Government Launches Mobile App for Earthquake Dissemination (Broadcast)

Dr Harshvardhan, Union Minister of Science & Technology, Earth Science & Environmental, Forest & Climate Change govt. of India have launched an app called India Quake. Government Decided to launch the app on the occasion of Foundation Day of “Ministry of Earth Sciences” (MoES).


The National Centre Seismology (NCS) has developed the mobile app called India Quake is available for all android users. This app will automatically disseminate (broadcast) relevant parameter (location, time and magnitude) after the occurrence of earthquakes.

The mobile app will make dissemination faster regarding parameters of an earthquake, with whatsoever numbers of recipients are present. At the moment, National Centre for Seismology (NCS) operates the national seismological network with 84 stations across the country. All these stations are connected to NCS headquarters through VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) for real time data communication. Previously, when earthquake used to occur, the NCS used to disseminate earthquake parameters to all the concerned government departments and other stake holders via SMS, E-mail or Fax. However, this method used to causes delay in dissemination and also restricted the number of recipients.

To conquer the above issue, a mobile app has been developed and launched by the NCS. Ministry also added that the app would automatically disseminate earthquake parameters after the occurrence of an earthquake. In a statement from Ministry of earth science mentioned that this app can be used by anyone and one can get the real time earthquake location information on users mobile.

The main benefit of the app other than scientific and administrative data is that the app can help in reducing panic amongst people during an earthquake.

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