9 Ways to Increase the Level of Privacy for Your Home and Garden!

In the crowded modern world, most of us are constantly surrounded by people at work, school, and even when we are enjoying entertainment. As a result, we tend to view our homes as retreats, where we can relax and tune out the noise. The problem is that most homes are built close to neighbours or passersby. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you have to move to a rural area to get some peace. It is possible to turn a home into the refuge you need with just a few modifications.

Home and Garden’s Privacy Ideas

Before proceeding towards the ideas for home and garden privacy, let me ask you why do you want an enclosure?

It is the nature of humans to peep into others’ homes, especially neighbours and passerby. Enclosure with the help of garden walls, fences or windows provides a sense of security and privacy. They are great to define patio spaces and other areas. Just with the right amount of open space, the visual barriers add a sense of mystery to a stunning view in the distance for your homes.

Hence, they enhance privacy and define space and borders. They help to improve your front yard and backyard. Here are some of the ways which will help to prevent the neighbours and passerby to peep in your house and increase your home’s privacy:

01. Professionally Tinted Windows with Security Film

Textured Tinted Windows for Homes

Tinting home windows is a quick and easy way to add a barrier between your private life and prying eyes. Some companies supply and install Decorative Window Film that increases curb appeal while preventing anyone from seeing into the home. It does not stop light from coming in or block your view of the outdoors. Some popular options include a mirror and reflective metallic films. White opaque, clear frost and blackout films are also good choices.

02. Plant Trees and Shrubs

Hedges and Shrubs for Privacy
Green Garden walls for outdoor Patio

Trees and shrubs make your home and garden more appealing and increase privacy. Professional landscape designers routinely add evergreen trees to properties when customers want natural, gentle-looking barriers. According to home advisers at Bankrate, landscape specialists can use computer-aided design to create the plantings that will provide the most privacy. They often add full grown-trees and match them with designs according to leaf size, height, and density of branching.

Planting a mix of deciduous and evergreen trees, hedges, and shrubs create a natural look when you group them in odd numbers.

03. Install a Sturdy Privacy Fence

White Sturdy Privacy Fence for homes

The right fence will increase privacy and security. Home design specialists at House Beautiful suggest options like bamboo or slatted wood fences. As written by ‘Philip Schmidt’ (Published in The Complete Guide to Garden Walls & Fences, Black & Decker), the best feature of bamboo is its appearance. Bamboo fencing is commonly available in eight-foot long panels made from similarly sized canes held together with external or internal wires. They can be ordered in any height and built to block the view into your yard. Contractors also offer a range of man-made products like vinyl fencing that can replicate the look of natural materials.

04. Add a Permanent Wall

Decorative stone Wall

You may want to add a decorative stone or concrete wall along your property line or in the back yard. It usually costs more to add a wall than a fence, but concrete and stone last longer than most fence materials. As a bonus, walls can also help correct property drainage issues and prevent soil erosion.

As written by ‘Philip Schmidt’ in his book The Complete Guide to Garden Walls & Fences, Black & Decker, building vertically with poured concrete introduces a whole new dimension. In any setting, a poured concrete wall offers clean, sleek lines and reassuringly robust presence. Leaving the wall exposed displays its natural colour and texture.

05. Consider Building a Courtyard

Courtyard House

If you genuinely want a refuge that is all your own, consider extending your patio or backyard wall and turning them into a complete courtyard. You can add trellises, plants, an outdoor kitchen, or even a fountain.

06. Cover Windows with Drapes and Shades

Opaque Brown Curtains in monochromatic themed Home

Your indoor window coverings do more than just decorating rooms. You can choose opaque shades or curtains that ensure complete privacy when they are pulled. Of course, that also means you cannot see outdoors, but it is an affordable solution.

07. Alter Home Window Placement

If you are remodelling, you might consider having a contractor change the location of windows that make privacy difficult. It is a big project and the last resort for most homeowners but could be the ideal option if you are planning a significant renovation anyway.

08. Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens for outdoors
Vertical gardens for indoors

Just to name a few, vertical gardens go by many different names like living green walls, live walls and moss walls and many more. Vertical gardens create a beautiful centrepiece to your spaces, be it interiors or exteriors. They help the natural flow to your environment if kept indoors. Exterior green walls have the advantage of having direct sunlight that makes them strive.

As put up by ‘ambius’, in their blog (What are vertical gardens?), “a vertical garden is a technique used to grow plants on a vertically suspended panel by using hydroponics. These unique structures can either be freestanding or attached to a wall.”

Vertical gardens have been used ever since ancient civilizations; many modern vertical gardens can last for decades. The first vertical garden dates back to 2500 years before credited to the Hanging Garden of Babylon’s in Mesopotamia. It was listed in one of the seven wonders of the world. The gardens are awe-inspiring with exotic flowerbeds and flourishing plants.

09. Pergola with an Outdoor Patio

Pergola with an Outdoor Patio

A pergola is an ideal solution to complement an outdoor space. With the correct planning, a pergola can create a new living space combining the best of indoors and outdoors. They are an excellent way to add shade and privacy and create a transitional area, thus preserving a sense of openness to the sky and above.

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There are many ideas to increase your home’s privacy and turn it into a retreat. Options include adding trees, stone walls, a courtyard, or fencing. You can also have your windows expertly tinted, use privacy shades and drapes, or even have a contractor alter a window’s placement. Sunshine and warm temperatures invite you and your family to spend a day outdoors. Enhancing privacy is of utmost importance for preventing your neighbours and passerby to peep in your home.

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