Kitchen Island Sizes: All You Like to Know!

Generally, Island is a centrally located countertop in a kitchen that allows the access from all sides and used primarily for the food preparation and for the storage of accessories needed for cooking. Therefore, it is an elegant solution to the problem of finding usable workspace in a typical home kitchen which has adequate width space in kitchen.

Here are the Standard sizes of kitchen Island which would clearly give you the idea regarding the space required for kitchen island in your Kitchen!

Minimum Size of Kitchen Island:

Kitchen Island is an additional counter which has the multiple uses & it is only recommended for kitchen having minimum dimensions with length 4.50 meter & width 3.60 meter, which includes minimum dimension of island 1.20 meter long & little more than 0.60 meter wide.


Therefore for small kitchen, island is not an appropriate solution. It is better to plan only kitchen platform in the periphery of kitchen wall including the criteria of kitchen work triangle.

For smaller kitchens, the additional movable Islands are preferred. If there is need of island in kitchen the Foldable Kitchen Island & Portable Kitchen Island are useful when there is a mess in actual counters. After using, it can be moved to other area and can be used as storage in other rooms.

Height of Kitchen Island:

The Island countertop is usually placed at waist level or higher, with some drawers for storage of utensils-crockery, food preparation tools etc. Kitchen Island varies according to its use i.e. as a Kitchen counter, breakfast bar or table, service table, etc.

As a general use, it is used as counter and its height should be same as kitchen counter or platform 0.85 m to 0.90 m (2’-9” to 3’-0”), so that the woman who is going to use it can cook comfortably without any back problem.

If it is used for service purpose than height of island table should be 0.75 meter (30 inches) as it comfortable for kneading and rolling out atta (dough) so that one can apply more downward force.

Kitchen island-for kneading-rolling-dough

Width of Kitchen Island:

Kitchen island width varies according to its purpose. At minimum, an island should be 1.20 meter (4 feet) long and a little more than 0.60 meter (2 feet) wide or deep, but it must also have required distance for people to move and work around it.

If it is used with breakfast bar than two parallel widths should be consider one is 0.60 meter (2 feet) for counter and additional 0.30 meter (1 foot) as a breakfast bar. Therefore total 0.90 meter (3 feet) width should be considered.

Width of Kitchen island counter-breakfast bar

Space Required Around Kitchen Island:

Ideally, there should be enough space for a person when there is someone standing at the island and working, therefore space should be such that two people can stand side by side across the gap or pass comfortably. At the same time the space should also cater people having mobility problems can access by a wheelchair or walking frame.

Therefore standard width around kitchen island or any two parallel counters or cabinets should be minimum 1.20 meter (4 feet), and if there is only single counter then minimum 0.9 meter (3 feet) is necessary.

Space around Kitchen island counter

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