Kitchen Sink Buying Guide: All You Like to Know!

Construction of house requires different materials and we have to choose those materials wisely. Hence it requires more time. In the general material buying guide, we have already discussed issues and principles in general.  Here we provide kitchen sink buying guide.

The kitchen is where the housewife will probably spend most of the time.The kitchen sink as important as the gas stove used for cooking. It is an essential element for every woman in the kitchen. It’s something that you will use every day and perhaps for more time than the stove and also both before and after cooking. It’s not something, which you can change and replace very easily and hence you need to make the right choice either when you are planning a new house or are renovating the kitchen.

Washing Vegetables in Kitchen Sink

Here we provide kitchen sink buying guide which is helpful when you buy kitchen sink for your kitchen:

01. Why you Need the Kitchen Sink?

The kitchen sink is used for washing hands, rinsing vegetables, cleaning utensils afterwards and so much more. Nowadays varieties of sinks are available in the market. You, therefore, need to understand why do you need it? i.e., the size of the family for whom cooking is to be done, the size of your kitchen and its platform or counter and of course your cooking style. Therefore you need to make sure that you choose the right type of material, style and add the perfect accessories to make it work for you.

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02. Quality & Specification of Kitchen Sink:

Different Types of Kitchen Sink

(a) Know the Kitchen Sink Configuration:

You can choose either:

  • A typical single, large rectangular basin;
  • The double bowled sink with both sinks of the same size for hand washing and cleaning; or
  • The double-bowled sink with one side considerably smaller for garbage disposer; or
  • You might want three-bowl sinks in which two larger bowls are on sides and the small bowl is in the center for the garbage disposal that is usually topped with a chopping board.

(b) Determine the Kitchen Space:

If your kitchen is large, you can go for larger kitchen sinks but do not use large sinks if your space is small. There are other different kitchen sinks of smaller sizes that you can use if there is limited space.

The sink size should be such that it fits in your platform without disturbing other functions.

(c) Choose the Sink Materials:

When you are buy kitchen sink, material that you select depends on the look of the kitchen, your own maintenance preferences and your budget. Kitchen sinks are made of various materials like stainless steel, cast iron or porcelain, granite, quartz, etc. It has also to be in harmony with the material of your counter top.

Here we give advantages and disadvantages of different types of kitchen sinks materials:

01. Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink



Durable, low cost, low maintenance provides a consistent look with stainless appliances.It can be dent and scratched, and show dried water and mineral spots unless wiped after use.

02. Granite Kitchen Sink

Granite Kitchen Sink
Courtesy - Publicdomainpictures



Very affordable for the durability it provides.Very heavy in weight, more expensive.

03. Cast Iron or Porcelain Kitchen Sink

Cast Iron or Porcelain Kitchen Sink



Low cost, hard, durable, glossy, easy to clean and maintain, cannot be scratched easily.Cheaper brands can chip, crack or burn the kitchen sink. Heavy pans can leave marks on lighter colours. The sink can break if a heavy object is dropped on to it or fall on it.

(d) Choose a Shape:

Your space could tell you what shape would be good for your kitchen sink.  There are various shapes for kitchen sinks although the most commonly used are the rectangular and circular one.

01. Rectangular or Square Kitchen Sink

Rectangular or Square Kitchen Sink



You can easily soak or wash a big pan or prepare large quantities of food if the size of the bowl is large.When it is small size, you can’t easily wash the food.

02. Round or Oval Kitchen Sink 

Round or Oval Shape Kitchen Sink



Easy to clean than one with square edges. It can be easily installed in small spaces.It is not available in two or three bowls as compared to rectangular shape sink. There is no provision of drain board.

(e) Know the Size:

It is available in a variety of sizes. Generally, the kitchen sink is 800 to 1300mm in length and 30mm to 60mm in width. The depth of kitchen sink is generally between 115 to 250mm. If you want to buy kitchen sink of a specific size, then go to the shops or popular brands.

Generally, the size of kitchen sinks is,

  • Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks – with drain board 510mm x 1040 mm with depth of 225mm
  • Porcelain Kitchen Sink– 600mmx450mm with depth of 150mm

(f) Determine the Number of Bowls you Need:

Depth of Bowl
  • You have to understand as to how you use the kitchen sink. The sink can be one bowl; two bowls or with three bowls. It can also be either deep or shallow.
  • Two and three bowl sinks are used for multitasking. You can wash or store dishes in the large bowl, and use the small bowl for a garbage disposal or clean vegetables.

Here we give depth of different types of the bowl in Kitchen Sink:

Kitchen Sink

Depth of Bowl

Round Single Bowl150 mm to 225 mm
Single Bowl With or Without Drain Board225 to 250 mm
Double Bowl With One Mini Bowl115 to 225 mm
Double Bowl With Same Size175 to 225 mm
Triple bowl With One Mini Bowl115 to 225 mm

(g) Cleaning of Kitchen Sink:

  • The best way to keep stainless steel kitchen sinks clean is to wash them regularly. Avoid leaving foods that contain acids and salts for long in the sink. This spoils the finish of the stainless steel kitchen sinks. A mild soap and nylon sponge or soft cloth can be also used to wipe your sink down.
  • To clean cast iron kitchen sinks, you should thoroughly clean the basin with water. Wet the surface well and sprinkle a small amount of baking soda. Then use a nylon sponge to clean the surface of the sink and wipe clean. Wash once again if necessary.
  • Porcelain sinks are very easy to clean. These kitchen sinks only require a creamy soft gel or soap solution. This will avoid scratches and marks on the surface of your sink.

03. Finance:

(a) Budget:

When you are buying something, the budget is an important factor. So, look into how much you can actually spend for a kitchen sink and how much you can afford.The price would vary depending on which type of kitchen sink you want to buy i.e. either of stainless steel with single or double bowl with or without drain board etc.

(b) From Where to Buy Kitchen Sink:

Once you decide which types of kitchen sinks you want, find the right supplier or seller.

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04. Quality & Brand:

(a) Brand:

You would always like to buy the standard brand.  The popular brand in India are Anupam, Nirali, Mayur, Milano, Hindware, Nilkanth, etc. which are almost available everywhere.

(b) Certification of Kitchen Sink:

Getting ISI is not compulsory for all products. If it has ISI, it is better than other products.

05. Life of Kitchen Sink:

When you are buying kitchen sink asses the life of different materials and its proneness for damaged or deteriorating. The porcelain may break easily while stainless steel kitchen sink may need regular cleaning. Each material has a different life and hence compare prices with its life and then makes the right decision.


From the above kitchen sink buying guide, we can conclude that

  • Buy kitchen sink of the popular brand from the right supplier as per your need.
  • Place the written order of it, which includes specifications, quality, and terms of payment.
  • Once you are satisfied with the quality, make the payment and preserve the bill given by the supplier. Keep them safe; you may need it in future in case of any defective product.

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