Kitchen Work Surfaces With Optimum Kitchen Clearances!

Kitchen work surfaces & centers should have the adequate storage space, adequate counter space, necessary utilities like water (hot /cold) and adequate lighting. The main kitchen work surfaces or centers of activity to be initially thought in kitchen design are given below:

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01. Cleaning Area:

It is a work area in kitchen where cleaning of utensils takes place, such as sink and dishwasher. This kitchen work zone is as importance & cooking and preparation area!


02. Preparation Area:

After providing hob (gas stove) you should have some space on counter/platform for preparation. This space is typically used for mixing or the initial preparation either on kitchen counter/platform or island.

03. Cooking Area:

It is the important work area in kitchen, where the food is cooked! Hob (Gas Stove) is generally located on the kitchen counter/platform or island depending on individual use.  This area also includes chimney above the stove to suck the odours from the kitchen.


04. Serving Area:

It is the work area in kitchen where the cooked food is serve to consume! In other words, It is the spot that’s out of cook’s way, where you can set out buffet style meal or we can say as an area, where prepared food is ready to serve before meals.

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The minimum kitchen clearances required for a person are as follows:

  • 0.9 meter (3’- 0”) in front of the counter.
  • 1.20 meter (4’- 0”) between two counters on opposite walls and it is needed if two or more people are working in the Kitchen at the same time.
  • 1.00 meter (3’- 3″) in front of a cooking range (with oven). This will allow bending and allow to keep inside comfortably.
  • 0.90 meter (3’- 0″) in front of a refrigerator to enable one to bend and take out the stuff.
  • 0.9 meter (3’- 0″) in front of the base cabinets, below the counter to allow one to bend and reach for something.
  • 0.9 meter (3’- 0″) in front of the drawer to enable one to pull out the drawer.
  • 1.00 meter (3’- 3″) in front of a dishwasher section.

All Kitchen work surfaces are equally important for the efficient kitchen design in the house.

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