8 Easy Tips to Keep Warm Home in this Winter

Insulating home will help to keep it warm in winter and cool in summer, and will also save money on heating and cooling bills. Use simple household tools to keep your home warmer. The cost of keeping warm home in winter need not be high. There are some different ways to keep warm home even though you may not have a heater.

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Here are simple tips for keeping your home warm for little or no extra cost.

01. Use of Curtains

Open your curtains during the day to make use of this free heat. In the evening, close your curtains, which act as another layer of insulation and keep warmth in your rooms. If you are staying in a particularly in the cold home, cold geographic area and cold climate than use insulated curtains.

02. Keep Furniture Away from Vents:

Many time furniture is arranged in front of heating vents. See that vents do not block the flow of hot air. If vents are blocked than move your furniture, at least for the winter.

03. Reduce the Stack Effect:

The stack effect is the movement of air in and out of the homes and other buildings essentially to create a large scale chimney. The rising warm air when pulled up, the cool air from the outside through any gap that it can find will enter. This pulled cool air make home chilled. Hence it is necessary to seal gaps to stop entry of cool air.

04. Utilize Space Heater:

The space heater is superior equipment that keeps individual rooms warm but this equipment is dangerous during use. The danger is that they are a high-risk fire hazard.

05. Use of Carpet:

Carpet is a floor covering material which is available in the variety of pattern and colour. Carpet will help to control heat losses from the floor and make the room warmer.

06. Cover Front Door:

Cover front door and surrounding wall with a thick lined door curtain which will eliminate a little heat loss.

07. Heat from Fire Place:

If the fire place is there in your home, you can heat the home by lighting the fire, if there is no fireplace, you must install it, in cold climate.

08. Double Glazing:

Use sheets of plexiglass or heavy plastic as double glazing, secured with strong tape. Clear plastic sheeting, stuck to windows with tape, provide instant “double glazing”. Shrink it to fit with a hair dryer, and peel it off in the summer.

Remove the vegetation and plants on your outer wall and save energy from the direct sunlight.

These tips will help to keep home warm.

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