Ultimate List of Interior Design Styles for your Home Interior!

Are you looking to refurbish your home interior style this year? Not sure where to start? Searching for some inspiration?

Wonder which interior design style should I choose?

Which interior style will look good in that space?

Which interior style do I like?

Which interior style will I feel comfortable with?

You really don’t know which interior style is yours and what change you need? Well, Gharpedia will clear all your confusion and answer your questions!

Interior design comes in a range of formats and formulas, sometimes utterly distinct and sometimes subtle of differences. Yet each style presents its own flavour, finish and experience that deliver space into unique chapters of inspiration, history and creative endeavour!

There are apparently numerous interior design styles, each with its own slight variations, and it can be difficult to tell the difference between them like contemporary and modern styles, for example. This interior design styles guide will break down some of the most popular & recognizable design styles into their basic elements, teach you how to replicate them in your own home & even share a bit of the history behind a look!

Here we have listed the 10 interior design styles (in an alphabetical order starting from “A” ) & will add more to the list over time! Feel free to use this list of common design styles as a starting point for your decorating project!

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10 Types of Interior Design for your Home Interior!

01. Abstract Interior Design Style:

The abstract home interior design focuses on unique architectural elements, such as asymmetrical doorways and home furnishings.

It is similar to the modern or contemporary design in that it utilises clean lines. Though abstract style also incorporates chaotic aspects to offer a fresh & unique perspective.

The furniture pieces are asymmetrical. For example, You might see a geometric diamond shaped pendant that casts abstract lighting throughout the interior.

Bold colours, such as yellows, blues, oranges, greens, etc, are used. Black can be used as a contrasting element to create a striking statement.

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02. American Colonial Interior Design Style:

American style combines the characteristics of traditional and rustic home interior style while incorporating historically inspired elements.

The aesthetic draws on styles and trends from the 1600s to 1800s and often contains subdued muted colours, & vintage finishes like oil-rubbed bronze!

Fabrics and wallpaper feature a toile design (The French patterned cotton fabric known as toile de Jouy got its start in 1760 at a textile factory in the village of Jouy-en-Josas, southwest of Paris), which was popular during the colonial era!

Furniture was handmade & custom-made which intricate carvings & design elements like flourishes are imprinted & are inspired by the early American frontier!

Handcrafted copper & brass lanterns, chandeliers &  wall sconces give an old world feel to American Colonial interiors!

Courtesy - grandviewriverhouse

03. Amish Interior Design Style:

Just like the lifestyle of the Amish people, this home design aesthetic is modest, simple & straightforward with an emphasis on the functionality!

Amish furniture relies on the woodworking of craftsmen to build kitchen cabinetry & other useful home furniture’s.

Homes are often filled with neutral tones, such as greys, blacks, whites & browns.

Gaslight fixtures are popular in Amish homes. Authentic materials such as iron, copper & tin are used to craft pendants & wall sconces.

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04. Arabian Interior Design Style:

The Arabic homes are full of details with a lot of luxurious furniture. Ornate patterns, valances on windows, silk & velvet fabrics for furniture covers, a variety of metallic lamp shades are characteristics of Arabian style!

Mosaic patterns are frequently implemented into rugs, curtains & wallpaper to create a decorative appearance!

Neutral is a base colour, while warm & strong hues like -Red, orange & yellow are very common for interiors & ornate colours like gold, silver, turquoise & emerald green, works well with modern Arabic look!

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05. Art Deco Interior Design Style:

The Art Deco interior style was developed following World War I, to offer people a new style for a new era. It uses sharp lines, geometry & bold colour palettes. Featuring rounded fronts, mirrored accents, sleek lines & wood furniture with chrome hardware & glass tops!

Art Deco lighting was wide-ranging including ceiling lights, floor lamps, table lamps & wall lamps.

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06. Art Moderne Interior Design Style:

The mid-century interior style combines the modernity with minimalism. The key to art moderne is simplicity, decorative patterns are rare!

Unlike art deco, art moderne homes feature a white colour palette, & relies on smooth surfaces with little decorative detailing.

Doorways, windows & other architectural elements come with curved corners.

Furniture is stripped down and typically emulates a sense of motion with pieces like tiered tables. Floor &  table lamps are popular light fixtures with frosted glass & shades are circular!


07. Art Nouveau Interior Design Style:

The art nouveau interior style is similar to art deco. It features decorative detailing combined with contemporary characteristics!

However, this aesthetic is defined by flowing lines, rather than strict, geometric shapes.

Door & window frames, along with furniture all have elegantly curved edges to mimic the curvy lines found in vines & flowers.

Other elements of art nouveau design style include floral patterns, oriental rugs, stained glass windows, wrought iron light fixtures & staircase railings.

Lighting is typically made up of hand-blown glass or semi-precious stones & incorporates natural elements like birds, vines, branches & florals.

08. Artisan Interior Design Style:

Warm colours, rough textures & rustic finishes are all included in artisan interior design.

Materials & finishes are all of the high quality & embraced for their craftsmanship & detailing.

Rich wood cabinets, oil-rubbed bronze faucets & hammered surfaces play a role in creating an artisan home!

Fabrics & rugs are floral & colourfull abstract patterns are used. Artisan homes can feature anything from handcrafted pendant chandeliers to a table lamp with a blown glass vase!

09. Arts & Crafts Interior Design Style:

Arts & Crafts interior design borrows interior elements from some different styles, including art nouveau & artisan!

Handcrafted furniture, rich wood trim made of mahogany or oak tree, stained glass & backsplash ceramic tile are all items that make up this interior design!

The total feeling of naturalism, this style has a colour palette that is typically earth-inspired & includes browns, dusty oranges, grey with a slightly brown shade & sage greens.

The key to the Arts & Crafts interior style is built-in elements. Kitchen cabinets, shelving, benches, bookcases & light fixtures are typically built into the walls to blend well with the architecture & create the unity all over the home interior!

Lighting is usually made up of warm tones like hammered copper or bronze..

10. Asian Interior Design Style:

Asian interior style is sometimes called as Oriental design, which showcases some prominent Eastern societies!

A subset of contemporary style, Asian interiors style focuses on clean, sleek lines & beautiful shapes. It often gives-off a peaceful, serene feel.

In Asian-style homes, you will notice a reference to nature, wood & concrete tile, pebble backsplashes, decorative greenery & stone sinks!

Asian inspired homes focus on multipurpose furniture often used to conceal storage, which makes it a useful style for small spaces. Ottomans & benches that open up to reveal space for the organisation are common in Asian households. Chairs & sofas are adorned with silk pillows in a variety of patterns & colours.

An Asian theme interior is genuinely complete only with vibrant accent hues that stand out when placed in a calm, neutral setting! The lovely pinks of cherry blossoms, ravishing reds & rich purples are all an integral part of the Oriental style!

Light fixtures are sleek & practical as furniture! Table lamps complete room with elaborate patterns!

Hope this article is helpful in getting you started on your project! Remember that the best interior architects will frequently bridge different styles together, so liberate your mind & approach your design from creative angles!

Tell us what you think? Which is your favourite interior style & why? Share your experiences in the Comment section below!

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