Inverter AC System: Know its Pros & Cons!

Inverter AC System:

The inverter is a new concept in AC that is available in only split AC unit and not in window AC. Are you confused, which is better? Well, launching a new product in any system comes with a lot of confusions and misconceptions.

You might have heard about Inverter AC system and how they are competing with the split AC in the market. Here are some fun facts about Inverter AC unit before you misjudge the new concept of AC!

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We all know how a split AC unit works with it two units. The compressor of the outdoor AC unit supplies refrigerant to the indoor  AC unit. The fan in the indoor AC unit blows cool air by passing through the refrigerant. The motor of the unit cuts off and on, on achieving the temperature of the thermostat. So in other words, the motor saves power by shutting off. The motor then restarts consuming more power.

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To avoid consuming power at every starting of the motor, Inverters have motors that do not shut off or on, but vary the speed as per the requirement. In Invertor ACs, the motor consumes more power initially to start and to achieve the thermostat temperature. On achieving the required temperature, the motor slowdowns, but keeps working maintaining the thermostat temperature. So instead of completely shutting off, the motor controls the rotating speed. Hence power consumption reduces to half as motor works at very slow speed.


If during the night AC is working for 8 hours, the temperature of the room will deviate less as there will be less to and fro movement from the door. Now, if we have our ordinary split AC, the AC will cut off in every 15 mins in an ideal situation. So, for around  32 times the motor will consume power to restart the compressor. While in case of Inverter AC unit, the AC will be consuming more power in initial 15minutes and then for rest of hours, it will be maintaining the temperature by working at a slow speed.
Concluding from this, Inverter ACs are more efficient when we use for a long duration.
For the situations where Inverter AC System will not work:

  • For very small rooms with size less than 110 sqft.
  • For space where the use of AC unit is less than 2 hours.

Pros/Advantages of Inverter AC System:

01. Consumes Less Power:

The motor running at low speed saves the electricity bill by 30-50%.

02. Quiet AC Units:

Since the motors run at a low speed, these are very silent in comparison to our conventional split ACs.

03. Cools Faster:

Inverter AC unit works more efficiently on startup, reducing the time to cool the room by 30%.

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04. Less Varying  Temperature:

The room has less fluctuation of temperature as the ACs aims to maintain the temperature and doesn’t cuts off.

05. Works on Low Load:

The ACs can work on a Solar panel, as they are low power consuming units. These are better in saving fuel when they are running on generators.

06. Safe on Household Wiring:

The inverter ACs do not overload making it safe for the rest of household wiring.

Cons/Disadvantages of Inverter AC System:

01. Costly:

The initial cost of the ACs are high, anyway after a long run, it will payback by cost cutting on our electricity bills!

02. Fewer Technicians:

These belong to a new technology system. In case of repair or issue, they will demand skilled or knowledgeable technicians for solving the issues.

03. Costly Internal Parts:

Since the ACs maintains the temperature by controlling the speed of the motor, it consists of more movable parts within the AC unit. These parts are costly and many times not available in the companies.
Due to numerous benefit of an Inverter AC system, it is proving to be a money saver by recovering the extra money spent initially on AC. I am sure with time there would be enough technicians for such AC units!
If each house and office use Inverter AC units, imagine the electricity we can save every day for our city and for the nation! In other words, it is a saving of millions of fossil fuels for our future generations!
Hence, “Go Green” and use the Inverter AC for the sake of Mother Earth and save thousands of hectares from deforestation! Share your experiences!

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