What is an Intercepting Trap?

The trap can be defined as fittings at the end of soil pipes or waste pipes to stop foul gasses (odour) coming out of the soil pipe or waste pipe.

It is a part of the drainage (sanitary) system. It is developed or designed such that it retains a small quantity of waste water from the discharge of fitting to which it is attached as a barrier to prevent foul gasses or air entering the building.

Intercepting trap:

Intercepting trap is provided in to the Interceptor Manhole (Interceptor Chamber). An Interceptor manhole is provided at the intercept of building sewer and Public sewer.

Intercepting trap is provided to prevent the foul gases entering in to the building sewer by providing water seal. It has deep water seal of 100 mm depth and it also prevents entry of bugs and insects from sewer line to building sewer.

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Bottle Trap:

A bottle trap is provided to receive waste water from washbasin, kitchen sinks and other appliances where the appliances do not have built-in it trap. The bottle traps are normally cast in one piece in brass with copper content not less than 56 percent and then chromium plated or nickel-plated. It is also manufactured in PVC. Bottle traps are manufactured in 32mm/40mm diameter size and it is a general practice to provide internal threads on the inlet traps, and to facilitate connections to the waste couplings (bodies), use of inlet tailpipes and coupling nut. External threads are provided on the outlet in case of screwed outlet traps for connection to waste pipes.

  • Brass Bottle Trap
  • PVC Bottle Trap

P, Q, and S Traps:

P, Q, and S traps are classified according to their shape. They essentially consist of U – Tube which retains water acting as seal between the foul gas and atmosphere.

These traps are largely used for baths, sinks and lavatories. In such cases they are made with enlarged mouth so that the waste pipe may be thoroughly flushed out. But in these traps full bore of trap is not interfered with by the discharge. These traps are made of ordinary circular sections.

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