11 Living Room Storage Ideas to Organize Your Lounge Space

Living rooms are the most used part of the house and that is why they should have a good impression on your guests. Storage spaces in the living room feel awkward and mostly out of place. It is essential to have living room storage units that keep the formality of the space, yet be very organizational by all means.

Living rooms storage can be tricky. Finding that perfect place for the storage unit in between the sofa, armchairs, and center tables is a real challenge. It is very important to place storage units in a manner that will make the room look spacious, without sacrificing its identity. Hence, it is important to pick storage pieces that are both perfectly practical and stylish enough to fit well in your living room. So let’s get started with storage ideas for living room.

Living Room Storage Ideas

Here, we are discussing the different furniture which we can use as storage. If you want to know how to organize a living room, we have listed some organization ideas for living room, living room storage ideas, storage ideas for small living room, DIY living room storage ideas, DIY small space storage ideas and living room indoor log storage ideas:

01. Double Duty Furniture for Living Room Storage

Double Duty Furniture for Living Room Storage

No matter how many corners and dead spaces you utilize, sometimes there is not enough space to store your things. Choose accent pieces that serve the purpose of décor and storage, both to declutter your space with ease. You may use a comfortable sofa with storage beneath, a metal lamp that can be used as a reading corner, or a loft above the cabinets for that extra touch.

02. Wall Storage Units in Living Room

Living Room Storage Wall Units

If you want some wall storage ideas for living room, one of them is here. Incorporate stylish wall storage units as part of your stunning living room design. Built-in book storage inside the walls, planter’s racks, and travel souvenir shelves are a few good ways of turning your living area walls from boring to lively. You may even convert a corner of your living space into the kids’ play area, with a dedicated place to de clutter the chaos.

‘Hadley Mendelsohn’ says, (author of an article – 15 Living Room Storage Ideas That Minimize Clutter (or Hide It). Published on housebeautiful.com) “A floor-to-ceiling wall unit will clear excess clutter from your useable surfaces and tables throughout the living room. This is obviously good for functional reasons (like having a place to put down your cocktail), but it also dresses up the walls.”

03. Consoles as Living Room Storage

Living Room Storage Console

Consoles are the best décor and storage options for your living area and they serve as living room storage cabinets. You may use it to keep your keys, magazines, paperweights, and flower vase. Consoles give a welcoming feeling to the guests that enter your formal living space. It also provides storage nooks beneath it as options for the things that you use quite frequently. Place one behind your seating as a floating cabinet in the middle of the room to position lamps and illuminate the area. This can also provide you plenty of storage and surface to place things.

04. Built-in Shelving Unit

Built-in Shelving Unit

Built-in units give a more architectural presence to your space and a more organized experience. A built-in shelving unit or cabinet is the perfect idea to convert a dead space into a useful one. You may keep your books, chinaware, or even your artwork with plants to decorate the living space. Built-in breakfast nooks can also be added to your living area as a private place for small gatherings and intimate times. A built-in TV surrounded by storage is also a classy yet clever option.

05. Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves

Creativity is the key, in small spaces. If you are in search of small living room storage ideas, you may use floating shelves on any of the walls to increase the amount of storage in that room. You may also hide cables running through walls by using floating shelves. Utilize the space above your couch to hang floating shelves and store your favourite artwork, planters, and it becomes a real accent feature of the room itself. Floating shelves help visually divide the space, break up a monotonous wall, and are one of the best living room storage ideas for small spaces Make your living room aesthetically pleasing by following

06. Living Room Storage Dresser

Living Room Storage Dresser

Storage units do not have to always look bulky or out of space.  If you are in search of unique storage cabinets, a storage dresser in living room is a perfect one. A sleek cabinet or low-profile dresser can be placed anywhere in the living area to keep your items out of sight. You may decorate the surface using tabletop décor, sculptures, or a large-scale painting. Dressers create the optimum amount of drama in the space and give the most artistic, and well-performing outlook for your needs.

‘Hebe Hatten’ says, (author of an article – 21 Living room storage ideas to quickly tidy up your space. Published on realhomes.com) that to create storage space in a living room you are first going to want to de clutter and see exactly how much ‘stuff’ you need to fit back into the space. Vertical storage always works well in smaller spaces because it has a minimal footprint so look out for pieces like ladder shelving and slim line units. Shelving is another great option for the same reasons, they provide plenty of storage without taking up any of the valuable floor space.

07. Strategic Coffee Tables

Strategic Coffee Tables

Choose clever furniture for your space for maximum storage options. Strategic coffee tables with built-in storage will help you keep unwanted items out of your way. You may store your favourite books, small towels, and candles inside the coffee tables. These are good alternatives for baskets if you will prefer something with a lock or a lid. Coffee tables are living room cube storage ideas to organize your living spaces.

08. Side Tables

Side Tables

People should stop hiding things under their sofas to de clutter the space. Instead, you may have side tables with storage in them to keep all the things you do not require. A side table with storage underneath and yet not too bulky will serve as an art statement in the space and enhance the look and feel entire. A family-friendly living room does not need to be giant and can have small side tables along with the seating to store things. Side tables are an example of living room corner storage ideas.

09. Storage Ottoman

Storage Ottoman

Ottomans are one of the living room organization furniture. Storage Ottomans are serious game-changers as in space saving storage furniture for living room, especially in small living rooms. You may store your blankets, napkins, and towels inside them. They do not compromise on the look and add a warm, welcoming seating experience to the users. You may place them anywhere in your room and can use them whenever you want. Available in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, Ottomans are flexible storage options that bring functions and organization to your living area space.

10. Bar Table

Bar Table

Bar cabinets help you save time by not requiring you to run back to the kitchen to make your cocktails. A classy bar table will add elegance to the space and storage for your crockery and other things in an appropriate manner. These cabinets bring substance to the space while providing plenty of storage options for your organizing necessities. Incorporate closed storage as well, so you can easily get rid of miscellaneous items in a hurry.

11. Nesting Tables

Nesting Tables

Nesting tables usually come in sets of two or three, are stacked together, and can be easily pulled out as extra tabletops and surfaces to place things in your living area. They are graduated in size so that they can be easily stacked on top of one. These tables take up very little floor space and are ideal for small rooms as they provide more storage area. These are the ideal space-saving furniture options for a small space, as you can easily move them anywhere depending on your needs, and not have to worry about the mess.

By following these clever ideas for living room storage or living room organization ideas, make all your living room storage practical and easy to use. Make interesting kitchen storage by going through our article –

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