How to Insulate Sliding Glass Door?

Insulating Sliding Glass Door

Gone are the old days, when wooden doors were a symbol of luxury and status. With varieties of glass with excellent properties available in the market, glass doors and windows are very popular. Further to save on space, sliding glass doors are more in use. Even though you might have used the perfect type of glass, its insulation is must to maintain and increase its efficiency.

Having a sliding glass door in your house would mean a lot of vulnerability of your property. Glass poorly conducts heat, and it ensures efficient sunlight and heat supply in all your rooms during the summer. However, to increase the efficiency of your sliding door, you need to insulate it so that energy loss is minimized. In this case, you need to know about how to insulate sliding glass door.

Ways for Insulating Sliding Glass Door

Below are some of the effective ways in which you can insulate sliding glass door and keep the temperature of your house favorable at all times:

01. Vacuuming Sliding Glass Door Tracks

Vacuuming of Sliding Glass Door Track

Whenever you walk through the door in and out of your house, debris and other dust particles are left behind, and these particles easily get into the door tracks. Thereafter, the door will run over the debris on the track when it is closed or opened. As a result, drafts will be slightly getting in through the bottom of the door. Regular vacuuming is, therefore, necessary to keep away the debris and prevent their buildup in the tracks. Go deal now 24hr to safeguard your door tracks.

02. Using Rubber Compression Strips to Insulate Sliding Glass Door

Using Rubber Compression Strip for Insulating Sliding Glass Door

The rubber compression strips will excellently seal sliding glass door and carry out effective air and waterproofing. These strips can be cut into any length that will fit on your sliding glass door, and this should, therefore, not be a problem for you. The rubber compression strips are moisture and air resistant, and they cannot contract even during the cold temperatures. They are made of airproof seals, and you never have to worry about drafts.

03. Using Weatherstripping on Sliding Glass Door

Use Weather Stripping for Insulating Sliding Glass Door

Weatherstripping your sliding glass door will help keep the house warm by preventing the cold air from getting inside and the warm air from escaping to the outside. It seals the whole house in such a way that even the cold winter will not have any effect on the temperature within your house or your rooms. Installing door weatherstripping between your sliding doors will ensure that no gap is left between the doors for airflow or drafts.

04. Use of Plastic Window Insulator Kits

Use Plastic Window Kits to Insulate Sliding Glass Door

These plastic window insulator kits shrink upon exposure to heat, therefore utilizing shrink-wrap. Regardless of your sliding door’s size, this plastic sheeting can be cut into several lengths to fit your door perfectly. You also need a double-sided tape to secure the plastic on the door frame so that it remains intact and in position. Homeowners with Sunrooms Miami use a hairdryer to heat the surface so that the plastic sheeting shrinks. The shrinking and tightening of the plastic sheeting result in the creation of a barrier that has high energy efficiency.


Insulating sliding glass door is a very energy effective measure. It will help maintain the temperature of your house even during the hot or cold seasons. Any or all of the options above can justify the successful insulation of your sliding glass door. You, therefore, need to contact professionals who can easily handle the insulation so as to improve the energy efficiency of your house.

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