Louver Windows and its Advantages

Choosing the right window type during home construction or renovation is very important. Fitting right window at proper place will help enter natural light come in home, maintain proper airflow and of course can even help conserve energy. Many people choose louver window as it gives stylish look and can help to naturally ventilate your house.
Louver windows are similar to louvered doors. Louver means a window with flat sloping pieces of wood, metal or glass across it to allow light and air to come in while keeping rain out.  Such windows are provided for the sole aim of the ventilation, and they do not permit any outside vision. The louver windows allow unrestricted views while maintaining the ventilation option. These window shutters consist of a top and bottom rails, and two styles which are grooved to receive the louver. This type of windows consists of a series of louver (either of wood, glass or metal) either fixed or moving type, contained in the frame.

Louver Windows

For economical construction, the angle of inclination of louver or blades to the vertical style is usually kept 45°. The louver slopes downward to the outside to run-off the rain water. Sometimes Venetian shutters are provided in which the louver can open or close. These window shutters look fantastic and are a great addition to any home. This type of window is commonly recommended for the bathroom, W.C., and other areas where privacy is the main consideration.


  • Louver windows provide free passage of air and sufficient light even when closed. These windows afford sufficient privacy and also provide protection against excessive daylight and glare inside buildings without in any way affecting ventilation.
  • Louver windows can be opened to nearly the full width of the window. This creates maximum air flow, in or out.
  • Louver windows are very easy to clean.
  • The blades can be angled to control the air flow.
  • It offers natural ventilation for the size of the window.
  • Louver is energy efficient as it uses the natural ventilation to reduce your heating and cooling cost.
  • Louver can be customised to give you control of how much of the window you want to be open in different situations.
  • It can be cleaned from the inside of the house.
  • When using obscure glass, timber or aluminium blades for privacy, the window can be opened slightly to maintain your privacy.

Therefore louver windows are versatile because they can fit into whatever interior design your home might have. It is available in different design and styles.

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