Important Disciplines of Building Physics

Building science and building technology have rapidly developed in the last decade. Problems or even damage due to condensation, high costs of energy for heating and cooling or poor sound insulation have arisen due to neglect of a proper appreciation of building physics.

Building physics includes the phenomena of heat (energy), moisture and humidity, air, acoustics, fire and daylight which may occur in the interior of rooms, in building and structural components and in the environment (physics in urban environment).

Building physics is also important for professional to acquire a knowledge to integrate & develop the design methods which lead to a comfortable, healthy, sustainable & productive indoor & outdoor environment.

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Following are the aspects that the Designer / Architect has to take into account while designing a house:

Moisture & Humidity:
  • Problems of waterproofing / weatherproofing and humidity protection against all forms of moisture from outside, inside, below and within the building envelope.
  • Planning of natural illumination, insulation and natural colours in buildings.
  • Problems of air infiltration and air transport in the building envelope with respect to energy loss and indoor climate.
  • Problems of achieving high natural ventilation rates in warm-humid countries.
  • Calculation, planning and execution of necessary heat protection measures in buildings.
  • Possibilities of energy conservation and application of “alternative energies”, renewable energy.
  • Planning and execution of noise and vibration control from outside, between and within the buildings.
  • Problems of room acoustics.
  • Transposition of existing laws and regulations for the protection of life, health and property into planning and construction.
Urban Environment Physics:
  • Problems of environmental changes due to buildings and constructions.
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