Kitchen Hardware Trends to Floor You!

Kitchen hardware unfortunately is the most understated element in a kitchen makeover. A good thing to remember here is that the options selected in this segment can either make or break the impact that your kitchen makes alongside affecting the functionality.

You’ve shifted into a new house and have been given a free hand to do up the kitchen – budget unlimited! So you splurge on hi-tech appliances; opt for modern flooring, countertops, backsplash and cabinets… and as it all gets put up after a lot of brainstorming with the interior designer, family and the carpenters and masons you preen and give yourself a pat on the back at how sophisticated your kitchen looks. But then the designer walks up to you with a smile and informs “Hardware is left…”

You’re so drained and exhausted that the very thought of rummaging through hardware shops or surfing the internet for trendy hardware options seems like a herculean task for your already low energy levels! So you decide to opt for the easiest way out – ask the designer to pick up basic and generic hardware – this would be the biggest mistake of your life and would ruin all the stylish and aesthetic (and yes…expensive) décor that you’ve done up in your kitchen.

The Gharpedia Team tries to save you from this blunder by easing the confusion with regards to which kitchen hardware to pick up thereby enabling you to select the elements which best suit your style and add a warm and sophisticated touch to your dream kitchen.

A good thing to remember when it comes to kitchen hardware trends is that it revolves around finishes (as it is a finish only that can metamorphosis the look and feel of a kitchen) – with brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze flooring the market and other options available for those who wish to walk the less-trodden path.

So here’s sharing some market trends in kitchen hardware segment to jazz up your homely kitchen and ease your operations.

Kitchen Hardware Trends To Makeover Your Kitchen

01. Kitchen Sinks And Faucets

One of the most important zones of a kitchen is the sink – the place where you wash your veggies and fruits, sanitize your hands and groceries, clean your utensils and also where you sometimes dump your cooking disasters!  Some hot kitchen accessories to check out are –

a) Brushed Nickel Faucet:

Brushed nickel will never be out-dated; the reason being it matches practically every cabinet colour and style as well as the stainless steel appliances which are a part-and-parcel of every kitchen.

So go ahead and install a sleek and stylish brushed nickel faucet with a pull-off sprayer…trust us it won’t be too expensive!

b) Copper Sinks:

Copper sinks are back with a bang! They lend an ethnic hue to your kitchen – albeit maintaining them requires a lot of effort including a daily lemon and salt scrub but the impact they create are worth the effort!

With the skyrocketing popularity of natural elements more-and-more state-of-the-art and traditional kitchens are opting for seamless copper sinks that perfectly fit into any décor.

c) Granite And Quartz Sinks:

No one can deny the fact that natural elements create a dramatic impact. This explains why granite despite fast losing popularity as a countertop surface is a runaway hit in the kitchen sink area.  While quartz continues to triumph at kitchen sinks and at counter tops.

Opting for an under-mounted model with a sleek black finish would enable you to make a stunning statement.

d) Matte Black Faucet:

Matte Black Faucet

If making a statement is your forte then you can also opt for a matte black faucet – the kitchen hardware market has options galore when it comes to black faucets – faucets with spouts that offer a 360-degree-swivel or faucets with a pull-out spray head et al.

e) Multipurpose Workstation Sinks:

Multipurpose Workstation Sinks

This one’s for those who keep complaining of lack of counter space! These sinks double up as prep zones and also nullify the requirement of a separate dish rack. Some models in this segment offer multi-utility options as they are equipped with a colander, dish drying rack, a wood cutting board besides discharging their routine function of hosting your dirty dishes!

f) Single-Handle Faucets:

Single-Handle Faucets

Add a modern tinge to your kitchen space with a single-handle faucet with magnetic docking and a pull-out sprayer…a perfect combination of style and functionality.

02. Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

The next impact creating hardware in kitchen is those teeny-weeny accessories which adorn the array of your lovingly selected cabinets. Here’s sharing some practical ideas to pep up the same –

a) Exposed Screws:

After concealing the fact that drawer knobs and pulls are in reality screwed into kitchen cabinets since eternity … now the new fad is to showcase these screws in their entire glory! Karmic justice…eh! But trust us, drawer pulls and hinges with exposed screws lend an industrial and retro hue to an otherwise mundane kitchen.

b) Flat Black Finish:

Kitchen Flat Black Finish

With black being the new rage the kitchen cabinet hardware zone is also smitten by black! Flat or matte black finishes create a riveting impact on light or white cabinets … you can check this out for yourself!

c) Glass Pulls And Knobs:

Glass Pulls And Knobs

This one’s a shocker for those traditional souls who thought glass belonged to their crockery cabinet. Well sorry to say folks but glass has now stepped out from your display cabinet and wrapped itself around your cabinet knobs and pulls. Well to be honest glass was a rage at the turn of the twentieth century; then its sheen gradually faded away and it came back with a bang owing to its swanky looks and resourcefulness.

d) Gold And Copper Finishes:

Well gold and copper will never go out of fashion will they… for the simple reason that both these elements lend a rich warm tone to your kitchen.

Woman’s penchant for precious gold spills over into the kitchen cabinet drawer pulls segment too! Jokes apart, the fad these days is for gold-toned finishes i.e. rich and deep with a brushed finish. Besides formalizing your homely kitchen they are apt for both dark and light cabinets.

Albeit copper has been around since eternity but is gaining prominence in the past decade. Unlike gold copper lends an informal hue to your kitchen… homely and old-worldly types!

e) Oversized Drawer Pulls:

These are pulls which fall in the 6-21 inch range; a word of counsel – opt for the longest pulls on the vertical for tall cabinets and on the horizontal for large drawers.

Then again, the drawer that accommodates your heavy pans and pots will need pulls that are simplistic, modern and sturdy.

f) Weathered Brass And Nickel Finishes:

Giving a tough competition to the brushed nickel finishes in the kitchen zone are their cousins – weathered nickel finishes. They lend uniqueness with their dimensions and rustic hue.

Weathered brass finishes are also fast taking over the market owing to the ethnic and rich look which they lend to often drab drawers!

03. Blend Different Hardware

Blend Different Kitchen Hardware

Mix-and-match is an innovative solution for householders who weary of the same look after a while. Go ahead and set up colourful islands or alternatively (if you don’t want to shock the sensibilities of the traditional people in your house) use different colours on upper and lower cabinets.

So the next time you can grab a couple of days off from work & how about surfing the internet and having a look at these hardware options and remodelling your kitchen by fitting it out with new faucets, sink, knobs, drawer pulls et al? The benefits are multiple – it’ll give your kitchen a new and aesthetic look without costing you the moon; it won’t eat into your time; it doesn’t entail having many handymen around the kitchen which in these pandemic times is a relief; and most importantly the final outcome will ascertain more footfalls from family members into the kitchen!

Additionally, don’t miss to learn about the modular kitchen accessories for more convenient kitchen life. To learn more, go here –

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