This Holiday Season, Make Christmas Tree ‘Invisible’

The Christmas season is quickly approaching, and many people are considering ways to decorate their Christmas trees. While decorating the tree is a fun activity in and of itself, you may have wondered how to stand out from the crowd. If that is your thought, we recommend that you simply remove the tree!

Well, Christmas is incomplete without a Christmas tree, and removing the tree will leave a void that no other décor element can fill. As a result, when we say “ditch the tree,” we mean “replace it with something creative and breathtakingly beautiful.”

This holiday season, how about making an ‘invisible Christmas tree’?

Isn’t that absurd? So, let’s play with illusion and make a floating Christmas tree that will only add sparkle to your celebration.

If you complete this task, you will undoubtedly receive many compliments. Make this your DIY project just before Christmas.

How to Make a Floating Christmas Tree With Ornaments?

All you have to do is hang some baubles/tinsels/ornaments from the ceiling in the shape of a tree, and there you have it, your very own invisible tree/floating Christmas tree ready to drop jaws!

Things You Need for DIY Invisible Christmas Tree

Things for DIY invisible Christmas tree
  • Christmas balls/ other ornaments (you can take it a notch higher and try your hands on used bulbs or glass bottles too)
  • Nylon strings/fishing line
  • Circular corkboard or cardboard
  • Clear stickpins
  • Hooks and screws


1. To begin with, cut the corkboard into a circle of the desired size if your corkboard is not circular.

Circular cut corkboard

2. Draw concentric circles on the board, all equidistant. Place the stick pins on these circles strategically, maintaining a two-inch gap.

Concentric circles with pins

3. Fix the fishing line to each of the stick pins. The length of the threads can be touching the floor as of now. This can be trimmed off once the look is completed.

Hang fishing lines from pins

4. Once all the stickpins carrying the fishing line are in place, insert the ornaments on the fishing line.

Hang star at the centre

5. Start from the center with the ornament you have chosen to top the tree. Suspend it 12 inches or so from the board.  Gradually, as you move to the outer circles, make sure the ornaments are placed far from the center point. Remember, the greater the space between rows, the more elongated the final look will be.

Hang other Christmas ornaments

6. Once the assembling is done, you can take the corkboard to the desired location and drill it to the ceiling. As this tree is suspended from the ceiling, it is sometimes called suspended Christmas tree.

Hang suspended Christmas tree from the ceiling


Your invisible Christmas tree is now ready to spread happiness. Of course, you can enhance the look with miniature lighting, but this is optional. Even without any additional decorations, the tree will speak for itself.

The tree can be hung from any point of your choice. This floating tree is here to attract a lot of attention, no matter where it is placed, and it can even go over the dinner table.

Give it a try, and let us know what your guests say about it.

We have also created an infographic, which compiles this article and is easy for you to save. Please click on the link below:

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