Paint Brush: Know All the Trait Before Painting Your Home!

Paint Brush

Paints are used to add colour, durability and decoration to many elements in an interior or exterior of the house. There are few mediums more versatile than paint and that versatility stems from paint’s great variety. To take full advantage of this, you need the correct tools and an idea of how to use them. Different tools are available for the different task of painting.

In the decorating profession, many tasks are carried out that require the use of a large selection of tools and equipment. Out of all tools and equipment’s paint brush is mostly used for the paint application. Many alternatives have been tried such as paint pads, gloves, spray applicators and rollers but the paint brush is still one of the best applicators of coatings and paint.

Here we discuss everything about paint brush.

What is a Paint Brush?

The paint brush is a painting tool used to apply paint on different surface like wall, ceiling, furniture etc.  A paint brush is a collection of bristles attached to a handle through a plastic setting compound and protected at the base by a metal ferrule. The ferrule holds the handle, filling and setting together forming the brush.

Parts of Paint Brush

To know each and every part of Paint Brush in detail read this article – Various Parts of a Paint Brush: know Before Painting

Characteristics of Good Quality Paint Brush

As per Guideline given by Government of India Ministry of Railway, the good quality brush ensures a thicker, more consistent and smooth paint finish that improves the durability of your paint job. The followings are the main characteristics that a good quality paint brush should possess:

  • The bristles of the brush should have a split end to create an even, smooth and accurate finish.
  • Bristles should be shorter on the outside and longer in the centre to provide better control while painting.
  • The bristle density is significant while choosing a paint brush. The more bristles a brush has, the more paint it will hold, and less time you will spend loading the brush.
  • Check that bristles are adequately inserted into the ferrule. If more than one or two bristles gets pulled out, the brushes are not of good quality, and bristle may shine on the freshly painted surface.
  • Make sure that the paint brushes are easy-to-grip and do not slip while you are using them. The brush with wooden handle has more firm grip as compared to a plastic handle.

What are the Different Types of Paint Brushes?

Determining which paint brush is best for the project is based on the paint type and surface to be painted. There are two types of paint brushes for houses.

01. Oil-Based Paint Brushes

02. Water-Based Paint Brushes

Natural bristle brushes which are made from animal hairs are used for applying oil-based paints. The synthetic bristle brushes like man-made plastic such as nylon, polyester or combination of both are used for applying water-based paint.

There are different styles of paint brushes available in the market for various functions. Wall paint brushes are the standard and familiar style of paint brushes which are useful for covering larger areas such as walls and ceilings.

Sash cutter paint brushes are generally used for water-based paints. Oval cutter brushes are used for trim and edging.

For the consistent painting job, selection of paint brushes is essential. Without a good paint brush, you never get the long-lasting finish. For different types of finishes and textures, we need different types of brushes.

For more detail about various types of paint brush available to paint your house refer: Types of Paint Brushes for Different Painting Jobs!

How to Choose a Paintbrush?

The following things should be considered while selecting the brush for paint:

  • The type of paint you are going to use.
  • The type of surface you are painting.
  • The quality of the finish you would like to achieve.

What are the Different Sizes of House Paint Brushes?

The first step for buying a paint brush is a selection of the size of the paint brush, which fits the surface that you are painting. Here we give you some thumb rules, which will help you in selecting the size of paint brush for your application.

Different Sizes of Paint Brush

01) 1” to 2” Width of Paint Brush

1 to 2 Inch Width of Paint Brush

1 to 2 inch width of paint brushes are used for small jobs, such as trim works, touch up works, detailed works such as furniture, small panels, doors & windows frames, railings, mouldings, cabinets, etc.

02) 2” to 3” Width of Paint Brush

2 to 3 Inch Width of Paint Brush

2 to 3 inch width of paint brushes are used for small to medium work such as any trims and corner works, etc.

03) 3” to 4” Width of Paint Brush

3 to 4 Inch Width of Paint Brush

3 to 4 inch width of paint brushes are used for covering larger area like walls, ceilings, floors, roofs, fences, etc..

Until now we have gone through the details regarding choosing a best paint brush for your home painting work. Now you have already selected the best paint brush as per your need. Let us understand how to take care of your paint brush for a better result.

How to Clean and Take Care of Paint Brush after Paint Application?

Good-quality paint brushes are worth if and only if they are correctly cared, once used. Cleaning and storing your paint brushes after the use will help to extend the useful life of paint brushes. Due to the difference in properties of various paints, paint brushes require different cleansing process after application.

Let see how to clean paint brushes depending on different types of paints used.

How to Clean Paint Brushes after Using Water – based (Acrylic, Latex & Emulsion) Paints?

It is very easy to clean paint brush after using latex or emulsion paints. You should immediately clean the brush after the use and do not let the paint to dry as it will harden the bristles. A mixture of warm water and mild soap or detergent is enough to the clean the paint brush.

Clean Paint Brush from Water-based Paint

01. First remove as much as paint from the paint brush by brushing it onan old rag or newspaper.

02. Dip the brush into the mixture of soap and warm water.

03. Rinse the brush and work your fingers through the bristles to clean the excess paint near the ferrule.

04. You can also use a paintbrush comb to remove the excess paint.

05. Wash the brush in clean water and then let it dry.

06. Wrap the brush in a newspaper and seal it with the help of a rubber band.

How to Clean Paint Brushes After Using Oil Paints?

For cleaning paint brush after using oil-based paints, a solvent such as mineral spirit, paint thinner, alcohol, etc. is required. You should always use a solvent which is recommended by the paint manufacturer company.

Clean Paint Brush from Oil-based Paint

01. First remove as much paint as possible from the paint brush by brushing it on an old rag or newspaper.

02. Dip the paint brush into the solvent.

03. Work through the bristles using your fingers dipping the paint brush in up and down directions. Keep swirling the paint brush in solvent until all the paint is washed.

04. You can also use a paintbrush comb to remove the excess paint near the ferrule. Comb the brush in the direction from ferrule to the end of bristle.

05. Remove excess solvent by spinning the paint brush.

06. If the oil-based paint has dried out on the paintbrush, then keep the paint brush soaked in the solvent for a few minutes and repeat the above process.

07. Wrap the paintbrush in a newspaper and seal it with the help of a rubber band. Store the brush by hanging it, to keep it intact.

Summing Up, A Paint brush is an essential tool for painting. Paint Brushes are available in various sizes and shapes for different types of works. A good quality paint brush will only make your paint last longer and look attractive, so it is an investment. If properly cared, your paint brush can last few for few painting jobs; otherwise, it can quickly become worthless and you won’t be able to finish up only one job.

The type of brush you choose depends on the type of paint you want to apply on your walls or any other area of your house. As per our research and conversation with few expert painting contractor, it can be said that, synthetic bristle brushes performs best with water-based paints while natural bristle brushes are the best choice for oil-based paints.

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