7 Riveting Lighting Ideas for a Tiny Bathroom!

Great lighting is extremely important in every home. Modern toilets and fancy showers aside, finding the perfect light for your bathroom is crucial. The bathroom is often the first place anyone goes immediately they wake up in the morning. It’s where you wash and groom every day, therefore, setting the mood for the rest of your day. No matter the size of your bathroom, it should always feel bright and open.

Many a time, plans for lighting our bathrooms come at the bottom of our priorities as compared to other rooms in the home. When installing the lighting in a tiny bathroom, it’s vital to create an arrangement that fully illuminates the entire space. The last thing you want to do is to either over-lit or under-lit the space. Getting the right lighting fixtures is the key to creating an elegant yet practical bathroom. The rule of thumb is to start by evaluating the use of the bathroom and the type of lighting available in the space. Below are some essential bathroom lighting tips to aid one small bathroom.

Lighting Ideas for Small Bathroom

01. Maximize on Natural Lighting

Natural Lighting in Tiny Bathroom

Nothing beats natural light the way the sun does. Scientists believe that natural sunlight sets circadian rhythms that normally regulate our wake and sleep cycles. This contributes greatly to the overall well-being of our health. The best thing you can do for a small bathroom is to bring in lots of light. Make sure your window treatments let the light pour in and you don’t have any furniture blocking the path of sunlight.

02. Choose Functionality Over Aesthetics for Small Bathroom Lighting

Shower Area Light in Tiny Bathroom
Light over Mirror in Tiny Bathroom

Anyone in the market for light fixtures will be spoilt for choice. However, the process of choosing the right lighting for a bathroom design can be a daunting experience. The vanity, shower area and toilet all require different lighting choices. Ideally, always opt for a contemporary lighting design that is bright enough for any task. Survey your entire bathroom and identify the areas that may need additional lightings such as the shower area or the dressing mirror. For the lights illuminating the mirror, the best would be installing fixtures that are above the eye level to leave no shadows that overhead lights may cast.

03. Lighting Positioning

Lighting Position in Tiny Bathroom

It’s one thing to buy the right lighting accessories and another to position them immaculately. The must-have lighting in any bathroom is an overhead light fixture to illuminate all the corners of the bathroom. After the main light has been fixed, you can go ahead and use scones alongside your walls or above your mirror to offer a fine balance of the light in this space.

04. Consider Layered Lighting for Small Bathroom

Layered Lighting Tiny Bathroom

No matter the size or design of your bathroom, having multiple sources of lights is one of the good lighting idea for small bathroom. It’s essential to incorporate task lighting, ambient spotlights as well as recessed lighting to make sure all your needs are met. Task lighting will provide the practical light needed for day to day activities while the low-level ambient lighting will offer just enough illumination for you to relax on your toilet seat as you browse through a magazine.

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05. Take Into Consideration Bathroom Fittings for Small Bathroom

Lighting in Small Bathroom Enhance the Furniture

Your bathroom furniture and fittings will always enhance the sense of light in the space. For instance, a glass shower enclosure is the best form of framing as it lets in light to reflect on the walls. The more minimal a fitting framing is the best for small bathrooms.

06. Consider Your Lifestyle – A Small Bathroom Lighting Idea

Motion Sensor Light in Small Bathroom
Mood Lighting in Small Bathroom

Evaluating your lifestyle will help in picking the right small bathroom lighting. Carefully think about who is going to utilise the space most of the time. For example, if the bathroom is for small children, you may want to invest in motion-sensitive lighting that controls itself. If it is mainly used by a couple, you may want mood lighting or perhaps several different light fixtures that can be used interchangeably.

07. Create a Mood with Bathroom Lighting

Add Candles in Small Bathroom to Create Mood

Small Bathroom lighting should not always be the artificial kind. Time and again, go back to the basics and light up some few candles as you take a dip in your bathtub. This not only creates a romantic atmosphere but you also have nice aromas circulating in the air to offer that sensual warmth you desire.


These small bathroom lighting ideas will surely helpful for you to brighten up the every corner of your tiny bathroom. If the lighting is done well, your small bathroom can be made to look spacious and welcoming.

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