Spruce Up Your Mobile Home with Any of These 5 Inventive Ideas!

These days, more and more people decide to live in a mobile home. There are plenty of reasons for that. Mobile homes offer lower building and maintenance costs, shorter construction time, more manageable interior, and relatively high living comfort. If you, too, own a mobile home, you know about all these advantages way too well. However, what would you do if we told you that your mobile home, although it’s undoubtedly a fantastic place to live, still hasn’t reached its full potential?

Mobile Home

In fact, the range of possibilities when it comes to remodelling and redesigning your mobile home is almost endless and depends solely on you and your creativity. That means you might almost fully customize your home to fit your preferences, needs, and style without spending thousands of dollars on it. What’s more, once you invest in it, you might then think about putting your trailer home for sale and get a considerable return on investment!

Mobile Home Makeover Ideas

To find out how to achieve the best effect and spruce up your mobile home, check out our five inventive mobile home makeover ideas.

01. Front Appearance for Mobile Homes

Front Appearance for Mobile Homes

Many people believe that a mobile home cannot have any curb appeal. That’s not true, though. On the contrary, once remodeled correctly, the front of your home will be eye-catching and mesmerizing both to visitors and to pedestrians. To take care of your front’s appearance, you should focus on a few essential things.

For instance, you may think about building a few-step porch for your mobile home. Having such a simple wooden entrance will add a nice, cozy look to your house and be a very comfortable addition to your lifestyle, allowing you to have a cup of coffee on the porch each morning. What’s more such a renovation doesn’t have to be costly, as you can build simple steps by yourself. Lastly, don’t forget about adding a cute handrail, which you might decorate with ivy.

Once you have wooden additions in your front, consider planting colorful flowers to decorate it. Besides, you might think further about installing outdoor lighting – either on the stairs or in front of them. This change will make your home look magical.

02. Mobile Home Interior

Mobile Home Interior

When it comes to interior design, your mobile home is probably nothing like the traditional houses your friends own. First of all, things are sized differently, and so all the recommendations for conventional remodel methods might not work. So don’t try to redesign your home how it’s done in traditional houses. Instead, embrace your mobile home’s unique potential. For instance, if you need a change in your house’s layout, you may open up space by moving the walls. That will work out great when it comes to dining spaces, and if you pair this remodel with upgrading doors and windows to let in more light, you will achieve an even more spectacular effect.

03. Kitchen Remodel of Mobile Home

Kitchen Remodel of Mobile Home

Many mobile homes’ kitchen areas look identical due to the older design used years back. It doesn’t have to be the case for your house, as you can perform a full or partial remodel of your kitchen. For instance, the excellent idea is to purchase new cabinets or re-stain and re-paint your old ones to freshen up your space.

You might also think about adding extra storage to your kitchen, as it’s typically the room that gets cluttered the most. The great idea is to hide extra storage under the window seats. You could also think about adding new, trendy floating shelves or simply changing the hardware to a new one. As you can see, the remodel doesn’t have to be significant. Focus on the details, and remember that it’s often the minor upgrades that make all the difference.

04. Choose Style for Your Mobile Home

Malibu-style for Mobile Home

A great way to spruce up your mobile home is to choose one coherent style you want to embrace. For instance, you may think about a country cottage style, which will make your everyday life cozy and comfortable. Consider wooden floors, warm colours, and cotton details. Additionally, decorating your home with the items fitting the style shouldn’t be expensive, as you can buy many of them second-hand.

Or maybe you want to decorate your mobile home as a Malibu-style house? If that’s the case, keep the colours light, and make sure you add some visible shade as a focal point of the room – for instance, sea blue will work wonders in the living room. And don’t forget about the details! Bamboo decorations will look astonishingly and work great with this style.

05. Mobile Home’s Exterior

Mobile Home’s Exterior

Regarding your home’s exterior, think about changing the roofing to a metal one that will serve you well for years to come. You may also clean the exterior walls or even paint them with a new coat of paint to discover how the house’s whole appearance can change in a short time.

If you have specific needs, think about building additions such as an extra basement or a safe storm shelter. You might consult specialists to help you with this task to ensure your project will be safe and of excellent quality.


When it comes to remodeling a house, people tend to think it needs to be ground-breaking, hard, and expensive work, which will also take a lot of time and effort. That’s not the case, though, especially when remodeling a mobile home. If you’re in the comfortable position of owning one, any kind of redesign will be quite effortless, especially if you’re crafty and have some handymen skills yourself.

As already mentioned, to achieve a spectacular effect in just a few steps, the best idea is to focus on sprucing up your curb appeal, redesigning interior and exterior, performing a kitchen remodel, and, lastly, restyle it. However, the ideas are endless, and you should quickly look them up on the web to find something for yourself. Before performing any work around the house, please make sure to remember about your safety. Good luck!

We hope that you liked our inventive mobile home makeover ideas. Likewise, if you also want tips to remodel your old boring homes, here’s to know:

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