooden roofed setups will add warmth and can be useful to provide some shade under the sun or in chilly weather. You can either create the gazebo like a log cabin with wooden poles as walls and roof or just have an open-air setup with a wooden roof.

Well, the patio is also one solution to relax at your home. And patio’s roof can be made in various materials. To know more in detail about these materials, check this blog.

a) Symmetrical Planks and Bars with Space:

Symmetrical Planks and Bars with Space

Quite common among wooden gazebos, this gazebo design is created by placing wooden bars or planks in a symmetrical pattern leaving the same space between each. It is further made durable with a wooden frame holding the corners of these planks or bars and often planks are added diagonally to add more strength.

b) Solid Wooden Roof With Pillars:

Solid Wooden Roof With Pillars

If you want more durability than the above option, go for a solid roof that is created in a similar way of creating roofs for wooden cottages. These will last a lifetime and will stand straight with the wooden pillars. You can even sleep under this gazebo!

c) Wooden Frame With Fabric Roof:

Wooden Frame With Fabric Roof

For an easy-breezy vibe, you can opt for the wooden pillared gazebos with a fabric roof. Generally, white or light-colored fabric is used so that the sunlight is reflected back and the interior remains cool, although you can use vibrant or dark colored fabric too for added warmth.

d) Wooden Frame With Foliage Roof:

Wooden Frame With Foliage Roof

If the above option gives you the vibe of a Mediterranean beachside, the foliage roofed gazebo will take you to the countryside with abundant greenery. If you live in a concrete jungle, a touch of greenery with vines and creepers for roof supported by wooden pillars will be a great choice.

03. Glass Roof Gazebo

Although on the pricey side, the glass-roofed and walled gazebos will look most elegant for hosting parties. If you live in a metropolitan area, the glass gazebo on the rooftop will add a classy touch and help you to see the sky through the roof. Imagine how beautiful it will look to sleep under a starlit sky!

a) Glass Roof With Solid Metal Or Wooden Frame:

Glass Roof With Solid Metal Or Wooden Frame

Just like greenhouses, this gazebo idea comes with single or multiple sheets of glass held together by a metal frame and wooden or metal pillars. Often wood and metal are combined together for making the roof more durable.

b) Glass Wall With Tin or Metal Roof:

Glass Wall With Tin or Metal Roof

Go for glass walls with a tin roof or metal frames for a unique look. This option lets you hang potted plants from the roofs. If you live in a cold area, this can be a good choice.

c) Full Glass Gazebo:

You need an efficient glassworker to install a full glass gazebo because these can be fragile if poor quality glass is used. You can choose stained or patterned glass to add some drama.

04. Cane Gazebo with Thatched Roof

Feel like sitting in an orchard with a gazebo having cane walls and a thatched roof. This option is efficient for areas where the temperature is high as the thatch keeps the interior cool. The canes are properly bound together like in a fence and often bamboo or hard wooden bar is used for support. The roof is kept in place with wooden beams or bamboo poles just like you see in the countryside.

05. Bamboo Gazebo with Wooden Pillars and Frames

Use green or dried bamboo poles to create a strong and natural gazebo that looks like the cottages on the mountain side. The roof is created by arranging poles side by side and is framed with wooden beams. You can either use wooden pillars or use some tall thick bamboo poles to keep the roof steady. Some rustic elements like terracotta décor pieces, wind chimes and earthen pots can be kept at the gazebo to complete the look. And yes, these rustic elements can be a good conversation starter while having a guest.

06. Laid-back Gazebo with Fabric Shade and Foliage Elements

Laid-back Gazebo with Fabric Shade and Foliage Elements

A comfy and easy-breezy setup can be created by adding a fabric piece as roof held on four sides by crisscrossed wooden or bamboo poles. Suitable for mild weather conditions, this gazebo is one of the cheapest options you can try. If you want to showcase your plants, use climbers on four sides with support and make the roof with creepers growing on a cane fence or a net. Keep as many potted plants as you want in and around the gazebo.

07. Rooftop Gazebos with Parasols and Awnings

Rooftop Gazebos with Parasols and Awnings

Those living near the beaches will find parasols easily and converting that for the roof will let you have meals under an umbrella. Put a table through which the parasol stand can pass through and add some chairs around. You can also go for an awning if the parasol seems small for your gathering.


The gazebos should be chosen according to the budget and the climate of the area you live in. This will be your safe place to enjoy some relaxation and therefore, adding the elements of your choice is up to you.

Besides rooftop gazebo designs, we have some patio designs ideas for your home. Have an inspirational tour by clicking below:

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