10 Chic Kitchen Backsplash Materials

There is a lot to consider when you start a kitchen remodel, be it choosing appliances, layout or a colour scheme. But, there is one thing which you also need to focus while doing a kitchen remodel which is kitchen backsplash. It not only protects your walls above the kitchen platform, but also complements your kitchen countertop and also adds beauty to your kitchen.

There is hardly any kitchen devoid of oil, grease, cinder and food stains, no matter whether it is a simple household kitchen or that of a top-notch restaurant. Cleaning up the wall behind the cook top or stove is a daunting yet daily task after the culinary journey. Keeping the frequent cleaning in mind, many homeowners prefer dull or glossy finished tiles for backsplash that do not look pale with daily stains and are easy to clean. But, what would you do about the overall aesthetics of your kitchen? When you have chic cabinetry and a stylish modular setup, you need an equally enticing backsplash to match the look.

What is Backsplash?

Kitchen backsplash

The free space between the cabinets and racks, as well as the backdrops of the countertop and sink, are covered with tiles or other durable materials so that the kitchen gets an impressive look. Besides, if you choose the proper material, maintenance becomes easy. Earlier, most people used mosaic backsplash matching the floor colour and texture, but nowadays the trend is to create a contrast with unique colour, design, patterns and textures.

According to the shape of the kitchen, you can add backsplash to the entire kitchen or limit only above the sink or countertop. If your kitchen space is small, you can even use a backsplash to make the area look expansive.

Kitchen Backsplash Materials to Choose

However, the kitchen backsplash materials should be chosen strategically as the temperature remains higher than other rooms and it tends to get greasy easily.  Hence, Gharpedia brings you various kitchen backsplash materials to choose from for complementing your design scheme:

01. Granite Backsplash

Granite Backsplash

Due to its durability and heavy-duty nature, granite is one of the commonest materials used in kitchen backsplash, island and prep area. No matter whether your kitchen is traditionally decorated or has a contemporary flair, granite works with both. Easy cleaning and maintenance are its advantages. If budget is not an issue, install a granite backsplash that will last a lifetime and what is better, you can choose from a plethora of colour options.

02. Marble Backsplash

Marble Backsplash

While mosaic backsplashes are very conventional to look at with the colourful block patterns or stone pieces, marble slabs can add to the classy getup of the kitchen. Each marble slab has different patterns and therefore, your kitchen will not look similar to someone else’s. With higher stain and fire resistance marble is one of the best backsplash choices, although a little pricey. To prevent scratches and shipping, seal its pores regularly.

03. Glass Backsplash

Glass Backsplash

Very easy to clean and low maintenance, sheet glass backsplash adds an easy-breezy touch to the kitchen, thanks to its reflective nature. Complimenting both vintage and modern kitchen setup, glass sheets come with different thicknesses, for example, the ½ to 1-inch thick tempered glass that is too hard to break or have a scratch. It is scratch-resistant and available in large panels so that creating a streamlined effect is not an issue. Glossy or matte, textured or plain, mirrored or painted – there are many options. Besides, glass is comparatively cheap.

04. Ceramic and Porcelain Backsplash

Ceramic and Porcelain Backsplash

If marble slabs seem basic to you, there are lightweight ceramic and porcelain tiles where the later costs more but looks classier. With 3D printing technology, having your customized tiles is now an easy task. If you want the look of wood, mosaic or rocks, but do not want to choose those materials for backsplash, go for the textures and colors matching the look. Being the easiest to maintain and clean stains and grease, these are worth every penny.

05. Stainless Steel Backsplash

Stainless Steel Backsplash

The shiny stainless steel backsplashes look excellent when your kitchen has several steel cabinets or appliances with steel finish. These are not porous, but flat and sturdy with minimal thickness so that you can easily install these on the wall without looking bulky. All you need to do is keep harsh cleaning chemicals away from contact and make sure it does not get any scratch or dent.

06. Laminate Backsplash

Laminate Backsplash

From floors to walls, laminates are now widely used because of its smooth, seamless and variegated color options. The texture can be matte, glossy or grainy and you can choose from an array of colors complimenting the floor or other walls. You can choose the size of the laminate sheets instead of buying extra and make sure that no crack is formed; otherwise it can spread to other sheets.

07. Polished Plaster Backsplash

Polished Plaster Backsplash

If you can take proper precautions from accidental chipping or tearing, the polished plaster can be a great customizable option. You can not only choose polished, non-polished, smooth, rough, glossy or distressed patterns but also select any color of your choice or create a new color with different shades.

08. Vinyl Backsplash

Vinyl Backsplash

Adding vinyl wall stickers is quite a norm these days and there is no bar in choosing vinyl wall sheets as kitchen backsplash. The most cost-effective option, vinyl sheets can be peeled off and stuck on the wall or you can create your choice of patterns to be printed on vinyl sheets. Install these in a DIY approach and make sure the surface is not glossy – that being said, you can combine vinyl with granite or matte marble backsplash.

09. Composite Backsplash

Composite Backsplash

Comprising natural minerals and resin, composite backsplashes are very durable, easy to maintain and affordable. Although not much of scratch-resistant, these can be molded and customized or a seamless and unique finish. These are available in large panels and come with a glossy and smooth finish.

10. Engineered Stone Backsplash

Engineered Stone Backsplash

While natural stone is often used in combination with stainless steel backsplash, engineered stone consists of resin and crushed quartz. These will last years due to their durability and resistance from dents and heat that make sure the tiles are not damaged. Various colors and patterns are available. Although a bit costly, these are easy to clean or maintain.


The wooden backsplash is also very aesthetic to look at, but due to its inflammable nature, you should avoid installing it behind the countertop. However, between cabinets or racks, where high temperature is not much of an issue, you can use traditional wooden backsplash. While materials like stone and glass are low-maintenance, the wood used in backsplash should be sealed, polished and enhanced regularly to retain luster and durability.

Mosaic tiles are also widely used due to their affordability and artistic look. However, if you want to ditch traditional look for non-conventional yet efficient materials, choose any of the ten options or mix and match two kitchen backsplash materials.

Hope you loved the varied chic options for kitchen backsplash materials and so would you love the materials which the backsplash complements. Know about varied countertop materials perfect for your homes:

And before you take a leave from us, there are some easy money saving tips for your kitchen remodel:

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