What Type of Illumination Required for Any Work Place?

Lighting is a fundamental provision for any workplace. It is preferable to provide uniform illumination over the whole workplace by combining both natural and artificial lighting.

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In occupations, where the visual demands are small, the levels of illumination derived from a criterion of visual performance alone maybe too low to satisfy the other requirements. For such situations, therefore recommended illumination are based on standards of welfare, safety and amenity judged appropriate to the occupations; they are also sufficient to give these tasks brightness which ensured that the visual performance exceeds the specified minimum.

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There are special circumstances associated with the occupation; it is recommended that the illuminance of all working areas within a building should generally be 150 LUX, even though the visual demands of the occupation might be satisfied by lower values.

Where work takes place over the whole utilizable area of room, the illumination over that area should be logically uniform and it is recommended that the uniformity ratio (minimum illuminance divided by average illuminance levels) should be not less than 0.7 for the working area.

poor-lighting-in workplace-should be avoided
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Poor lighting should have to be avoided in work place as it affects performance and health of the worker and also increases the poor visibility which leads to errors.  Moreover, natural working posture may not be possible under poor lighting, thus resulting in musculoskeletal strain.

Recommended light level in different workspaces are as follows:


Illumination (lux, lumen/m2 )

Public areas with the dark surroundings 20 – 50
Simple orientation for the short visits 50 – 100
Working areas where the visual tasks are only occasionally performed 100 – 150
Warehouses, Theaters, Homes, Archives 150
Easy Office Work, Classes 250
Normal Office Work, PC Work, Groceries, Show Rooms, Study Library, Laboratories 500
Office Landscapes, Supermarkets, Mechanical Workshops 750
Operation Theatres, Normal Drawing Work, Detailed Mechanical Workshops 1000
Detailed Drawing Work, Very Detailed Mechanical Works 1500 – 2000
Performance of visual tasks of low contrast & very small size for prolonged periods of time 2000 – 5000
Performance of very prolonged & exacting visual tasks 5000 – 10000
Performance of very special visual tasks of extremely low contrast and small size 10000 – 20000






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