Landscaping Design Ideas that your Neighbours will Imitate!

Your home is not only your zone of comfort and peace but also where you get a chance to show off your style and finesse to the world. Also, your home is not just the space enclosed inside the four walls but also your gardens, courtyards and lawns if you have any. Therefore, it is not just the building that needs to remain abreast with the changing trends but also your lawns. Why? Because people get the first and the best impression from the way your garden or lawn has been landscaped. Some people go to extreme extents to show that their garden has the best look and hence make their neighbours jealous in the process. Here we are going to share with you some brilliant landscaping design ideas that will make your neighbours go crazy.

Landscaping Design Ideas

If you are clueless about how to landscape your garden or confused with the excess of data available online then here are some landscaping design ideas that can enhance your garden:

01. Complimenting Plants Enhancing the Aesthetic Look

Complimenting Plants marigold and melon

When it comes to choosing plants for the garden, go for something unique. Pick up plants that would look not only good with each other but also are compatible with each other along with producing an extraordinary beauty. You can assess their look, colour and growth and choose accordingly. For example, marigold and melons match well because marigold controls the nematodes that can be found in melon roots. Similarly choosing lettuce to go with tall flowers like spider flowers and nicotiana adds up to the aesthetic look of your garden and provide light shade for lettuce plants. Also plant those plants which you love and enjoy.

02. Group Planting

When you plant in groups, the look you get is astounding. There is a lot of experimentation that you can do here. You can create noticeable lines, walkways, or divisions in the form that the impression is clear enough. The only thing that you have to keep in mind here is that all the plants that you choose should be placed strategically. However, for this to be successful, you have to make sure that you pick up plants which look good together. Also, symmetrical placements are very crucial; otherwise, all of your efforts would look out of the place.

03. Pavers Creating Walkways 

Pavers Creating Walkways

It is another concept that can be played around. One factor why this works is that pavers not only make your garden look good but also can be used by people to move around which in turn keeps your grass shining and lush for a long time. Here you can use pavers, stepping stones, slate steps and brick road as per the kind of impression you want to give. To achieve the best impact, you must choose a material that would complement your entire garden. For example – you can select the red brick for a traditional look and stepping stones for a dreamy feel.

04. Ground Lamps Near the Pathways in Garden 

Ground Lamps for lighting in Garden

At night you would need lighting in your garden but it is up to you how you want to use them. You can add small ground lamps just near the path and make it look as if they are leading the way. Solar accent lights are also beautiful and at night they lend a romantic feel to the whole setup. The best arrangement would be placing the lamps at a distance of three- or four-feet distance so that the light they throw overlaps each other and gives a distinctive feel to it.

05. Hedges for Privacy

Hedges for privacy in Homes

Maintaining a clean hedge would not only grant you privacy from the intruding eyes but if used smartly, also enhances the appearance of your garden. You can create tall hedges – the kinds that reminds one of the Victorian era or maintain one that reaches up to your shoulders; the choice entirely is yours. However, if you are counting on hedges, then remember to trim them regularly as that is a prerequisite for your experiment with them to be successful.

06. Elevations with Wall Planters as Vertical Landscape Design 

Elevations with Wall Planters on building facade

It is a concept that is rapidly gaining favour these days and you might as well try them too. Use planters of different heights or hang baskets with small plants in them. The concept here is to use elevations to your advantage. Not only does doing that give your landscaping a height benefit but also makes your garden look visually stunning too. You can use different colours of planters and baskets so that people get to notice their presence. To avoid making it look over the top, keep the plants with subtle coloured flowers at the ground level. As said by ‘G. Yucel Caymaz’ (Published in Vertical Landscape Design),’ Vertical landscapes are areas of vegetation growing on the façade of the building. They are vertical system planting done on the exterior of the walls.

07. Firepit

Fire pit with the outdoor seating

The fire pit is an innovative idea, and you can widely use it, especially if you are living in an area where the temperatures go down in winters. In pleasant weather, the pit can be used to have a bonfire, snack session or a barbeque night with your near and dear ones. In other words, this is a space where you can cook literally inside your garden and make it warm and cozy. Surround it with grass or maybe ornamental grass as you would not want the heat to harm the growth of your other plants. Also, taking care of the fire pit requires extra efforts in terms of cleaning and maintenance. Thus, opt for it only if you are willing to do so.

08. Wall Mounted Fountains

Wall mounted fountains

Water element like wall-mounted fountains evokes calm and ties the landscape together. According to ‘Richard Craze’ (Author of Feng Shui), wall-mounted fountains are ideal for a small garden. Incorporating a small fountain spouting in a gentle curve from a wall into a pool could be then re-circulated. It would no doubt take little space but brings movement, sound and life to the dead area.

Taking Care of Your Garden

Garden lawn with plants

And lastly, if you think that are your neighbours would be green with envy with a messy garden then sorry to say, you cannot be more wrong. First of all, make sure that every week you prune and trim whatever excess growth you see in the garden. Apart from that, you will have to ensure that there are no weeds and if there are any then they are removed at regular intervals. If you figure out some dead plants in that zone, remove them and see that fertilization is done regularly. Last but not the least get information about how to remove pests from the garden and take steps to ensure they don’t bother you again.

To wrap up, as an intelligent homeowner, you would always be thinking of increasing the look and hence the value of your home. These smart yet simple landscaping design ideas are going to make your garden the envy of neighbours. However, do your research before dabbling into making any drastic changes because once done, it is quite challenging to go back to the same arrangement; hence, any rash decisions should be avoided. Your smartness may prove futile if things are done in a hurry and without thinking about the consequences that may arise. For those who are looking for professional help to bring these landscaping design ideas to life, consider hiring an affordable landscape design company that can cater to all your landscaping needs while respecting your budget constraints.
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