Membrane Finish in Modular Kitchen-All You Need to Know!

Modular furniture consists of pre-made units which can be setup in various ways to suit the personalized requirement of the user or client. Modular Kitchen has gained popularity due to its property of collective functionality. There are a huge variety of modular kitchen design to choose from because of its flexible nature, variety of materials and finishes. Various cabinet finishes for modular kitchen furniture are available in the market. Laminate finish, acrylic finish, membrane finish, etc. are few to name. Here we will be discussing about the membrane finish in this article

Membrane Finish

By membrane what we refer is actually a Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) foil. It is available in various finishes such as matt, glossy and even wooden texture. This foil is covered over medium density fiberboard (MDF) under high pressure.

Membrane vs Laminate Finish

Laminate finish uses flat paper glued together to the cabinet material. However, a membrane is a foil covered over MDF board. There is no edge banding in case of membrane finish. Edge-banding technique on the laminate is usually provided for smooth edge otherwise it would remain sharp and chances of getting hurt can increase.

Membrane finish is durable and an economical choice. There are many aspects that contribute to tremendous usage of this finish in modular kitchens.

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Pros/Advantages of Membrane Finish:

  • It has good resistance to water and weather, hence suitable for almost all-weather types
  • Long lasting and durable, leading to longer lifespan as compared to the laminate finish
  • Provides shutters with a rich look of matt as well as the glossy finish
  • Easily washable with mild detergent and moist cloth
  • Does not require edge banding as it is wrapped over the MDF board and not glued
  • Quite smooth to touch and feel in finishing
  • Economical as compared to acrylic or UV finishes

Cons/Disadvantages of Membrane Finish:

  • Discoloration is likely to occur if exposed to sunlight for a longer period of time
  • Proper cleaning and maintenance is required
  • With rough and tough use, the peeling of a membrane is likely to happen
  • Scratches and marks can happen by use of sharp-edged cleaners or steel scrubbers.
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Courtesy - Hipcouch

Membrane finish is a great way to add an earthy touch to kitchen interior or any other home space. Go for membrane finish and this will lend a touch ofsophistication in your kitchen or an organic touch to your bedroom space. Hence, do your research before choosing the right finish for your kitchen cabinet and materials.

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