“IoT Integration” – Smart Building: Is It Changing The Way We Live!

Internet of Things (IoT) is a giant network of connected objects and people all of which collect and share data about the way they are used and about the environment around them!

The initiation of the Internet of things – “IoT integration” is affecting the way the green and smart buildings are getting connected with various stakeholders throughout the world! IoT data are used to generate a network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances for buildings that are embedded with electronics, sensors, softwares, and network connectivity that enables to collect & exchange data.

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IoT Integration - Smart Buildings
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Due to the rapid deployments of cost-effective IoT data acquisition devices and the IoT integration of IT & traditional home automation and security controls are changing the industry of facilities management up to a different level!

The Integrated sensing systems & home automation and security – technologies used in smart buildings help to bring modern conveniences to workers & residents.

For example, let us take one scenario in which the “IoT integration” or Integrated Sensing System play a role in daily routine life – An employee grabs his briefcase off the counter & gets in the car. Due to traffic navigation thruway, an alert in his phone directs him to the closet parking space at the office building. The facial recognition technology lets him into the building (smart building) without a badge. He picks up his pre-ordered coffee off the bar & sees the alert on his phone indicating his meeting in a conference room.  There is always cold at that place, but since the room knows who will be attending, it preemptively warms the space to a comfortable temperature. This is how smartly it works!

“A smart building responds to the occupants needs in the context of his environment” explained by Sunita Shenoy, the Director of Products at Intel.

While the building adjusts the air conditioning, heating & lighting, and is connected to community areas, the external spaces like parking garages help the person productively with the IoT data to get through the day.

Smart homes/buildings can save the energy costs because there is no risk of leaving the lights or appliances ON when occupant leave for a long weekend or an overactive air conditioning unit blasting cold air in winter!

For example, In a traditional building, an owner might not find out the water leakage in the basement for approx ten days! Then it is a costly fix! But if they had a smart building, due to IoT integration, the mechanism would alert the owner that the water piping is getting old, allowing the owner to fix the equipment before a problem occurs!

As concern for home and family security, while purchasing a home, it is vital for builders and developers to invest in smart home automation and security technology. Studies had revealed that the use of IoT data enabled devices are expected to increase significantly! Hence, with the rapid growth of the internet of things (IoT), this level of home automation has become a reality!

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