Bedroom Design with MDF Wall Panelling!

While MDF wall panelling can be used in virtually any room of the home, bedrooms remain the prime candidate for the timeless styles that have enjoyed a spike in recent popularity.

Knowing that you can find a range of quality MDF wall panelling courtesy of our website is one thing, but you also need to consider how it can be used to make your bedroom pop.

MDF Wall Panelling Styles

Here are six stunning styles that you may want to consider for your bedroom transformation.

01. Add Depth with Classic Square Panelling

Square Wall Panelling

Square wall panelling is one of the most popular ways to use MDF wall panelling, and it’s not hard to see why. It works well with both period and modern interior design styles, is very easy to install, and offers an easy way to create symmetry. The depth adds intrigue, especially when the light hits the wall, while an even more dramatic vibe can be achieved with larger panels.

02. Use Bevelled Panels for a Traditional Vibe

Bevelled panels are another fantastic way to restore the traditional appearance of your period property or unleash a traditional look. The eye-catching MDF wall panelling will make the bedroom more interesting and work exceptionally well with 2023’s top shades like Vining Ivy and Spanish Moss. Bevelled panels can also be used to guide the placement of photos, canvas art, and other wall decor items.

03. Utilise Thin Strips for an Intriguing Modern Look

Wall panels that feature thin vertical strips can make a boring wall seem far more interesting without overwhelming the space. Feature walls can gain texture, look taller, and a subtle yet attractive appearance. It’s elegant yet modern, working particularly well with neutral tones for a simple yet sophisticated bedroom setup. Alternatively, this idea can be used with bold colours to express your personality.

04. Add Wallpaper to Wall Panels

One of the many great things about wall panels is that they offer incredible versatility, which is highlighted by the fact you can wallpaper over them as an alternative to painting. Large panels with symmetrical gaps between them can be teamed with bold wallpaper designs to achieve stunning results, not least because the panels serve as a frame that can truly bring the wall – and wallpaper designs – to life.

05. Use Panels to Create Levels

Wall panels don’t have to be a ceiling-to-floor solution. Using thick MDF wall panels that scale up one-half or two-thirds of the vertical space doesn’t only add aesthetic intrigue. It also enables you to integrate a shelf for plants and decor. Painting the panels in a colour like the immensely popular Redend Point is perfect for a cottage or farmhouse style, as well as elegant touches of minimalism.

06. Embrace Panelling to Hide Storage

If creating an uncluttered bedroom appearance is high on your agenda, MDF wall panelling can be your greatest friend. MDF is commonly used for cabinets and can be used to create a wall that also serves as the door to your built-in wardrobe. Or it can be used to hide your TV and cables when not in use. Whether choosing an off-white shade, a modern grey, or a burst of colour, MDF wall panelling will create the bedroom of your dreams.

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Which style of MDF wall panelling would you like to install in your dream bedroom? Do let us know in below comment box.

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