10 Tips to Design Kitchen Storage for Your House

The kitchen is always the most complex and challenging place to organise and design. For most of us, the kitchen storage starts with a home for the basics like cutlery, plates, pot-pans, mugs, blenders, bread makers, etc. that need to be stored, plus the usual packets, bottles & cans.  Further, we all have different kitchen storage preferences – like some of us won’t mind standing on a stool to reach high storage cabinets, or stooping for a bowl.

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You might get tired of spending most of your time in the kitchen just trying to find what you need? The tips here can help you to cook, clean and stay organised with less efforts & time. Even the tiniest of kitchens can fully accommodate your needs with better storage solutions.

01. Optimise Storage Cabinets up to the Ceiling:

If your kitchen is small, then think to go vertical. Take your storage cabinets all the way to the ceiling. But be careful, where to store what? What you use most often should be stored at arm’s reach, and things which you use occasionally can have high storage solutions.

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02. By Hanging Pots & Pans:

Pots & pan will reserve more space in storage. You can make free down your storage cabinet spaces for other items by hanging pots & pans from rack or ceiling. By hanging these, you will also get an instant focal point in your kitchen.

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03. A Multifunctional Kitchen Island:

The Kitchen island offers comfortable work surface like a kitchen helper. However do not limit its function as an additional workstation only, you can also use the space below the island for kitchen storage. You can also choose a kitchen island with one nice shelf to hold dishes & another for cookery.

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For smaller kitchens, movable Islands  & foldable kitchen Island are the best storage solutions, when there is the mess in actual counters. After using it can be moved to other area and can be utilised as storage for other rooms too. You can also use bins or baskets for cutlery and other items stored for better storage solutions.

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04. Add More Storage with Organisational Inserts & Drawers:

Add organisers in your cabinets to save time in finding and operating your kitchen items. Using Pullout racks, pantry pullouts, knives & spoon dividers, etc. will turn your storage cabinets & drawers into a well-organised manner and gives a better kitchen storage solutions.

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By dividing your drawer, it will help you to stay organised. Divide drawer space for knives, spoons, scissors, etc. It will be easy for you to find small things. You may not be able to store more in a given drawer, but what is stored will be easier to see & retrieve.

05. Add Corner Storage Cabinets:

Try to avoid those ugly corner drawers for your kitchen storage. Instead of using those drawers, install a nice swivel corner storage cabinets as shown in the figure. Your corner storage cabinets will work more efficiently and will store more than you expect! Look for the models that include rails on the shelves to keep items.

Courtesy - Olive Kitchen Hardware

06. Open Wall Mounted Shelves:

Sort out your items according to the priority, which you want to show and keep often accessible. Wall mounted shelves should be installed in spaces that are too small or awkwardly placed to hold storage cabinets.

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07. Carve Out Space on the Backsplash:

Keep your countertops & drawers less cluttered by tricking with your backsplash with storage accessories. For example, install a magnetic strip to hold knives. Another way to go is, add a horizontal rail system with specific components like hooks for utensils, spices rack, paper roll & foil holder rod and more.

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08. Hide and Go Sleek:

Keep your kitchen more clean & uncluttered by hiding storage behind the backsplash. For example, a sliding panel reveals the rows of spices at easy reach. When the panel is closed, the area returns to being a sleek appearance of stone or tile backsplash as shown in the figure.

Courtesy - Interiorsbystudiom

09. Put Storage Hard to Reach:

It is not like that if you have a small kitchen, than you give up on the decorative details especially if you have tall ceilings! You can use space on the top of your window or doorway, by adding a nice display, placing pretty bottles of olive oil, vinegar or other collectables of your choices.

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10. Turn a Dead End into Storage:

If your kitchen has a dead end with the opening, you have an opportunity to create a smart kitchen storage with the window seat at the base of your seating, with built-in Storage cabinets or drawers. The beauty of this arrangement is that such storage is still only steps away from the work zone.

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